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Neurobiology of Consciousness: Current Research and Perspectives

contents and levels of consciousness?”, Frontiers in Psychology 3, 2012, pp. 82. 13. Bachmann, T., Hudetz, A.G., “It is time to combine the two main traditions in the research on the neural correlates of consciousness: C = L × D”, Frontiers in Psychology 5, 2014, pp. 940. 14. Baddeley, A.D., Allen, R.J., Hitch, G.J., “Binding in visual working memory: the role of the episodic buffer”, Neuropsychologia 49, 2011, pp. 1393-1400. 15. Baron-Cohen, S., Leslie, A., Frith, U., “Does the autistic child have a "theory of mind

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Change Blindness and Misrepresentation

References Balog, Kati. 2000. Comments on David Rosenthal’s “Consciousness, content, and metacognitive judgments.” Conscious and Cognition 9(2 Pt. 1): 215-219; discussion: 231-242. Beck, Diane M., Rees, Geraint, Frith, Christopher D., and Lavie, Nilli. Nature Neuroscience 4(6): 645-650. 2001. Neural correlates of change detection and change blindness. Berger, Jacob. 2014. Consciousness is not a property of states: a reply to Wilberg. Philosophical Psychology 27(6): 829-842. Block, Ned. 2011a. The higher order approach to

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The Enigma of Consciousness – Philosophic and Scientific Approach

correlates with conscious perception. J. Neurosci. 2007;27:2858–2865. doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4623-06.2007 23. Laureys S, Tononi G et al. The neurology of consciousness: Cognitive neuroscience and neuropathology. Elsevier, 2009. ISBN 978-0-12-374168-4 24. deGraafa TA, Hsiehc P-J, Sacka AT. The ‘correlates’ in neural correlates of consciousness. Neuroscience &Biobehavioral ReviewsVolume 36, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 191–197 25. Merker B. Life expectancy in hydrencephaly. Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2008;110(3):213-4. doi: 10.1016/j.clineuro.2007

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On the Plausibility of Idealism: Refuting Criticisms

. Tsuchiya, Naotsugu et al. 2015. No-report paradigms: extracting the true neural correlates of consciousness. Trends in Cognitive Science 19: 757–770. Vandenbroucke, Annelinde et al. 2014. Seeing without knowing: neural signatures of perceptual inference in the absence of report. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26: 955–969. Whinnery, James and Whinnery, Angela. 1990. Acceleration-induced loss of consciousness: a review of 500 episodes. Archives of Neurology 47: 764–776. Windt, Jennifer, Nielsen, Tore, and Thompson, Evan. 2016. Does consciousness

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Mappism: formalizing classical and artificial life views on mind and consciousness

Bulletin & Review , 18(5):860–869, Oct 2011. URL: , doi: 10.3758/s13423-011-0126-5. [17] Key B. Fish do not feel pain and its implications for understanding phenomenal consciousness. Biology & Philosophy , 30(2):149–165, Mar 2015. URL: , doi:10.1007/s10539-014-9469-4. [18] Kim J. Philosophy of Mind . Westview Press, 1996. [19] Koch C., Massimini M., Boly M., and Tononi G. Neural correlates of consciousness: progress and problems. Nature Reviews Neuroscience , 17

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Can the Unconscious Image Save “No Overflow”?

–39. Barsalou, Lawrence. 2008. Grounded cognition. Annual Review of Psychology 59(6): 17–45. Bartolomeo, Paulo. 2002. The relationship between visual perception and visual mental imagery: a reappraisal of the neuropsychological evidence. Cortex 38 (3): 357–78. Bartolomeo, Paulo. 2008. The neural correlates of visual mental imagery: an ongoing debate. Cortex 44 (2): 107–8. Berger, Göran; Gaunitz, Samuel. 1979. Self-rated imagery and encoding strategies in visual memory. British Journal of Psychology 70 (1): 21–4. Block, Ned. 2014. Rich conscious

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Proust - the Scientist

Works Cited Chu, Simon, and John J. Downes. “Proust Nose Best: Odors Are Better Cues of Autobiographical Memory.” Memory and Cognition 30.4 (2002): 511-18. Web. 20 May 2016. Daselaar, Sander M., and Heather J. Rice, Daniel L. Greenberg, Roberto Cabeza, Kevin S. LaBar, Devid C. Rubin. “The Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Autobiographical Memory: Neural Correlates of Recall, Emotional Intensity, and Reliving.” Cerebral Cortex (2007): 217-29. Web. 20 May 2016. Herz, Rachel S. “A Naturalistic Analysis of Autobiographical Memories Triggered by

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in CLEaR
New Digital Media and Flow: A Study of Experience

children’s and adolescents’ development. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology , 22 , 7-30. doi:10.1016/S0193-3973(00)00063-0 Thatcher, A., Wretschko, G., & Fridjhon, P. (2008). Online flow experiences, problematic internet use and internet procrastination. Computers in Human Behavior , 24 , 2236-2254. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2007.10.008 Twenge, J. M. (2013). Teaching Generation Me. Teaching of Psychology , 40 , 66-69. doi:10.1177/0098628312465870 Ulrich, M., Keller, J., Hoenig, K., Waller, C., & Grön, G. (2014). Neural correlates of

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The Ouroboros Model Embraces Its Sensory-Motoric Foundations And Learns To Talk

with Hands, Eyes, Things and Others. Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies, 1st International Avant Conference, Toruń, Poland. Reitter, D., Keller, F., & Moore, J. D. (2011). A computational cognitive model of syntactic priming. Cognitive Science , 35 , 587–637. Schneider, S., Rapp, M. A., Haeußinger, F. B., Ernst, L. H., Hamm, F. Fallgatter, A. J., & Ehlis, A.-C. (2014). Beyond the N400: Complementary access to early neural correlates of novel metaphor comprehension using combined electrophysiological and haemodynamic measurements. Cortex , 53 , 45

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Embodied Simulation. Its Bearing on Aesthetic Experience and the Dialogue Between Neuroscience and the Humanities

Royal Society of London B 358, 517-528. Gallese, V. (2005). Embodied simulation: From neurons to phenomenal experience. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 4, 23-48. Gallese, V. (2007). Before and below theory of mind: Embodied simulation and the neural correlates of social cognition. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B , 362, 659-669. Gallese, V. (2008). Mirror neurons and the social nature of language: The neural exploitation hypothesis. Social Neuroscience, 3 , 317-333. Gallese, V. (2009). Motor

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