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M. Maciążek and M. Pasko

, 2006. [5] M. Maciążek, “Power theories applications to control active compensators”, Power Theories for Improved Power Quality, Power Systems Series 1, 49-116 (2012). [6] Y.-Y. Hong and Y.-K. Chang, “Determination of locations and sizes for active power line conditioners to reduce harmonics in power systems”, IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery 11 (3), 1610-1617 (1996). [7] R. Keypour, H. Seifi, and A. Yazdian-Varjani, “Genetic based algorithm for active power filter allocation and sizing”, Electric Power Systems Research 71

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Qun Li and Ding Xu

R eferences [1] J. Xue, Z. Feng, and K. Chen, “Beijing spectrum survey for cognitive radio applications,” in IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference Fall , 2013, pp. 1–5. [2] S. Haykin, “Cognitive radio: brain-empowered wireless communications,” IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications , vol. 23, no. 2, pp. 201–220, 2005. [3] X. Kang, Y.-C. Liang, A. Nallanathan, K. Garg, and R. Zhang, “Optimal power allocation for fading channels in cognitive radio networks: Ergodic capacity and outage capacity,” IEEE Transactions on Wireless

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M. K Noor Shahida, Rosdiadee Nordin and Mahamod Ismail

–195, 2014. [9] E. Bjornson, L. Sanguinetti, J. Hoydis, and M. Debbah, “Designing multi-user MIMO for energy efficiency: When is massive MIMO the answer?”, In Proceedings IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), Istanbul, 2014. [10] D. Ng, E. Lo, and R. Schober, “Energy-efficient resource allocation in OFDMA systems with large numbers of base station antennas”, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 11, no. 9, pp. 3292–3304, 2012. [11] S. K. Mohammed, “Impact of transceiver power consumption on the energy efficiency of

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J. Survilo

References 1. Казанцев, В. (1983). Методы расчета и пути снижения потерь энергии в электри- ческих сетях. Свердловск: Издание УПИ, pp. 10 - 68. 2. Gerhards, J., Mahnitko, A., & Papkovs B., (2011). Energosistēmas vadība, optimizācija un riski. Rīga: RTU, pp. 78 - 84. 3. Bialek, J. (1996). Tracing the Flow of Electricity. In IEEE Proceedings on Generation, Transmission and Distribution, 143(4), 313-320. 4. VinothKumar, M. & Arul, P. (2013). Power Tracing and Loss Allocation in a Power System by

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Nawel Benghabrit and Mejdi Kaddour

References 1. Ashrafinia, S., Pareek, U., Naeem, M. and Lee, D. (2011) Biogeography-based optimization for joint relay assignment and power allocation in cognitive radio systems. IEEE Symposium on Swarm Intelligence, pp. 1-8. 2. Benaya, A.M., Rosas, A.A. and Shokair, M. (2016) Maximization of minimal throughput using genetic algorithm in MIMO underlay cognitive radio networks. 33rd National Radio Science Conference (NRSC), pp. 141-148. 3. Bhardwaj, P., Panwar, A., Ozdemir, O., Masazade, E., Kasperovich, I

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Chenwei Feng, Pingbo Chen and Zewang Zhang

. QoS-Based Resource Allocation Scheme for Device-To-Device (D2D) Radio under Cellular Networks. – In: 19th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT’2012), Jounieh, 2012, pp.1-6. 7. Yu, C. H., O. Tirkkonen, K. Doppler et al. On the Performance of Device-To-Device Underlay Communication with Simple Power Control. – In: IEEE 69th Vehicular Technology Conference Spring (VTC’2009-Spring), Barcelona, 2009, pp. 1-5. 8. Yu, C. H., O. Tirkkonen, K. Doppler et al. Power Optimization of Device-To-Device Communication under Cellular Communication. – In

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J. Survilo and V. Strelkovs

References Danitz, F., Rudnick, H., Zolezzi, J., & Watts, D. (2002). Use Based Allocation Methods for Payment of Electricity Transmission Systems. Proceedings of Intern. Conf. on Power System Technology. Vol. 2 , pp. 907-911. Zolezzi, H. M., & Rudnick, H. (2003). Consumers Coordination and Cooperation in Transmission Cost Allocation. Proceedings of Power Tech Conf., IEEE , Vol. 3 , Bologna. Bialek, J. (Aug. 1997). Topological Generation and Load Distribution Factors for

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Andreas Ahrens and César Benavente-Peces

Optimal Power Allocation Algorithms for Multicarrier Communications Systems." IEEE Transactions on Communications , vol. 48, no. 1, pp. 23-27, 2000. R. F. H. Fischer and J. B. Huber, "A New Loading Algorithm for Discrete Multitone Modulation." in IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM) , London, 1996, pp. 724-728. C. S. Park and K. B. Lee, "Transmit Power Allocation for BER Performance Improvement in Multicarrier Systems." IEEE Transactions on Communications , vol. 52, no. 10, pp. 1658-1663, 2004

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Hamed Dezaki, Hossein Abyaneh, Ali Agheli and Kazem Mazlumi

Allocation in Distribution Networks, IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery 14 No. 3 (July 1999), 1167-1172. TENG, J.—LIU, Y.: A Novel ACS-Based Optimum Switch Relocation Method, IEEE Trans. on Power Systems 18 No. 1 (Feb 2003), 113-120. SILVA, L. G. W.—PEREIRA, R. A. F.—ABBAD, J. R.—MANTOVANI, J. R. S.: Optimised Placement of Control and Protective Devices in Electric Distribution Systems through Reactive Tabu Search Algorithm, Electric Power System Research 78 (Apr 2008), 372-381. SILVA, L. G. W

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Biplab Bhattacharyya, Shweta Rani, Ram Ishwar Vais and Indradeo Pratap Bharti

References [1] Deeb N.I., Shahidehpour S.M., Cost minimization in allocation of reactive power source, International Journal Electric Power and Energy System, vol. 49, no. 4, pp. 263-270 (1990). [2] Yehia M., Ghandour I., Saidy M., Stroev V.A., Reactive power optimization in large scale power system, International Journal Electric Power and Energy System, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 276-283 (1992). [3] Gao B., Morison G. K., Kundur P., Voltage stability evaluation using Modal analysis, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 1529-1542 (1992