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Alexey Zhirabok and Alexey Shumsky

’98 Symposium, Enschede, The Netherlands , pp. 281-283. Zhirabok, A. (1998b). Observability and controllability properties of nonlinear dynamic systems, International Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences 37 (1): 1-4. Zhirabok, A. (2010). Analysis of observability and controllability of nonlinear dynamic systems by linear methods, International Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences 49 (1): 8-15. Zhirabok, A. and Shumsky, A. (2008). The Algebraic Methods for Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems , Dalnauka

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Ewaryst Rafajłowicz, Krystyn Styczeń and Wojciech Rafajłowicz

References Armaou, A. and Christofides P. D. (2002). Dynamic optimization of dissipative PDE systems using nonlinear order reduction, Chemical Engineering Science   57 : 5083-5114. Aschemanna, H., Kostinb, G. V., Rauha, A. and Saurinb, V. V. (2010). Approaches to control design and optimization in heat transfer problems, International Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences   49 (3): 380-391. Audet, C. and Dennis, J. E. (2004). A pattern search filter method for nonlinear

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A. Sikorski and A. Kuźma

). M.P. Kaźmierkowski, "Power electronics in renewable energy sources and systems of dissipated generation", New Electrotechnics 6 (46), 30-39 (2008), (in Polish). J.P. Lyons and V. Vlatkovic, "Power from wind and renewables", Power Electronics and Motion Control Conf. 4 (1), 14-19 (2004). J. Arai, K. Iba, T. Funabashi, Y. Nakanishi, K. Koyanagi, and R. Yokoyama, "Power electronics and its applications to renewable energy in Japan", Circuits and Systems Magazine 3 (8), 52-66 (2008). F

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Krzysztof Kulikowski

Side Connected Converter in Doubly Fed Induction Generators. International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion SPEEDAM 2008, Italy, Ischia, pp. 1455-1459 (2008). Kulikowski K., Sikorski A., Comparison of new DPC methods for two-and three-level AC/DC converters. Przegląd Elektrotechniczny 87(1): 56-61 (2011). Kulikowski K., Sikorski A., Regulacja mocy trójpoziomowego przekształtnika AC/DC współpracującego z siecią. ( Power control of three-level AC/DC inverter with the

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Tadeusz Kaczorek

.H. and Antoniotti, A.J. (1993). Linearization algorithms for computer-aided control engineering, Control Systems Magazine 13 (2): 58–64. Wei-Bing, G. and Dang-Nan, W. (1992). On the method of global linearization and motion control of nonlinear mechanical systems, International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Control, Instrumentation and Automation, San Diego, CA, USA , pp. 1476–1481.

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Miroslava Růžičková, Olena Kuzmych and Denys Ya. Khusainov

References [1] AJZERMAN, M. A.-HANTMAKHER, F. R.: Absolute Stability of Regulation Systems. Izd. AN USSR, Moscow, 1963. [2] BARBASHIN, E. A.: Method of Lyapunov Functions. Nauka, Moscow, 1970. [3] BRANICKY, M. S.: Multiple Lyapunov functions and other analysis tools for switched and hybrid systems, IEEE Trans. Automat. Control 43 (1998), 32-45. [4] BRANICKY,M. S.: Stability of switched and hybrid systems, in: Proc. 33rd Conf. Decision and Control, Lake Buena Vista, FL, 1994, pp. 3498

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Anna Witkowska, Miroslaw Tomera and Roman Śmierzchalski

nonlinear systems with feedback linearization. — IEEE Trans. Neural Netw. , Vol. 9, No. 6, pp. 1409-1421. Jiang Z.P. (2002): Global tracking control of underactuated ships by Lyapunov direct method. — Automat. , Vol. 38, No. 2, pp. 301-309. Kokotović P. and Arcak M. (2001): Constructive nonlinear control: A historical perspective. — Automat. , Vol. 37, No. 5, pp. 637-662. Krstić M., Kanellakopulos I. and Kokotović P.V. (1995): Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design. — New York: Wiley

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Pawel Skruch

shaping: a new paradigm for stabilization of nonlinear RLC circuits. IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control (Special Issue on New Directions in Nonlinear Control) , 48 (10), (2003), 1162-1167. T. Kobayashi: Low gain adaptive stabilization of undamped second order systems. Archives of Control Sciences , 11 (1-2), (2001), 63-75. J. Lasalle and S. Lefschetz: Stability by Liapunov's direct method with applications. Academic Press, New York, London, 1961. A.M. Lyapunov: The general problem of the

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Przemysław Orłowski

Control , Vol. 76, No. 15, pp. 1516-1526. Dai J., Mao J., (2002): Robust flight controller design for helicopters based on genetic algorithms , Proceedings of the 15th IFAC World Congress, Barcelona 2002, (on CD-ROM) Dutka, A., Ordys A. (2004): The optimal nonlinear generalised predictive control by the time-varying approximation . Proceeding of the Conference Methods and Model in Automation and Robotics , Międzyzdroje, Poland, pp. 299-304. Grancharova A., Johansen T., Tondel P. (2005

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Assen Krumov

stability bounds of singularly perturbed systems. IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control , 49 (11), (2004), 2017-2021. A. Nayfeh: Perturbation Methods. John Wiley Ltd., 2000. V. Trenoguine: Analyse fonctionelle. Nauka, Moscow, 1987, (in French). H. Trinh and M. Aldeen: On robustness and stabilization of linear systems with delayed nonlinear perturbations. IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control , 42 (7), (1997), 1005-1007. Wikipedia on List of Banach spaces: