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Mariusz Kamola

Optimization , Jastrzębia Góra, Poland, pp. 97-105. Kamola M. (2004): Algorithms for Optimisation Problems with Implicit and Feasibility Constraints. — Ph.D. thesis, Warsaw University of Technology, available at Papalambros P.Y. (1988): Principles of Optimal Design. — Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Plambeck E.L., Fu B.R., Robinson S.M. and Suri R. (1996): Sample-path optimization of convex stochastic performance methods. — Math. Program

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Krzysztof Chwastek

. Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems 15(1): 95-105 (2009). Dixon L. C. W., Szégö G. P. (Eds.), Towards Global Optimisation. vol. 2, North-Holland Publishing Company (1978). Finkel D. E., Global optimization with the DIRECT algorithm. PhD Thesis, North Carolina State University, Raleigh (2005). Floudas C. A., Pardalos P. M., A collection of test problems for constrained global optimization algorithms. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 455, Springer-Verlag (1990

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Yinjiang Li, Mihai Rotaru and Jan K. Sykulski

References [1] Taguchi G., Introduction to Quality Engineering, American Supplier Institute (1989). [2] Beyer H.G. Sendhoff B., Robust optimisation - A comprehensive survey, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., vol.196, pp. 3190-3218 (2007). [3] Lee K-H., Kang D-H., A Robust Optimization Using the Statistics Based on Kriging Metamodel, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (KSME Int. J.), vol. 20, no. 8, pp. 1169-1182 (2006). [4] Marzat J., Walter E., Piet-Lahanier H., Worst-case global

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Ainārs Auziņš, Jānis Eiduks, Alīna Vasiļevska and Reinis Dzenis

-Relational Schema,” IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering , vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 40–52, May 2016. [21] L. Sang, J. Xiao, and X. Cui, “Converting XML Schema Data to Object-Relational Data With DOM,” in Proc. 2011 International Conference on Web Information Systems and Mining, vol. 2, Springer-Verlag, 2011, pp. 452–460. [22] J. Haslinger and R. A. E. Makinen, Introduction to Shape Optimization: Theory, Approzimation and Computation. USA, Philadelphia: Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2008.

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Adrian Nocoń and Stefan Paszek

). Nocoń A., Szuster D. Distributed source mathematical model including parameter uncertainty. 33th International Conference on Fundamentals of Electrotechnics and Circuit Theory, SPETO'2010, Ustroń, pp. 35-37 (2009). Paszek S., Optimisation of PSS parameters. Journal of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Centrum of IEE 52: 30-35 (2001). Paszek S., Pawłowski A., Parameter optimization of dual input power system stabilizers PSS3B in multi-machine power system. International Conference of Fundamentals of Electrotechnics

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F.-J. Barthold

[5] R. Segev and M. Epstein, “On theories of growing bodies”, Contemporary Research in the Mechanics and Mathematics of Materials [6] K.K. Choi and N. Kim, Structural Sensitivity Analysis and Optimisation 1 - Linear Systems [7] K. Choi and N.H. Kim, Structural Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization 2 - Nonlinear Systems and applications Berlin, 2005. [8] J.F. Ganghoffer and B. Haussy, “Mechanical modeling of growth considering domain variation. Part I: Constitutive framework”, [9] J.F. Ganghoffer

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Ryszard Korycki and Halina Szafranska

, 169-203, 1995 [5] Dems, K., Korycki, R., Rousselet, B., Application of first- and second-order sensitivities in domain optimization for steady conduction problem, J.Therm.Stress., 20, 697-728,1997 [6] Golanski D., Terada K., Kikuchi N., Macro and micro scale modeling of thermal residual stresses in metal matrix composite surface layers by the homogenization methods, Computational Mechanics, 19, 188-202, 1997 [7] Haghi, A.K., Factors effecting water-vapor transport through fibers, Theoret. Appl. Mech., Vol.30, No.4, 277-309, 2003 [8] http

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S. Paszek

References E. Bednarczuk, Parametric Problems of Multicriteria Optimisation , Academic Publishing House EXIT, Warszawa, 2005, (in Polish). A. Nocoń and S. Paszek, Polyoptimisation of Voltage Regulators of Generating Units with Synchronous Generators , Silesian University of Technology Publishing House, Gliwice, 2008, (in Polish). A. Nocoń and S. Paszek, "Synthesis of generator voltage regulator when applying polyoptimisation", Bull. Pol. Ac.: Tech. 55 (1), 43-48 (2007

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Liana Napalkova

processing and evolutionary computation for multiobjective optimisation. Parallel Computing. - Vol. 30, No. 6 (2004), 721-739 p. Hiroyasu T., Miki M., Watanabe S. Divided range genetic algorithms in multiobjective optimization problems. Proceedings of International Workshop on Emergent Synthesis. - Kobe, 1999. 57-66 p. Xiong S., Li F. Parallel strength Pareto multiobjective evolutionary algorithm. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies

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Galina Merkuryeva and Vitalijs Bolshakovs

. 133-146. Laguna M. Optimization of Complex Systems with OptQuest. - Boulder: University of Colorado, 1997, 14 p.