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Iddo Gal and Irena Ograjenšek

References Ancker, J.S. and D. Kaufman. 2007. “Rethinking Health Numeracy: A Multidisciplinary Literature Review.” Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 14: 713-721. Biemer, P., D. Trewin, H. Bergdahl, and L. Japec. 2014. “A System for Managing the Quality of Official Statistics.” Journal of Official Statistics 30: 381-415. Doi: Bregar, L., I. Ograjensˇek, and M. Bavdazˇ. 2000. “Teaching Economic Statistics in a Digital Environment.” In New approaches in

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Sharleen Forbes and Alan Keegan

Training Federation. Forbes, S. 2009. “Creation and Evaluation of a Workplace Based Certificate in Official Statistics for Government Policy Makers.” In Proceedings of the International Association of Statistics Education (IASE) Satellite Conference, Next Steps in Statistics Education, 14-15 August 2009. Durban, South Africa. Available at: (accessed November 2015). Forbes, S. 2011. “Collaboration and Cooperation: the Key to Reaching Out.” In Proceedings of the International Association

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Maarten Vanhoof, Fernando Reis, Thomas Ploetz and Zbigniew Smoreda

Locations from Mobile Phone Traces?” Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 46: 326–337. Doi: . Csáji, B.C., A. Browet, V.A. Traag, J.C. Delvenne, E. Huens, P. Van Dooren, Z. Smoreda, and V.D. Blondel. 2013. “Exploring the Mobility of Mobile Phone Users.” Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications 392(6): 1459–1473. Doi: . Daas, P.J.H., M.J. Puts, B. Buelens, and P.A.M. van den Hurk. 2015. “Big Data as a Source for Official Statistics

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Steve MacFeely

-new-eu-rules-on-dataprotection-put-the-citizen-back-in-the-driving-seat (accessed 26 September, 2016). European Statistical System Committee. 2013. “Scheveningen Memorandum - Big Data and Official Statistics”, adopted 27 September 2013. Luxembourg. Available at: (accessed 31 March, 2016). Ferguson, N. 2004. Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World. London: Penguin Books. Fioramonti, L. 2013. Gross Domestic Problem: The Politics Behind the World’s Most Powerful Number. London: Zed Books

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Deirdre Giesen, Mario Vella, Charles F. Brady, Paul Brown, Daniela Ravindra and Anita Vaasen-Otten

6. References Bavdazˇ, M. 2010. “Sources of Measurement Errors in Business Surveys.” Journal of Official Statistics 26: 25–42. Available at: (accessed June 2017). Bavdazˇ, M., D. Giesen, S. Korenjak C ˇ erne, T. Löfgren, and V. Raymond-Blaess. 2015. “Response Burden in Official Business Surveys: Measurement and Reduction Practices of National Statistical Institutes.” Journal of Official Statistics 31: 559–588. Doi: . Berglund, F., G. Haraldsen

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Ron S. Kenett and Galit Shmueli

References Banks, D. 2011. “Reproducible Research: A Range of Response.” Statistics, Politics, and Policy 2: 2151-7509. Doi: Biemer, P. and L. Lyberg. 2003. Introduction to Survey Quality. Hoboken: John Wiley and Sons. Biemer, P.P., D. Trewin, H. Bergdahl, L. Japec, and A ° . Pettersson. 2012. A Tool for Managing Product Quality. Eur. Conf. Quality in Official Statistics, Athens. Citro, C.F. and M.L. Straf. 2006. Principles and Practices for a Federal

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Piet J.H. Daas, Marco J. Puts, Bart Buelens and Paul A.M. van den Hurk

.” Statistical Science 16: 99-231. Doi: Buelens, B., H.J. Boonstra, J. van den Brakel, and P. Daas. 2012. Shifting Paradigms in Official Statistics: from Design-Based to Model-Based to Algorithmic Inference. Discussion paper 201218, Statistics Netherlands, The Hague/Heerlen. Buelens, B., P. Daas, J. Burger, M. Puts, and J. van den Brakel. 2014. Selectivity of Big Data. Discussion paper 201411, Statistics Netherlands, The Hague/Heerlen, The Netherlands. Cheung, P. 2012. Big Data, Official

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Maria R. Vicente and Ana J. López

). Gore, S.M., T. Holt, and I.P. Fellegi. 1991. “Maintaining Public Confidence in Official Statistics.” Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A 154: 1–6. Stable URL: . Greene, W.H. 2011. Econometric Analysis (7 th edition). New York: Pearson. Holt, T. 2008. “Official Statistics, Public Policy and Public Trust.” Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A 171: 323–346. Doi: . Jonung, L. 1981. “Perceived and Expected Rates of Inflation in

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Roland Weigand, Susanne Wanger and Ines Zapf

:// (accessed December 2017). Croushore, D. 2011. “Frontiers of Real-Time Data Analysis.” Journal of Economic Literature 49(1): 72-100. Doi: Durbin, J. 2000. “The State Space Approach to Time Series Analysis and its Potential for Official Statistics.” The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics 42(1): 1-23. Doi: Durbin, J. and S.J. Koopman. 2012. Time Series Analysis by State Space

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Shirley Y. Coleman

details at: (accessed October 2015). Coleman, S. and W. Yabsley. 2015. “Monetising Data in the Energy and Utility Sectors.” In Proceedings of ENBIS-15 Conference of European Network of Business and Industrial Statistics, 6-10 September, Prague, Czech Republic. Abstract available at: (accessed October 2015). Dalla Valle, L. 2014. “Official Statistics Data Integration Using Copulas.” Quality