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M. Caid, H. Rached, D. Rached, R. Khenata, S. Bin Omran, D. Vashney, B. Abidri, N. Benkhettou, A. Chahed and O. Benhellal

of all the elements, with strong hybridizations between the Te 5p and Te 5d states, as well as the Se 4p and Se 4d states. 3.3 Optical properties In this section, we discuss the optical properties of a material that must be investigated to determine its potential usefulness in optoelectronic applications. For this reason, we only chose the materials that showed a direct band gap character in our LDA study. When examining the optical response of the compounds under investigation, it is convenient to take into account the transitions of electrons from the

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Robert Bogdanowicz

., Garrido, J. A., Rodrı́guez, R. M., Arias, C., … Comninellis, C. (2004). Electrochemical destruction of chlorophenoxy herbicides by anodic oxidation and electro-Fenton using a boron-doped diamond electrode. Electrochimica Acta, 49(25), 4487-4496. [9] Stotter, J., Zak, J., Behler, Z., Show, Y., & Swain, G. M. (2002). Optical and Electrochemical Properties of Optically Transparent, Boron-Doped Diamond Thin Films Deposited on Quartz. Analytical Chemistry, 74(23), 5924-5930. [10] Bogdanowicz, R., Czupryniak, J., Gnyba, M., Ryl, J., Ossowski, T

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Fatma Meydanerİ Tezel and İ. Afşin Kariper

optical properties, formation of different phases and phase relations have been investigated [ 14 – 21 ]. However, none of them is as simple and economical as the method described in this study. The optical properties and surface tension of nanoparticles are very sensitive to the method of preparation, crystallite size and doping. However, the CBD (chemical bath deposition) method is one of the simplest chemical methods in which the nanoparticles can be prepared quickly with very good crystallinity. In the present paper, we have attempted to produce thin films of

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Manuela-Maria Manziuc, Cristina Gasparik, Marius Negucioiu, Mariana Constantiniuc, Alexandru Burde, Ioana Vlas and Diana Dudea

an improved optical property for applications as a dental ceramic. J Ceram Process Res 2011; 12: 473-476. 54. Kim MJ, Ahn JS, Kim JH, Kim HY, Kim WC. Effects of the sintering conditions of dental zirconia ceramics on the grain size and translucency. J Adv Prosthodont 2013; 5: 161-6. 55. Zhang HB, Kim BN, Morita K, Yoshida H, Lim JH, Hiraga K. Optimization of high-pressure sintering of transparent zirconia with nano-sized grains. J Alloy Compd. 2010; 508: 196-199. 56. Lucas TJ, Lawson NC, Janowski GM, Burgess JO. Effect of grain size on the

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Habib E. Ashoor and Khalil Ebrahim Jasim

References [1] Boulpaep E, Boron F (eds). Medical physiology. 2 nd ed. Saunders and Philadephia, PA: Saunders/Elsevier. 2009. [2] van der Pol E, Boing AN, Harrison P, et al . Classification, functions and clinical relevance of extracellular vesicles. Pharmacol Rev. 2012;64(3):676-705. [3] Kolesnicova IV, Potapov SV, Yurkin MA, et al . Determination of volume, shape and refractive index of individual blood platelets. J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf. 2006;102(1):37-45. [4] Cheoung WF, Welch A, Prahl S. A Review of the Optical Properties

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D. Bensaid, M. Ameri, M. El Hanani, Y. Azaz, D. Bendouma, Y. Al-Douri and I. Ameri

.1002/9780470744383 [40] Salcedo-Reyes J.C., Universitas Scientiarum, 13(2) (2008), 198. [41] Firszt F., Łęgowski S., Męczyńska H., Sekulska B., Szatkowski J., Zakrzewski J., Paszkowicz W., Acta Phys. Pol. A, 95(6) (1999), 991. [42] Hernández.calderón I., Optical properties and electronic structure of wide band gap II — VI semiconductors, in TAMARGO M.C., II — VI Semiconductor Materials and their Applications, Taylor and Francis, New York, 2002, 113. [43] Okuyama H., Kishita Y., Ishibashi A., Phys. Rev. B

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Yifu Zhang

1 Introduction Over the past decades, numerous efforts have been employed in vanadium oxides and their related compounds as functional materials because of their layered structures, unique chemical and physical properties, which make them highly desired in a wide range of promising potential applications such as catalysts, cathode materials for reversible lithium batteries, gas sensors, intelligent thermochromic windows, electrical and optical devices, laser shield and so on [1 – 14] . As is well known, vanadium has abundant oxidation states (0 to +5

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M. Mazur, J. Domaradzki and D. Wojcieszak

properties of Ti-V oxides thin films”, Opt. Appl. 43 (1), 153-162 (2013). [22] J. Tauc, “Absorption edge and internal electric fields in amorphous semiconductors”, Mater. Res. Bull. 5 (8), 721-729 (1970). [23] Z. Wang, U. Helmersson, and P. Kall, “Optical properties of anatase TiO2 thin films prepared by aqueous sol-gel process at low temperature”, Thin Solid Films 405 (1-2), 50-54 (2002).

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Guohao Wu, S.K. Zheng and Xiaobing Yan

electron transition and enhance the light absorption. However, it can also act as recombination centers [ 36 ]. Fig. 5 Absorption spectra of pure TiO 2 , Mn/TiO 2 , S/TiO 2 and Mn–S/TiO 2 . 3.4. Optical properties In order to explore the absorption properties, the optical absorption spectra of pure anatase TiO 2 , Mn/TiO 2 , S/TiO 2 and Mn–S/TiO 2 were calculated on the basis of the detailed electronic band structure as shown in Fig. 5 . Because of the underestimated band gap of pure TiO 2 , we induced a scissors operator of 1.032 eV (band gap

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P. Potera, I. Virt, G. Wisz and J. Cebulski


Optical properties of the zinc-cobalt oxide (ZnCoO) layers manufactured at different process conditions have been investigated. ZnCoO layers were grown on sapphire and glass substrates by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique. The influence of growth conditions as well as post-growth annealing on the films transmission and gap energy was analyzed.