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Bożena Latała, Daniela Mosurska, Janusz Otfinowski and Krzysztof Reguła

-142. Yarrobino T. E. et al. Lidocaine iontophoresis mediates analgesia in lateral epicondylalgia treatment. Physiother. Res. Int., 2006, 11, 3, 152-160. Kohia M. et al. Effectiveness of physical therapy treatments on lateral epicondylitis. J. Sport Rehabil., 2008, 17, 2, 119-136. Trudel D. et al. Rehabilitation for patients with lateral epicondylitis: a systematic review. J. Hand Ther., 2004, 17, 2, 243-266. Smidt N. et al. Effectiveness of physiotherapy for lateral epicondylitis: a systematic

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Elizabeta Popova Ramova, Anastasica Poposka, Milica Lazovic and Leonid Ramov

orthogonal maps of the torso. Med Biol Eng Comput. 2007;45(6):575-84. 30. Ripani M, Cesare A, Giombin L et al. Spinal curvature: comparison of frontal Measurement with the spinal mouse and radiographic assesssment. J Sport med Phys fitness. 2008;48(4):488-94. 31. Keliss E, Adamou G, Tzilos G et al. Reliability of Spinal range of motion in healthy boys using skin surface device. J Manipulative physical Ther. 2008;31(8):570-8. 32. Popova Ramova E, Poposka A, Lazovic M. School Screening for Bad Posture with Spine Mouse Device

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Kristin Grigorova-Petrova, Daniela Lubenova, Antoaneta Dimitrova, Dimo Baldaranov and Julia Lozeva

-396. 4. Langhorne P, Stott D, Knight A, Bernhardt J, Barer D, et al. Very early rehabilitation or intensive telemetry after stroke: a pilot randomised trial. Cerebrovasc Dis. 2010; 29: 352-360. 5. Peppen RPS van, Kwakkel G, Harmeling-van der Wel BC, Kollen BJ, Hobbelen JSM, Buurke JH, et al. KNGF Clinical Practice Guideline for physical therapy in patients with stroke. Review of the evidence. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fysiotherapie. 2004; 114: 47-53. 6. Langhorne P, Sandercock P, Prasad K. Evidence-based practice for stroke. Lancet

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Jim Toft

References Biddle, S. & Mutrie, N. (2008). Psychology of Physical Activity: Determinants, well-being and interventions. London: Routledge. Daley, J.A. (2002). Exercise therapy and mental health in clinical populations: is exercise therapy a worthwhile intervention? Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 8, 262-270. Faulkner, G. (2005). Exercise as an adjunct treatment for schizophrenia. In Faulkner & Taylor (Eds.), Exercise, Health and Mental Health (pp. 27-47). London: Routledge. Faulkner, G

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Emilia Mikołajewska and Dariusz Mikołajewski

valid and responsive measures of function. J. Clin. Epidemiol., 2008, 61, 11, 1113-1124. [21] Fries J. F., Cella D., Rose M. i wsp. Progress in assessing physical function in arthritis: PROMIS short forms and computerized adaptive testing. J. Rheumatol., 2009, 36, 9, 2061-2066. [22] Wang Y. C., Hart D. L., Stratford P. W. i wsp. Clinical interpretation of computerized adaptive test-generated outcome measures in patients with knee impairments . Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil., 2009, 90, 8, 1340-1348. [23] Wang Y. C., Hart D

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Małgorzata Mrozińska

. Eine kleine Geschichte der Lymphologie. Viavital - Verlag, Köln 2003. Leitlinien der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation. AWMF: Behandlung des Lymphödems. Leitlinien Register Nr. 036/004. Leitlinien der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation. AWMF Diagnostik und Therapie der Gliedmaßenlymphödeme. Leitlinien Register Nr. 058/001. Szuba A., Rockson S. G. Lymphedema: classification, diagnosis and therapy. Vasc. Med., 1998, 3, 2

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Lyudmyla Sushchenko and Oleg Bazylchuk

:// . 6. Education in Spain . (2018). Retrieved from . 7. Education in Sweden . (2018). Retrieved from . 8. Hertsyk, A. (2006). Orhanizatsiino-metodychni aspekty pidhotovky bakalavriv fizychnoi reabilitatsii v Kanadi. (Avtoref. dys. kand. nauk z fiz. vykhovannia i sportu). National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, Kyiv. 9. Huk, S. (2015). Profesiina pidhotovka fakhivtsiv z fizychnoi Reabilitatsii v universytetakh Velykoi Brytanii

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Clipa Adriana and Moisa Magdalena Nicoleta


The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical outcome of patients with sciatica treated in the Clinical Rehabilitation Hospital of Eforie Nord in the interval of time March 2012-July 2012. The study has been done on a group of 27 patients from which 18 (67%) were male and 9 (33%) were female with an age range of 28-67 years (mean age 48.8 years). The goals of rehabilitation include pain relief, increased mobility for dorsal and lumbar spine and prevention of relapses.

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Daniela Lubenova, Ekaterina Titianova and Dance Vasileva

exercising of elderly patients with diabetic polyneuropathy. Sport and Science. 1997; (1): 63-69. 7. Thulesius O. Pathophysiological classification and diagnosis of hypotension. Cardiology. 1976; (1): 180-190. 8. Grahan C, Losko M, Carthey P. Exercise option for persons with diabetes complication. Diabetes Educ. 1990; (16): 212-220. 9. Mueller M, Kwon O. Walking pattern used to reduce forefoot plantar pressures in people with diabetes neuropathies. Physical Therapy. 2001; (81): 828-835. 10. Yamamoto Y, Hughson

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Valentina Koevska, Snezana Perchinkova-Mishevska, Erieta Nikolik-Dimitrova and Biljana Mitrevska

Osteoporosis Foundation; 2014. Available from: 4. Allen RJ. Physical Agents Used in the Management of Chronic Pain by Physical Therapists. Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am 2006; 17: 315-345. 5. Fuentes JP, Armijo OS, Magee DJ, Gross DP. Effectiveness of Interferential Current Therapy in the Management of Musculoskeletal Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Phys Ther 2010; 90: 1219-1238. 6. Nikolik-Dimitrova E. The Role of Physical Agents in Treatment of Osteoporosis. Maced J Med Sci