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Dariusz Tarnapowicz

References Al-Hitmi, M., Ahmad, S., Iqbal, A., Padmanaban, S. and Ashraf, I. (2018). Selective Harmonic Elimination in a Wide Modulation Range Using Modified Newton-Raphson and Pattern Generation Methods for a Multilevel Inverter. ENERGIES MDPI,11(2). Borkowski, T., Nicewicz, G. and Tarnapowicz, D. (2013). The methodology used in defining air pollution from ships mooring in ports. SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS OF THE MARITIME UNIVERSITY OF SZCZECIN, Volume: 36 Issue: 2 Pages: 17-22 Published: 2013. Gawron, S. (2007

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R. Kavitha and Rani Thottungal

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Riadh El Mehdi Belkacem, Redha Benzid and Noureddine Bouguechal

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T. Meenakshi and N. Suthanthira Vanitha

). [13] Huang Y., Shen M., Peng F.Z., A Z-source inverter for residential photovoltaic systems, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (21): 1776-1782 (2006). [14] Peng F.Z., Joseph A., Wang J., Shen M., Chen L., Pan Z., Rivera E.O., Huang Y., Z-source inverter for motor drives, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (20): 857-863 (2005). [15] Su G.J, Multilevel DC-Link Inverter, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Applications (41): 848-854 (2005).

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J. Anitha Roseline, M. Senthil Kumaran and V. Rajini

-Source Inverters, Proc. Int. Conf. Industrial Electronics, Control, and Instrumentation, IEEE, 278-283 (1995). [4] Xiong Y., Chen D., Yang X., Hu Ch., Zhang Zh., Analysis and Experimentation of A New Three- Phase Multilevel Current-Source Inverter, Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 56-62 (2004). [5] Xu D., Wu B., Multi-Level Current Source Inverters with Phase-Shifted Trapezoidal PWM, Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 251-259 (2005). [6] Bai Zh., Zhang Zh., Zhang Y., A Generalized Three-Phase Multilevel Current

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Maruthu Perumal and Devarajan Nanjudapan

References LAI, J. S.—PENG, F. Z. : Multilevel Converters - a New Breed of Power Converters, IEEE Trans. Ind. Appl. 32 No. 3 (May/Jun 1996), 509-517. RODRÍGUEZ, J.—LAI, J.—PENG, F. Z. : Multilevel Inverters: a Survey of Topologies, Controls and Applications, IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron. 49 No. 4 (Aug 2002), 724-738. DUFFEY, C. K.—STRATFORD, R. P. : Update of Harmonic Standard IEEE-519; IEEE Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems, IEEE

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Muhammad Najwan Hamidi, Dahaman Ishak and Muhammad Ammirul Atiqi Mohd Zainuri

References [1] P. Hemachandu and V. C. V. Reddy, “An Efficient Asymmetrical 15-Level Smart Inverter Topologies for Micro-Grid System Using PSO-PID Tuning Algorithm”, Energy Procedia , vol. 117, pp. 777–785, Jun 2017. [2] S. Daher, J. Schmid, and F. L. M. Antunes, “Multilevel Inverter Topologies for Stand-Alone PV Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics , vol. 55, no. 7, pp. 2703–2712, July 2008. [3] B. Sahoo, S. K. Routray, and P. K. Rout, “A New Topology with the Repetitive Controller of a Reduced Switch Seven-Level Cascaded

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P. Suskis, A. Andreiciks, I. Steiks, O. Krievs and J. Kleperis

.5772/52453 15. Aizpurietis, P., Vanags, M., Kleperis, J., & Bajars, G. (2013). Ni-Al protective coating of steel electrodes in DC electrolysis for hydrogen production. Latv. J. Phys. Tech. Sci., (2), 53-59. 16. Andreičiks, A., Steiks, I., & Krievs, O. (2013). A double inductor current source DC/DC converter for 2kW fuel cell application. CPE2013. 8th Intern. Conf., 332-336. 17. Andreičiks, A., Steiks, I., Krievs, O. (2013). Design of current source DC/DC converter and inverter for 2kW fuel cell application. SDEMPED2013. 9th Intern. Symp., 683

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Cajethan M. Nwosu, Cosmas U. Ogbuka and Stephen E. Oti

References [1] P. V. Kumar, Ch. S. Kumar and K. R. Reddy, “Single Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter using Multicarrier PWM Tech- nique”, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, vol. 8, 2013, pp. 796-799. [2] K. S. Reddy and Ch. V. Kumar, “Implementation of a Sin- gle-Phase Multilevel Inverter with Battery Balancing”, Interna- tional Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, vol. 1, 2014, pp. 35-39. [3] E. Beser, B. Arifoglu, S. Camur and E. K. Beser, “Design and Application of a Single Phase

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D. Beriber, A. Talha and M. Boucherit

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