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angle of composites preform. Journal of Textile Research (in Chinese), 25(3), 42-44. [14] Hernández-López, J. J., Quintanilla-Olvera, A. L., López-Ramírez, J. L., et al. (2012). Detecting objects using color and depth segmentation with kinect sensor. Procedia Technology, 3(1), 196-204. [15] Dabov, K., Foi, A., Katkovnik, V., et al. (2006). Image denoising with block-matching and 3D filtering. In: Proceedings of SPIE, Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems, Neural Networks, and Machine Learning, 6064, 1-12. [16] Kovesi, P. (1999). Image features from phase congruency


Although the perceptual association between verticality and pitch has been widely studied, the link between loudness and verticality is not fully understood yet. While loud and quiet sounds are assumed to be equally associated crossmodally with spatial elevation, there are perceptual differences between the two types of sounds that may suggest the contrary. For example, loud sounds tend to generate greater activity, both behaviourally and neurally, than quiet sounds. Here we investigated whether this difference percolates into the crossmodal correspondence between loudness and verticality. In an initial phase, participants learned one-to-one arbitrary associations between two tones differing in loudness (82dB vs. 56dB) and two coloured rectangles (blue vs. yellow). During the experimental phase, they were presented with the two-coloured stimuli (each one located above or below a central “departure” point) together with one of the two tones.

Participants had to indicate which of the two-coloured rectangles corresponded to the previously-associated tone by moving a mouse cursor from the departure point towards the target. The results revealed that participants were significantly faster responding to the loud tone when the visual target was located above (congruent condition) than when the target was below the departure point (incongruent condition). For quiet tones, no differences were found between the congruent (quiet-down) and the incongruent (quiet-up) conditions. Overall, this pattern of results suggests that possible differences in the neural activity generated by loud and quiet sounds influence the extent to which loudness and spatial elevation share representational content.

arbitrary bow sections . J Naval Archit. Marine Eng. 11 (2), 2014, pp. 117-129. 14. Hadler J.B., Hecker R.: Performance of Partially Submerged Propellers , Proc. 7th ONR Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, Rome, Italy. 1968. 15. Hecker R.: Experimental Performance of a Partially Submerged Propeller in Inclined Flow , SNAME Spring Meeting, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA, 1973. 16. Javanmardi N., Ghadimi P.: Hydroelastic analysis of surface piercing hydrofoil during initial water entry phase , J. Scientia Iranica, accepted to be published, 2017. 17. Javanmardi N., Ghadimi

Spots in Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Gel Images,” Informatica , vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 409–424, Nov. 2010. [9] D. Matuzevičius, A. Serackis, and D. Navakauskas, “Mathematical model of oversaturated protein spots,” Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika , vol. 73, no. 1, pp. 63–68, Jan. 2007. [10] P. Kovesi, “Image Features From Phase Congruency,” Videre: J. Computervis. Res ., vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 1–26, 1999. [11] P. Kovesi, “Symmetry and Asymmetry From Local Phase,” in Tenth Australian joint conference on artificial intelligence , 1997, pp. 2–4. [12] M. Natale, B. Maresca

(layouts). A hybrid two-stage model was put forward by Chau (2004) for DCSLP problem employing linear programming to attain the optimal solution for each discrete phase (static CSLP) and GAs to minimize the total cost of the entire project. An ACO algorithm MMAS (Max Min Ant System) was pro posed by Ning et al. (2010) for solving the dynamic multi-objective equal-area facility to location problem. Two congruent objective functions were set to reduce the total cost resulting from interaction flows among facilities and maximize the level of safety by preventing

patterns during isometric torque generation at the elbow and shoulder in hemiparetic subjects. Brain, 1995; 118: 495-510 Duarte M, Zatsiorsky VM. Patterns of center of presure migration during prolonged unconstrained standing.Motor Control, 1999; 3(1): 12-27 Fine JM, Amazeen EL. Interpersonal Fitts’ law: when two perform as one. Exp. Brain Res, 2011; 211(3-4): 459-69 Fine JM, Gibbons CT, Amazeen EL. Congruency effects in interpersonal coordination. J. Exp. Psychol., 2013; 39(6): 1541-56 Friedman J, Skm V, Zatsiorsky VM, Latash ML. The sources of two components of

.0001) and MV (F(3, 78) = 389.59, p ≤ 0.0001) were changing congruently in consecutive phases, and were statistically significant ( Figure 3 ). The only exception existed between the second pull and the turnover under the barbell phases where the MV values were not statistically significant in successful attempts ( p = 0.432). The findings did not show that the AV and MV values in particular phases of the successful and unsuccessful attempts differed significantly. In successful lifts the AV values were lower by 2 cm/s and 1 cm/s in the first and the second pull phase

for generic documents, Pattern Recognition 29 (10): 1599–1630. Yuan, B. and Tan, C.L. (2007). Convex hull based skew estimation, Pattern Recognition 40 (2): 456–475. Zhang, L. and Koch, R. (2013). An efficient and robust line segment matching approach based on LBD descriptor and pairwise geometric consistency, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation 24 (7): 794–805. Zhang, Q., Wang, Y. and Wang, L. (2015). Registration of images with affine geometric distortion based on maximally stable extremal regions and phase congruency, Image and Vision

biaxial braided composite preform based on phase congruency. Autex Research Journal, 19(1), 8–16. 10.1515/aut-2018-0012 Xiao Z. Pei L. Zhang F. 2019 Parameter measurement of biaxial braided composite preform based on phase congruency Autex Research Journal 19 1 8 16 Yang, Y., Liu, X., Wang, Y-Q., et al. (2017). A progressive damage model for predicting damage evolution of laminated composites subjected to three-point bending. Composites Science and Technology, 151, 85–93. 10.1016/j.compscitech.2017.08.009 Yang Y. Liu X. Wang Y-Q. 2017 A progressive damage model for

Kinesiol 2011 21 645 651 Anderson K, Behm DG. The Impact of Instability Resistance Training on Balance and Stability. Sports Med , 2005; 35(1): 43-53 15651912 10.2165/00007256-200535010-00004 Anderson K Behm DG The Impact of Instability Resistance Training on Balance and Stability Sports Med 2005 35 1 43 53 Bley AS, Correa JCF, Reis AC, Rabelo NDA, Marchetti PH, Lucareli PRG. Propulsion Phase of the Single Leg Triple Hop Test in Women with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Biomechanical Study. PLOS ONE , 2014; 9(5): 1-7 Bley AS Correa JCF Reis AC Rabelo NDA Marchetti PH