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Influence of salidroside, a neuroactive compound of Rhodiola rosea L., on alcohol tolerance development in rats

. Chiang HM, Chen HC, Wu CS, Wu PY, Wen KC. Wu SX et al. Study of the chemical constituents of ethanol extracts of Rhodiola crenulata H. J Food Drug Anal 2015; 23(3), 359-369. 33. Szulc M, Mularczyk P, Kamińska E, Kujawski R, Gryszczyńska A, Krajewska-Patan A et al. Effect of salidroside on the development of alcohol tolerance in rats. In: XXIII Naukowy Zjazd Polskiego Towarzystwa Farmaceutycznego „Pharmacy in Poland – perspectives of science and profession”; 2017 Sep 19-22; Kraków, Poland 2017:138. 34. Mattioli L, Titomanlio F, Perfumi M. Effects of a

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