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Some Aspects of the Soil Physical Status of the Vine Plantations in the Context of Rural Development


The rural development grants - among others - help to promote the competitiveness of the agricultural activities. Plantations take great interest in the southeastern part of Hungary. Farmers need to make soil tests before plantation of fruit and grape. We investigated the distribution of the main physical characteristics in this area. For the establishment of vineyards, the areas were adequate according to the pH, and salt content. The results of the soil tests show some strong relationships between the determined physical parameters.

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Effects Of Rose-Hip And Grapeseed Dietary Supplementation On Serum Oxidative Stress Parameters In Dogs Before And After Physical Exercise

, Domenech E, Vina J: Moderate exercise is an antioxidant. Upregulation of antioxidant genes by training. Free Radical Biol Med 2008, 44:126-131. 31. Macedo RCS, Vieira A, Marin DP, Otton R: Effects of chronic resveratrol supplementation in military firefighters undergo a physical fitness test – A placebo controlled, double blind study. Chem Biol Interact 2015, 227:89-95. 32. Leenen R, Roodenburg AJC, Tijburg LBM, Wiseman SA: A single dose of tea with or without milk increases plasma antioxidant activity in humans. Eur J Clin Nutr 2000, 54:87-92. 33

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Bilateral Common Carotid Artery Ligation in Sheep. Could These Animals be Used as Human Models for Vascular and Cerebral Research?

approach to in vivo testing of vascular grafts. Vasa 1994, 23(3):251-256. 82. Giardino R, Fini M, Rocca M, Nicoli N, Martini L, Giavaresi G, Di Paola MD, Orienti L, Faggioli G, Gargiulo M: In vivo experimental research in vascular surgery. Methodology and current Italian law. Minerva Chir 1995, 50(6):613-619. 83. AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association): Report of the AVMA. Panel on euthanasia. J Am Vet Med Assoc 1993, 202(2):229-249. 84. Louhimies S: Directive 86/609/EEC on the protection of animals used for

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Behavioral and Physiological Reactivity of Mares and Stallions Evaluated in Performance Tests/Procena Fizioloških Parametara I Reaktivnosti Kobila I Pastuva Na Osnovu Performans Testa

results in dressage and show jumping. Livest Prod Sci 2003, 82:61-71. 17. Olsson EG, Arnason T, Näsholm A, Philipsson J: Genetic parameters for traits at performance test of stallions and correlations with traits at progeny tests in Swedish warmblood horses. Livest Prod Sci 2000, 65:81-89. 18. Jović S, Stevanović J, Borozan S, Dimitrijević B, Milosavljević P: Infl uence of physical activity of racehorses on lactate dehydrogenase and creatine kinase activities, and protein synthesis. Acta Vet (Beograd) 2013, 63

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Delayed Behavioral Effects of SH–I–048A, a Novel Nonselective Positive Modulator of Gabaa Receptors, After Peripheral Nerve Injury in Rats

experiments in GABAA receptor point-mutated mice. Pain 2009, 141:233-8. 4. Malan TP, Mata HP, Porreca F: Spinal GABA(A) and GABA(B) receptor pharmacology in a rat model of neuropathic pain. Anesthesiology 2002, 96:1161-7. 5. Casarrubea M, Sorbera F, Santangelo A, Crescimanno G: The effects of diazepam on the behavioral structure of the rat’s response to pain in the hot-plate test: anxiolysis vs. pain modulation. Neuropharmacology 2012, 63:310-21. 6. Stahl SM: Don’t ask, don’t tell, but benzodiazepines are still the leading

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The Investigation of DNA Damage Induced by Adrenaline in Human Lymphocytes in Vitro/Ispitivanja Oštećenja DNK Izazvanih Adrenalinom U Limfocitima Čoveka in Vitro

Program Tech Rep Ser 1990, 380:1-205. 4. Goldstein DS, Eisenhofer G, Kopin IJ: Sources and significance of plasma levels of catechols and their metabolites in humans. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 2003, 305:800-811. 5. Sherwood L: Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems. Belmont CA: Thomson Brooks/ Cole,7 th Revised; 2009, 928. 6. Gavrilovic Lj, Stojiljkovic V, Kasapovic J, Pejic S, Todorovic A, Pajović BS, Dronjak S: Chronic physical stress changes gene expression of catecholamine biosynthetic enzymes in the adrenal medulla of

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Changes in biochemical parameters in horses during 40 km and 80 km endurance races

. Rossdales Laboratories: Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) [ ] 20. Votion D: Metabolic responses to exercise and training. In: Equine Exercise Physiology – The Science of Exercise in the Athletic Horse . Hinchchcliff KW, Geor RJ, Kaneps AJ, editors. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Limited; 2008 747–767. 21. Rivero JL, Serrano AL, Henckel P: Activities of selected aerobic and anaerobic enzymes in the gluteus medius muscle of endurance horses with different performance records. Vet Rec 1995

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Evaluation of the possibility of C. burnetii transmission by the alimentary route in a guinea pig model

cells were administered .per os every 48 hours to guinea pigs in experimental group II. Animals belonging to group III received 1 mL of bacterial suspension containing 10 6 .C. burnetii orally once. Individuals in group IV were given 1 mL of the inoculum containing 10 6 bacterial cells every 48 hours. General physical examination of guinea pigs from all groups was carried out daily, and blood from all animals was collected to determine the titres of specific antibodies on days 5 and 7 and then weekly during the experiment. After 12 weeks the guinea pigs were

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Determination of steroid esters in hair of slaughter animals by liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry

exhibits high resistance to physical and chemical factors as well as the action of proteolytic enzymes. Breaking long chains of keratin proteins in the hair structure to release steroid esters for further extraction in the next stage requires the use of strong reducing compounds. Adopting suggestions in the available literature, the suitability of various compounds for this purpose was tested in preliminary studies. Basic hydrolysis was carried out with sodium hydroxide, acid hydrolysis with hydrochloric acid, and hydrolysis with phosphate buffer as well as with sodium

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Screening of early diagnostic markers of gentamicin-induced acute kidney injury in canines

. For this study, sixteen healthy 12- to 16-month-old beagles (eight males and eight females weighing 5.1 ± 0.2 kg) were chosen, and routine immunisation and deworming were performed. The animals were housed under the same conditions for four weeks, and the feeding and management regimens were consistent throughout the experiment. The dogs were subjected to physical examination before the experiment to confirm their good health. Establishment of an experimental animal model . Before injecting gentamicin, the plasma concentration of SCr in a test dog was measured as

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