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Cortisol Levels and Autonomic Control of Heart Rate in Healthy Subjects

for reporting and planning heart rate variability case-control studies. Psychophysiology 2017; 54(3): 344-9. 18. Lovell B, Moss M, Wetherell MA. Perceived stress, common health complaints and diurnal patterns of cortisol secretion in young, otherwise healthy individuals. Horm Behav 2011; 60(3): 301-5. 19. Jensen MA, Garde AH, Kristiansen J, Nabe-Nielsen K, Hansen AM. The effect of the number of consecutive night shifts on diurnal rhythms in cortisol, melatonin and heart rate variability (HRV): a systematic review of field studies. Int

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Prevention of diabetes in Bangladeshis in East London: experiences and views of young people

on what diabetes was and, although not all information was accurate, all participants had heard of diabetes and most connected it with healthy living. Diabetes was most often described as having to do with “sugar levels” and “eating too much sugar.” While fats and other unhealthy foods were described as the causes, the primary emphasis was on sugar. School biology classes were where they gained the basic knowledge of diabetes. They were quick to stress the limits to what schools taught them about diabetes, suggesting that schools focused more on the biological

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Citrate: How to get started and what, when, and how to monitor?

in 1948. The simplified equation, composed of CO 2 , anion charge of albumin, and anion charge of phosphate, is mostly used. Leblanc stressed the increment in SIDm in patients on CRRT or in patients with chronic renal failure during an intermittent HD session. On the other hand, other studies demonstrated a slight but significant decrease in SIDm (from 46.2 to 45 mEq/L) during the HD session. This is in apparent contradiction to the expected increase in pH and bicarbonate concentration and base excess due to the alkalinizing effect of CRRT or HD. These findings

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