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Jörgen Eimecke, Katrin Baumert and Daniel Baier

, Proceedings of the 14th QMOD Conference on Quality and Service Sciences, pp. 225–231, San Sebastian, Spain, 2011. [10] Armstrong J.S., The Seer-Sucker Theory: The Value of Experts in Forecasting , Technology Review, 83, June/July, 18–24, 1980. [11] Häder M., Häder S., Recent Developments at Delphi-Method – Literature Review II [in Germany: Neuere Entwicklungen bei der Delphi-Methode – Literaturbericht II ], Arbeitsbericht 98/05, Mannheim: ZUMA, 1998. [12] Cuhls K., Technology Foresight in Japan: A Review of 30 Years Delphi Surveys [in Germany

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Tariq Javed


The purpose of the study was to find out the association of classroom environment with the academic achievement of secondary school girls in Pakistan. The population of the study was 1104 Secondary School Teachers SSTs / Trained Graduate Teachers TGTs (Female), 5628 secondary school girls in 64 Federal Government Girls Secondary Schools. Multistage sampling was used in the present research. Three categories of schools (Large, Medium, Small) were constructed for research purpose on the basis of the number of students who appeared in SSC-I annual examination 2014 by a federal board of intermediate and secondary education Islamabad. The objectives of the study were to find out the nature of the classroom environment at girls secondary schools and to identify the association of classroom environment with the academic achievement of girls at secondary school level. Two hypotheses were formulated and tested with the help of statistical tests to achieve the objectives of the study. The study was descriptive in nature and survey technique was used to collect data from respondents. Data were collected on various aspects of the classroom environment, including temperature, furniture and fixture, arrangement of furniture, air, light, writing board facilities. The tool consisting of fourteen statements on classroom environment was getting validated from four experts to determine content validity. Reliability of the research instrument was determined by using Cronbach Alpha based which was. 855. The analysis of the collected data was carried out by using two non parametric statistical tests, i.e. (i) Chi Square test, (ii) Mann Whitney U test. There was a positive association between the classroom environment and academic achievement of girls at secondary school level.

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J. M. Jäger, J. Kurz and H. Müller

References Abut, F., & Akay, M. F. (2015). Machine learning and statistical methods for the prediction of maximal oxygen uptake: recent advances. Medical Devices: Evidence and Research, 8, 369-379. doi: 10.2147/MDER.S57281 Akay, M. F., Zayid, E. I. M., Aktürk, E., & George, J. D. (2011). Artificial neural networkbased model for predicting VO2max from a submaximal exercise test. Expert Systems with Applications, 38, 2007-2010. doi: 10.1016/j.eswa.2010.07.135 ACSM. (2011). Quantity and quality of exercise for

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Navneet Singh, Asheesh Singh and Manoj Tripathy

Hellenic Power System using an ARMA Model, Electric Power Systems Research 80 No. 3 (Mar 2010), 256-264. QI—WU: A Hybrid-Forecasting Model based on Gaussian Support Vector Machine and Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization, Expert Systems with Applications: An Int. Jour. 37 No. 3 (Mar 2010), 2388-2394. DANESHI, H.—DANESHI, A.: Price Forecasting in Deregulated Electricity Markets - A Bibliographical Survey, Third Int. Conf. on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies, DRPT 2008, 6-9 Apr

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Vadim Romanuke

R eferences [1] S. M. Salaken, A. Khosravi, T. Nguyen, and S. Nahavandi, “Extreme learning machine based transfer learning algorithms: A survey,” Neurocomputing , vol. 267, pp. 516–524, 2017. [2] D. Han, Q. Liu, and W. Fan, “A new image classification method using CNN transfer learning and web data augmentation,” Expert Systems with Applications , vol. 95, pp. 43–56, 2018. [3] L. Wang, L. Ge, R. Li, and Y. Fang, “Three-stream CNNs for action recognition

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Meysam Maleki and Virgilio Cruz-Machado

with Applications, 34, 2683-2692, 2008. [25] Nagar L., Jain K., Supply chain planning using multi-stage stochastic programming , Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 13, 251-256, 2008. [26] Sezen B., Relative effects of design, integration and information sharing on supply chain performance , Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 13, 233-240, 2008. [27] Vandervaart T., Vandonk D., A critical review of survey-based research in supply chain integration , International Journal of Production

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Krasimira Genova, Leoneed Kirilov and Vassil Guliashki

Optimization Algorithm for Multi-Objective Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem. - Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol. 56, 2009, Issue 4, pp. 1309-1318. 55. Zhang, G., L. Gao, Y. Shi. An Effective Genetic Algorithm for the Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem. - Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 38, 2011, pp. 3563-3573. 56. Zhang, H. P., M. Gen. Multistage-Based Genetic Algorithm for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem. - Journal of Complexity International, Vol. 11, 2005, pp. 223-232. 57. Ziaee, M. An Efficient

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Jure Urbančič, Tanja Soklič Košak, Klemen Jenko, Nina Božanić Urbančič, Peter Hudoklin, Matej Delakorda, Ajda Juvanec, Katarina Zupančič Urbančič, Jana Vadnjal and Daša Gluvajić

reliability. 4 Discussion The subjective assessment of nasal obstruction requires validated survey instruments. In case when a linguistically native instrument is not available, the full process of CCA should be performed to acquire valid QoL questionnaires and scientifically comparable results. The process itself is a multistage effort to maintain comparable contents. The NOSE-si instrument was developed according to principles of good practice ( 15 ) and emerging guidelines ( 11 ). Internal consistence reliability, test-retest reliability, psychometric

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Fernando P.S. Rocha, Hugo Louro, Ricardo Matias, João Brito and Aldo M. Costa

used kick during competition ( Lee, 1996 ). However, this study did not estimate VO2max and only sought to predict the anaerobic threshold from the HR deflection point. The main purpose of this study was to verify the concurrent validity of a maximal taekwondo specific test to predict VO2max. To this end, we compared the acute metabolic responses of elite taekwondo athletes when performing a 20 m multistage shuttle run test (SRT) ( Léger and Lambert, 1982 ; Léger et al., 1988 ) and a taekwondo specific test (TST). Additionally, we performed an explanatory model of

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Jureeporn Saelim, Somsook Santibenchakul and Unnop Jaisamrarn

Even though the use of contraception in Thailand has a prevalence of as high as 79.6%, there is still a proportion of women in certain regions of the country that do not use contraception [ 1 ]. The 2009 Reproductive Health Survey, conducted by the Thai National Statistical Office, revealed that the proportion of married women, aged between 15-49 years who use contraception was lowest among women who lived in the southern part of Thailand [ 1 ]. A study conducted in the United States found that low use of contraception posed a significant risk factor for