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Marta Dendys, Barbara Tomaszewska and Leszek Pająk

References ARNALDSSON A., BERTHET J.-C., KJARAN S., SIGURÐSSON S., 2014, Numerical scheme to simulate flow through an isotropic rocks in TOUGH2. Computers & Geosciences, 65: 37–45. DOI: . AUDIGANE P., CHIABERGE CH., MATHURIN F., LIONS J., PICOT-COLBEAUX G., 2011, A work flow for handling heterogeneous 3D models with the TOUGH2 family of codes: Applications to numerical modelling of CO2 geological storage. Computers & Geosciences 37: 610–620. DOI:

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Jakub Kowalski and Janusz Kozak

Comparative Study on Various Ductile Crack Formation Criteria,” in Transactions of the ASME, Vol. 126,, 2004. 10. S. Kut, „State of Stress Indentification in Numerical Modelling of 3D Issues (in Polish),” in Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, Volume 54 Issue 3, 2009. 11. J. Hollomon, „Tensile Deformation,” Trans. AIME, p. 268, 1945. 12. A. NEIMITZ, J. GAŁKIEWICZ and I. DZIOBA, „KALIBRACJA ZWIĄZKÓW KONSTYTUTYWNYCH PRZY DUŻYCH ODKSZTAŁCENIACH PLASTYCZNYCH I DUŻYCH WSPÓŁCZYNNIKACH TRÓJOSIOWOŚCI,” in Zestawienie pełnych tekstów referatów XVI KRAJOWEJ

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Janusz Urbański, Piotr Siwicki, Adam Kiczko, Adam Kozioł and Marcin Krukowski

REFERENCES BESSAIH N., REZAK A. 2002: Effect of baffle blocks with a sloping front face on the length of the jump. J. Civil Eng. 30 (2): 101–108. BOGOMOLOV A.I., MICHAJLOV K.A. 1972: Gidravlika (Hydraulics). Strojizdat, Moskva. ČERTOUSOV M.D. 1962: Gidravlika. Specialnyj kurs. Gosenergoizdat, Moskva – Leningrad. DĄBKOWSKI Sz.L., SKIBIŃSKI J., ŻBIKOWSKI A. 1982: Hydrauliczne podstawy projektów wodnomelioracyjnych. PWRiL, Warszawa. Fluent 6.0 User’ Guide. Fluent Inc. 2001. GUPTA S.K., MEHTA R.C., DWIVEDI V.K. 2010: Modelling of

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Nataša Pavšelj and Damijan Miklavčič

solution. IEEE T Bio-Med-Eng 2003; 50 :1296-300. Zupanic A, Corovic S, Miklavcic D. Optimization of electrode position and electric pulse amplitude in electrochemotherapy. Radiol Oncol 2008; 42 : 93-101. Pavselj N, Préat V, Miklavcic D. A numerical model of skin electropermeabilization based on in vivo experiments. Ann Biomed Eng 2007; 35 : 2138-44. Sel D, Macek-Lebar A, Miklavcic D. Feasibility of employing model-based optimization of pulse amplitude and electrode distance for

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Oscar Herrera-Granados and Stanisław W. Kostecki

REFERENCES Andersson, A., Andreasson, P., Lundström, T., 2013. CFD-modelling and validation of free surface flow during spilling of reservoir in down-scale model. Eng. Appl. Comp. Fluid, 7, 159–167. Ansar, M., Chen, Z., 2009. Generalized flow rating equations at prototype gated spillways. J. Hydraulic Eng., 135, 602–608. Bhajantri, M., Eldho, T., Deolalikar, P., 2006. Hydrodynamic modelling of flow over a spillway using a two-dimensional finite volume-based numerical model. Sadhana, 31, 743–754. Blacker, T., Stephenson, M., 1991. Paving: A

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M. Kubiak, W. Piekarska, S. Stano and Z. Saternus

. Piekarska, M. Kubiak, Appl Math Model. 37 , 2051 (2013). [9] P. Lacki, K. Adamus, K. Wojsyk, M. Zawadzki, Z. Nitkiewicz, Arch Metall Mater. 56 , 455 (2011). [10] C. Daves, Laser Welding: A practical guide; Abington Publishing (1992). [11] M. Węglowski, S. Stano et al., Mater Sci Forum. 638-642 , 3739 (2010). [12] X. Jin, L. Li, Y. Zhang, J Phys. D: Appl Phys. 35 , 2304 (2002). [13] D.V Bedenko, O.B Kovalev, I.V. Krivtsun, J Phys D: Appl Phys. 43 , 105501 (2010). [14] M. Beck, P. Berger, H. Hugel, J Phys D: Appl Phys. 28 , 2430

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M. Tkadlečková, L. Válek, L. Socha, M. Saternus, J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, K. Michalek and M. Kováč

MECHANICS, 20, 237-246 (2013). [7] A. G hosh, A. Chatterjee, Ironmaking and Steelmaking: Theory and Practice. PHI Learning Private Limited, 2008. 472 p. ISBN -978-81-203-3289-8. [8] D. Mazumdaret. al. Modeling of steelmaking processes. CRP Press, 2010. 463, ISBN 978-1-4200-6243-4. [9] M. G onzalez, M. B. G oldschmit, A. P. Assanelli, E. F ernández Berdaguer, E. N. Dvorkin, Metall. Mater. Trans. B 34B, 455-473 (2003). [10] P. Du, Numerical modeling of porosity and macrosegregation in continuous casting of

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Andrei Sokolov and Boris Chubarenko

References Allard R., Rogers E., Carroll S. N., Rushing K. V. (2002), Software Design Description for the Simulating WAves Nearshore Model (SWAN), Storming Media, Washington. Brown J. M.,Wolf J. (2009) Coupledwave and surge modelling for the eastern Irish Sea and implications for model wind-stress, Continental Shelf Research, 29, 1329-1342. Chao X., Jia Y., Shields Jr. E. D., Wang S. S. Y., Cooper C. M. (2008), Three-dimensional numerical modelling of cohesive sediment transport and wind wave impact in a shallow

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S. Gendelis and A. Jakovičs

Buildings, 40 (3), 255-264. doi: 10.1016/j.enbuild.2007.02.021 Su M., Chen, Q., & Chiang, C.-M. (2001). Comparison of different subgrid-scale models of large eddy simulation for indoor airflow modelling. J.of Fluids Engineering, 123 (3), 628-639. doi: 10.1115/1.1378294 ISO 6946:2007 (2007). Building components and building elements - Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance - Calculation method. Gendelis, S., & Jakovičs, A. (2003). Numerical modelling of airflow and temperature

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D. Peila, C. Marchino, C. Todaro and A. Luciani

Ground”. Proc. of Eurotunnel ’83, Basel, Switzerland. pp.157-163, 1983 4. F. Barpi, M. Barbero, D. Peila “Numerical modelling of ground-tunnel support interaction using bedded-beamspring model with fuzzy parameters”. Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi, vol. 27 n. 4, pp. 71-87, 2011 5. Z. T. Bieniawski. “Engineering rock mass classifications: a complete manual for engineers and geologists in mining, civil and petroleum engineering”, A. Wiley and Sons, New York, 1989 6. J.E. Bowles, “Foundation analysis and design”, Mc Graw Hill,Milano, 1988 7. G