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Changyong Liang, Shuping Zhao and Junling Zhang

.T. New Intuitionistic Fuzzy Operations [M]. On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Theory. Springer. 2012: 195-257. [9] Boran F.E., Genç S., Kurt M., A multi-criteria intuitionistic fuzzy group decision making for supplier selection with TOPSIS method. Expert Systems with Applications, 36, 2009, 11363-8. [10]Burillo P., Bustince H., Mohedano V. Some definitions of intuitionistic fuzzy number. First properties; The Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Fuzzy Based Expert Systems, 1994. [11]Chen Y., Li B. Dynamic multi

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Patrik Aláč

measures obsolete? Management Accounting, 70(12), 45–50. Keeney, R., 1977. The art of assessing multiattribute utility functions. Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 19(2), 267-310. Kennerley, M., Neely, A. D., 2000. Performance measurement framework -A review. In Performance measurement-Past, present and future . Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on performance measurement. Cambridge, UK, 19–21 July. Khadam, I., Kaluarachchi, J., 2003. Multi-criteria decision analysis with probabilistic risk assessment for the management of

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Edgar Covantes, Eduardo Fernández and Jorge Navarro

References [1] Butler, J., Jia, J., Dyer, J. (1997): Simulation techniques for the sensitivity analysis of multi-criteria decision models, European Journal of Operational Research 103, 3, 531-546. [2] Coello, C.A., Lamont, G.B., Van Veldhuizen, D.A. (2007): Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving Multi_Objective Problems, Second Edition. Springer, New York. [3] Corrente, S., Doumpos, M., Greco, S., Slowinski, R., Zopounidis, C. (2015): Multiple criteria hierarchy process for sorting problems based on ordinal

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Eduardo Fernandez, Jorge Navarro and Eduardo Salomon

References [1] Almeida-Dias J., Figueira J., Roy B., Electre Tri-C: A multiple criteria sorting method based on characteristic reference actions, European Journal of Operational Research, 204, 3, 2010, 565-580. [2] Almeida-Dias J., Figueira J., Roy B., A multiple criteria sorting method where each category is characterized by several reference actions: The ELECTRE TRI-NC method, European Journal of Operational Research, 217,3, 2012, 567-579. [3] Doumpos M., Zopounidis C., Multicriteria Decision Aid

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Gencer Erdogan, Atle Refsdal, Bjørn Nygård, Ole Petter Rosland and Bernt Kvam Randeberg

Journal of Services Sciences, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 83-98. 16. Velasquez, M., Hester, P. T. (2013), "An analysis of multi-criteria decision making methods", International Journal of Operations Research, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 56-66. 17. WISER (2017), "Wide-Impact cyber SEcurity Risk framework", available at: (14 November 2017).

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Irina Radeva

Function. – Compt. Rend. Acad. bulg. Sci., Vol. 60 , 2007, No 10, pp. 1047-1052. 20. Peneva, V., I. Popchev. Fuzzy Criteria Importance with Weighting Functions. – Comp. Rend. Acad. bulg. Sci. Vol. 61 , 2008, No 3, pp. 293-300. 21. Peneva, V., I. Popchev. Models for Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision Making Based on Fuzzy Relations. – Compt. Rend. Acad. bulg. Sci., Vol. 62 , 2009, No 5, pp. 551-558. 22. Peneva, I., I. Popchev. Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Algorithms. – Comp. Rend. Acad. bulg. Sci., Vol. 63 , 2010, No 7, pp. 979-991. 23

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Galina Ilieva

. M., M. Amiri, E. K. Zavadskas, Z. Turskis. Multi-Criteria Group Decision-Making Using an Extended EDAS Method with Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets. – Economics and Management, Vol. 20 , 2017, No 1, pp. 48-68. 10. Ghorabaee, K. M., E. K. Zavadskas, L. Olfat, Z. Turskis. Multicriteria Inventory Classification Using a New Method of Evaluation Based on Distance from Average Solution (EDAS). – Informatica, Vol. 26 , 2015, No 3, pp. 435-451. 11. Liao, H., Z. Xu. Multiple Criteria Decision Making with Hesitant Fuzzy Hybrid Weighted Aggregation Operators. – In

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Jelena Stanković, Žarko Popović and Sanja Kostevski

accounting and control-state of the art and research perspectives based on a bibliometric study. Journal of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis 18:253-265 Hwang, C. L. & Yoon, K. (1981). Multiple Attribute Decision Making, Methods and Applications. A State-of-the-Art Survey, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, Berlin: Springer-Verlag. Keeney R.L. (2009) The foundations of collaborative group decisions. Int J Collab Eng. 9:231-237 Kreitner R. & Cassidy C.M. (2011) Management (12th Edition). Mason: Cengage

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Anna Łatuszyńska

.03.023. Srdjevic, B., Medeiros, Y.D.P. & Faria, A.S. (2004). An objective multi-criteria evaluation of water management scenarios. Water Resources Management , 18, 35–54. DOI: 10.1023/B: WARM.0000015348.88832.52. Tikhonenko, A. (2011). Przedziałowe rozszerzenie metody TOPSIS, XII Studencka Konferencja Informatyczna, 15 June 2011. Częstochowa: Politechnika Częstochowska. Tsaur, S.H., Chang, T.Y. & Yen C.H. (2002). The evaluation of airline service quality by fuzzy MCDM. Tourism Management , 23, 107–115. DOI: 10.1016/S0261-5177(01)00050-4. Yang, T. & Chou, P. (2005

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Andrzej Kobryń and Joanna Prystrom

References Afshar, A., Marino, M.A., Saadatpour, M., Afshar, A. (2011). Fuzzy TOPSIS multicriteria decision analysis applied to Karun reservoirs system. Water Resource Management , 25 , 545–563. Amiri, M.P. (2010). Project selection for oil-fields development by using the AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS methods. Expert Systems with Applications , 37 , 6218–6224. Amiri, M., Zandieh, M., Soltani, R., Vahdani, B. (2009). A hybrid multi-criteria decision-making model for firms competence evaluation. Expert Systems with Applications , 36 , 12314