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Vaida Misevičiūtė

, 2011. Applied Linguistics , 33 (4), 463–465. Hairston, M. (2002). The Winds of Change: Thomas Kuhn and the Revolution in the Teaching of Writing. In D. Jolliffe, D. Keene, M. Trachsel, &R. Voss (Eds.), Against the Grain: A Volume in Honor of Maxine Hairston (pp. 29–44). Hashemnezhad, H. (2012). A Comparative Study of Product, Process, and Post-process Approaches in Iranian EFL Students’ Writing Skill. Journal of Language Teaching and Research , 3(4), 722–729. DOI doi:10.4304/jltr.3.4.722-729. Hakuta, K, Butler, Y.G., Witt, D. (2000). How Long

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Galina Merkuryeva, Vitaly Bolshakov and Maksims Kornevs

An Integrated Approach to Product Delivery Planning and Scheduling

Product delivery planning and scheduling is a task of high priority in transport logistics. In distribution centres this task is related to deliveries of various types of goods in predefined time windows. In real-life applications the problem has different stochastic performance criteria and conditions. Optimisation of schedules itself is time consuming and requires an expert knowledge. In this paper an integrated approach to product delivery planning and scheduling is proposed. It is based on a cluster analysis of demand data of stores to identify typical dynamic demand patterns and product delivery tactical plans, and simulation optimisation to find optimal parameters of transportation or vehicle schedules. Here, a cluster analysis of the demand data by using the K-means clustering algorithm and silhouette plots mean values is performed, and an NBTree-based classification model is built. In order to find an optimal grouping of stores into regions based on their geographical locations and the total demand uniformly distributed over regions, a multiobjective optimisation problem is formulated and solved with the NSGA II algorithm.

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Barbara Marciszewska and Aleksandra Grobelna

rozwój regionu [in:] Rola turystyki w strategii i polityce rozwoju gospodarki regionalnej , Zbiór materiałów konferencyjnych, Gdansk, 14–15 września WSTiH, pp. 517–522. Marciszewska B., Marciszewski K. (2012), Promoting tourism products via 3D graphic arts. In: New challenges for tourism promotion: tackling high competition and multimedia changes /ed. by Peter Keller, Christian Laesser–Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verl., pp. 51–68. Mazurek-Łopacińska K. (ed.) (1999), Problemy zarządzania sfera kultury i turystyki , Warszawa-Wrocław, Wyd. AE. Moscardo J

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M. Drenska and I. Getov

/10/27. 4. Degrassat-Theas, A., F., Bocquet, M., Sinegre, et al. The „Temporary Recommendations for Use“: A dual-purpose regulatory framework for off-label drug use in France. Health Policy, 119, 2015, 1399-405. 5. Emmerich, J., N., Dumarcet, A., Lorence. France‘s new framework for regulating off-label drug use. N Engl J Med., 367, 2012, 1279-81. 6. Faus, J., X., Moliner. Spain – Law & Practice – Life Sciences 2017 – Chambers and Partners, 2017. Available at:

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Mihaela Simionescu

, J. (2000). Environmental values, beliefs, and actions: A situational approach. Environment and Behavior , 32 (1), 832–848. Kaiser, F., Wölfing, S. & Fuhrer, U. (1999), Environmental attitude and ecological behaviour, Journal of Environmental Psychology , 19 (1), 1–19. Kotler, P. & Keller, K. (2009). Management Marketing . Bucharest: Economica Publishing House. Oskamp, S., Burkhardt, R.L., Schultz, P.W., Hurin, S., Zelezny, M. (1998). Predicting three dimensions of residential curbside recycling: An observational study. Journal of Environmental Education

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Stanisław Lach and Leszek Opyrchał

. Badanie kierunku filtracji w zaporach ziemnych z wykorzystaniem metody iloczynu skalarnego. W: Zagrożenia jakości wód powierzchniowych i metody działań ochronnych [Testing the direction of seepage through the earth-fill dams using the scalar product method. In: Threats to the quality of surface water and methods of conservation practices]. Ed. G. Mazurkiewicz-Boroń, B. Marczewska. Lublin. Wydaw. KUL p. 289–300. O pyrchał L., S elerski S., S tachurski K. 2007. Nowe metody badania kierunku filtracji [New methods for testing the direction of seepage]. XII

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Zdravko Šergo and Jasmina Gržinić

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Alina Maria Holban and Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu

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W. O. Leite, J. C. Campos Rubio, F. Mata, I. Hanafi and A. Carrasco

References [1] Throne, J.L. (2008). Understanding Thermoforming (2th ed.). Hanser, 279. [2] Sala, G., Landro, L.D., Cassago, D. (2002). A numerical and experimental approach to optimise sheet stamping technologies: Polymers thermoforming. Journal of Materials and Design, 23, 21-39. [3] Throne, J.L. (1996). Technology of Thermoforming. Hanser, 882. [4] Kuttner, R., Karjust, K., Ponlak, M. (2007). The design and production technology of large composite plastic products. Proceedings of the Estonian

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Inside War

Understanding the Evolution of Organised Violence in the Global Era

Fabio Armao