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Zhitao Xiao, Lei Pei, Fang Zhang, Ying Sun, Lei Geng, Jun Wu and Jun Tong

Learning, 6064, 1-12. [16] Kovesi, P. (1999). Image features from phase congruency. Videre: Journal of computer vision research, 1(3), 1-26. [17] Kovesi, P. (2003). Phase congruency detects corners and edges. In the Australian Pattern Recognition Society Conference: DICTA. Sydney, 309-318. [18] Orfanidis, J. S. (1988). Optimum Signal Processing: An Introduction. (2nd ed.). Macmillan Publishing Company (New York).

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Jyotirmayee Satapathy and M.V.Ramana Reddy


Low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC), being the most advantageous technology related to the multilayer substrates for various applications, demands an extensive study of raw materials. In the present work, a series of CaxMg1−xNb2O6 (x =0, 0.4, 0.6, 1.0) were prepared using sol-gel synthesis route and sintered at a temperature of 900°C to study its applicability for LTCC technology. The phase formation has been confirmed using X-ray diffraction. Thermal properties like thermal conductivity and thermal expansion, which are very important aspects as the former defines the heat flow to avoid thermal instability in the layers and the latter provides the dimensional congruency of the dielectric material and the conductors, are studied here over high temperature range up to the firing temperature. Although the values are quite satisfactory from the application point view, the results have showed an anomaly over temperature. The anomalous thermal behavior was further analyzed using TG-DTA.

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Parviz Ghadimi and Nasrin Javanmardi

initial water entry phase , J. Scientia Iranica, accepted to be published, 2017. 17. Javanmardi N., Ghadimi P.: Hydroelastic analysis of a semi submerged propeller using simultaneous solution of Reynolds averaged Navier–Stokes equations and linear elasticity equations , Journal of Engineering for Maritime Environment,? 2017. 18. Ji B., Luo X.W., Wang X., Peng X.X., Wu Y.L., Xu H.Y.: Unsteady numerical simulation of cavitating turbulent flow around a highly skewed model marine propeller . J. Fluids Eng.-Trans, ASME, 133 (1), 011102, 2011. 19

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Artūras Serackis, Dalius Matuzevičius, Dalius Navakauskas, Eldar Šabanovič, Andrius Katkevičius and Darius Plonis

. Serackis and D. Navakauskas, “Treatment of Over-Saturated Protein Spots in Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Gel Images,” Informatica , vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 409–424, Nov. 2010. [9] D. Matuzevičius, A. Serackis, and D. Navakauskas, “Mathematical model of oversaturated protein spots,” Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika , vol. 73, no. 1, pp. 63–68, Jan. 2007. [10] P. Kovesi, “Image Features From Phase Congruency,” Videre: J. Computervis. Res ., vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 1–26, 1999. [11] P. Kovesi, “Symmetry and Asymmetry From Local Phase,” in Tenth Australian joint

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Kajetan Slomka, Grzegorz Juras, Grzegorz Sobota, Mariusz Furmanek, Marian Rzepko and Mark L. Latash

, Given JD, Buchanan TS, Rymer WZ. Abnormal muscle coactivation patterns during isometric torque generation at the elbow and shoulder in hemiparetic subjects. Brain, 1995; 118: 495-510 Duarte M, Zatsiorsky VM. Patterns of center of presure migration during prolonged unconstrained standing.Motor Control, 1999; 3(1): 12-27 Fine JM, Amazeen EL. Interpersonal Fitts’ law: when two perform as one. Exp. Brain Res, 2011; 211(3-4): 459-69 Fine JM, Gibbons CT, Amazeen EL. Congruency effects in interpersonal coordination. J. Exp

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Sanjoy Pratihar and Partha Bhowmick

): 1599–1630. Yuan, B. and Tan, C.L. (2007). Convex hull based skew estimation, Pattern Recognition 40 (2): 456–475. Zhang, L. and Koch, R. (2013). An efficient and robust line segment matching approach based on LBD descriptor and pairwise geometric consistency, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation 24 (7): 794–805. Zhang, Q., Wang, Y. and Wang, L. (2015). Registration of images with affine geometric distortion based on maximally stable extremal regions and phase congruency, Image and Vision Computing 36 (C): 23–39.

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Paulo H. Marchetti, Mauro A. Guiselini, Josinaldo J. da Silva, Raymond Tucker, David G. Behm and Lee E. Brown

Patellofemoral pain syndrome alters neuromuscular control and kinetics during stair ambulation J Electromyogr Kinesiol 2011 21 645 651 Anderson K, Behm DG. The Impact of Instability Resistance Training on Balance and Stability. Sports Med , 2005; 35(1): 43-53 10.2165/00007256-200535010-00004 Anderson K Behm DG The Impact of Instability Resistance Training on Balance and Stability Sports Med 2005 35 1 43 53 Bley AS, Correa JCF, Reis AC, Rabelo NDA, Marchetti PH, Lucareli PRG. Propulsion Phase of the Single Leg Triple Hop Test in Women with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A

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Eleanor Mari Holzapfel and Christopher Paul Szabo

general approach to prescribing in bipolar disorder. The study made an assumption that the majority of patients would be in the maintenance phase of bipolar disorder given that the study population were outpatients. The study could not exclude that some patients may have been in an acute relapsing/recurring phase but that they could be managed in an outpatient setting. Conclusion The current study is South African based. The results from the study are congruent with independent conclusions of numerous international studies highlighted throughout the discussion

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Manal Hamed Mahmoud and Safaa Hussein Mohammad

measured. 7 At this moment, a number of techniques have been deliberated for the lessening of the postoperative ileus phase, among which one can pass on to employ epidural anesthesia, the diminution of utilizing narcotic perfusion by recommending non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, laparoscopic surgery, and using high carbohydrate drinks post the operation. 8 Numerous studies sustain the belief that chewing gum improves postoperative ileus in general. 9 Chewing gum can increase the bowel motility as it directly activates the cephalic–vagal reflex, which in turn

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T. Lewiński, S. Czarnecki, G. Dzierżanowski and T. Sokół

Structural Optimization , Springer, New York, 2000. [5] G. Allaire, Shape Optimization by the Homogenization Method , Springer, New York, 2002. [6] R. Lipton, “A saddle-point theorem with application to structural optimization”, J. Optim. Theory. Appl . 81 (3), 549-568 (1994). [7] J. Sokołowski and J.P. Zolesio, Introduction to Shape Optimization . Shape Sensitivity Analysis , Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1992. [8] Z.Wasiutyński, “On the congruency of the forming according to the minimum potential energy with