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Vladimir V. Đorđević, Tatjana Jevtović-Stoimenov, Dušan Lazarević, Ivana Stojanović, Ljiljana Trajanović, Olivera Žikić and Vidosava Đorđević


Background: Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of many genes, including the gene for neuronal nitric oxide syn-thase (NOS1), were found significantly associated with schizo-phrenia. According to our previously published results of increased plasma nitric oxide concentration in patients with schizophrenia, we hypothesized that the NOS1 gene polymorphism might be a cause of increased nitric oxide production in patients with schizophrenia and tested the interdependence between plasma nitrite/nitrate concentrations and SNP (a CT transition located in exon 29) of the human NOS1 gene.

Methods: Nitrite/nitrate concentration was measured in blood plasma of 38 patients with schizophrenia and of 39 age and gender matched healthy persons by the colorimet-ric test. The NOS1 gene polymorphism was determined by polymerase chain reaction analysis.

Results: A significantly higher plasma nitrite/nitrate concentration was found in patients with schizophrenia (97.5±33.3 μmol/L, p<0.001) in comparison with controls (61.4±18.9 μmol/L). No T/T genotype was found in healthy individuals and there was a significant difference in the genotype distribution between patients and controls (χ2=24.54, p=0.0000047). Furthermore, a significant difference in the allele frequencies between patients and controls (χ2=19.00, p<0.000013, OR=4.45, 95% CI=2.12–9.39) was noted. Also, a significant difference in plasma nitrite/nitrate concentration was observed between patients having the C/T genotype (99.97±33.83 μmol/L) and the corresponding control (C/T) subgroup (63.88±10.26 μmol/L, p<0.01). However, there were no significant differences in nitrite/nitrate concentration between the patient subgroups with different genotypes (C/C, C/T, T/T).

Conclusions: CT transition located in exon 29 of the human NOS1 gene may be responsible for the increased plasma nitrite/nitrate levels.

Open access

Svetlana Popadić, Zorica Ramić, Ljiljana Medenica, Vera Pravica and Dušan Popadić


We examined single nucleotide rs11465553 polymorphism in the interleukin-17F gene causing valine to isoleucine substitution at the position 155 in the third exon of IL17F gene in Serbian patients with psoriasis and healthy blood donors. For the first time we found rs11465553 G (valine) and A (isoleucine) allele frequency in healthy Serbian population and in psoriasis patients, but without statistically significant difference between the two groups.