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Olga Nicoara

-Communist Societies: Rebuilding the Ship at Sea , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Goldstone, J. A. (1994), ‘Is revolution individually rational? Groups and individuals in revolutionary collective action,’ Rationality and Society , vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 139–166. Goodin, R. E. & Tilly, C. (2008), The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis , Oxford: Oxford Handbooks Online. Granovetter, M. ( 1978), ‘Threshold models of collective behavior,’ American Journal of

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Milenko Popović

(1995). The End of Work: The Decline of the Global Labour Force and the Dawn of the Post-Market Era, G. P. Putnam’s Sons New York. 43. Rifkin, Jeremy (2014). The Zero Marginal Cost Society - The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism. Pelgrave, Macmillan, 2014. 44. Rodrik, Dany (2011). The Globalization Paradox - Democracy and the Future of World Economy. W. W. Norton and Company, New York, 2011. 45. Rogoff, Kenneth (2015). “Debt Super-Cycle, not Secular Stagnation”, article on VoxEU

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Giacomo Tagliani

Destroy Painting . Chicago: Chicago University Press. Metz, Christian. 2016. The Impersonal Enunciation, or the Place of Film . New York: Columbia University Press. Pethő, Agnes. 2009. (Re)Mediating the Real. Paradoxes of an Intermedial Cinema of Immediacy. Acta Univ. Sapientiae: Film and Media Studies , no. 1: 47–68. Peucker, Brigitte. 2007. The Material Image: Art and the Real in Film . Stanford: Stanford University Press. Rajewsky, Irina O. 2005. Intermediality, Intertextuality and Remediation: A Literary Perspective on Intermediality

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Sorin Burnete and Choomta Pilasluck

References Ashton, Thomas S. (1948): The Industrial Revolution (1760-1830), Oxford University Press Ashton, Thomas S. (1954): The Standard of Life of the Workers in England, 1790-1830 (Capitalism and the Historians, F. A. Hayek, ed., The University of Chicago Press) Audretsch, David (1993): European Competitiveness, Cambridge University Press Bhagwati, Jagdish (2002): Free Trade Today, Princeton University Press Bhagwati, Jagdish (2005): In Defense of Globalization, Oxford

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Lars Kristensen and Christo Burman

2014. ‘Introduction’. – Gert Buelens, Sam Durrant, Robert Eaglestone (eds.), The Future of Trauma Theory: Contemporary Literary and Cultural Criticism . London: Routledge, 1–8. Cato, Åke 1970. ‘Protest mot “Baltutlämningen”‘. – Expressen , 7 July. Eaglestone, Robert 2014. ‘Knowledge, “Afterwardness” and the Future of Trauma Theory’. – Gert Buelens, Sam Durrant, Robert Eaglestone (eds.), The Future of Trauma Theory: Contemporary Literary and Cultural Criticism . London: Routledge, 11–21. Edberg, Ulla-Britt 1969. ‘Fullständig ärlig redovisning

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Ștefan Liana and Imbrescu Ion

References Ciutacu, C. (2011). Government and trade unions clash on new Labour Code. European Industrial Relations Observatory Online 2011/2012 . Retrieved from: . Commission Européenne (2008). La gouvernance de l’enseignement supérieur en Europe . Bruxelles: Commission Européenne. Haggard, S., & Kaufman, R.R. (1995). The Political Economy of Democratic Transitions . Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Payeur, Ch. (2016). La relation entre recherché et action

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Jitka Kloudová and Ondřej Chwaszcz

References Allen, R. C. (2009) The British Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Antrás, P. & Voth, H. L. (2003) Factor prices and productivity growth during the British Industrial Revolution. Explorations in Economic History , January, 40(1), pp. 52-77. Chwaszcz, O. (2010a) Inovační linie moderní doby I. Trendy ekonomiky a managementu , 4(6), 63-79. Crafts, N. (2010) The Contribution of New Technology to Economic Growth: Lessons from

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Anna Barcik

REFERENCES Armstrong, K. A. (2002). Rediscovering Civil Society, in: The European Union and White Paper on Governance, European Law Journal, vol. 8 no. 1. Biela, A. (2006). A Paradigm of the Unity in Social Sciences, in: Journal of Perspective of Economic, Political and Social Integration, Journal for Mental Changes, vol. XII, no. 1-2. Biela, A. (2005). The Need to Build the Paradigm of Unity in Social Sciences, in: Social Relationships and Fraternity: Paradox or Sustainble Model?, Castel Gandolfo. Fukuyama, F. (2008). Koniec człowieka

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Dirk Hoyer

ou un certain fluide’. – Cinéma 61 60, 75–86. Pithon, Rémy 2004. ‘Léona Béatrice Martin & François Martin, Ladislas Starewitch 1882–1965 / Christophe Trebuil, l’Œuvre singulière de Dimitri Kirsanof ’. – 1895. Mille huit cent quatrevingt-quinze 44, 135–138. (17 August 2016). Prouty, Richard 1996. ‘The Well-Furnished Interior of the Masses: Kirsanoff’s Menilmontant and the Streets of Paris’. – Cinema Journal 36, 1, 3–17. Rubín de Celis, Santiago 2010. ‘The Paradoxes of Dimitri Kirsanoff: ‘Menilmontant

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Luigino Bruni

References Barbieri G., Decline and economic ideals in Italy in the early modern age, Florence, 2013. Benjamin W., Capitalism and religion, In: Liedemann R., Schweppenhäuser H. (Eds.), Gesammelte Schriften, Frankfurt, 6, 100-103, 1986. Bruni L., La sventura di un uomo giusto, Bologna, 2016. Bruni L., Hope and the Paradox of Merit: the new dogmas of business religion, In: Van den Heuvel S. (Ed.), driven by hope, Leuven, 2018. Bruni L., Oslington P., Zamagni S., Introduction to the special issue on economics and theology, Int Rev Econ