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Wanda Wilczyńska-Michalik, Renata Gasek, Marek Michalik, Janusz Dańko and Tadeusz Plaskota

, 15 , 3588-3602. DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2011.05.016. Vassilev, S. V., & Vassileva, C. G. (2007). A new approach for the classification of coal fly ashes based on their origin, composition, properties, and behavior. Fuel, 86 , 1490-1512. DOI:10.1016/j.fuel.2006.11.020. Vassilev, S. V., Baxter, D., Andersen, L. K., & Vassileva, C.G. (2013a). An overview of the composition and application of biomass ash. Part 1. Phase–mineral and chemical composition and classification. Fuel, 105 , 40-76. DOI: 10.1016/j.fuel.2012.09.041. Vassilev, S. V., Baxter, D

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El-Kazafy Abdou Taha

References Almeida-Muradian L. B., Pamplona L. C., Coimbra S., Barth O. M. (2005) Chemical composition and botanical evaluation of dried bee pollen pellets. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 18(1): 105-111. Al-Zarah A. (2008) Chemistry of groundwater of Al-Ahsa Oasis eastern region Saudi Arabia and its predictive effects on soil properties. Pakistan Journal of Biological Science 11(3): 332-341. AOAC (1995) Official methods of analysis of f AOAC International, 16th Edition. AOAC International. Washington

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Dana Vrablíková, Diana Porubská, Miriam Fendeková, Jarmila Božíková and Denisa Kókaiová

Bešeňová) . Proceedings of the conference on Balneotechnické Days '98. Bratislava, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, pp. 92-102 (in Slovak). Fendek, M. – Poráziková, K. – Štefanovičová, D. – Supuková, M. (2002) Geothermal and mineral water sources Scale 1: 500 000 . Landscape Atlas of the Slovak Republic, 1st ed. Bratislava: Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic; Banská Bystrica, Slovak Environmental Agency. pp. 214-215. ISBN 80-88833-27-2 Fendek, M. – Remšík, A. (2005) Hodnotenie množstva geotermálnej vody

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Aruna Olasekan Adekiya, Christopher Muyiwa Aboyeji, Oluwagbenga Dunsin, Ojo Vincent Adebiyi and Oreoluwa Titilope Oyinlola

REFERENCES Abdulhamid N.A., Mustapha S. 2009. Influence of agricultural wood ash on some physico-chemical properties of sandy loam soils at Maiduguri, Nigeria. Journal of League of Researchers in Nigeria 10(1): 84–88. Abdulraheem M.I., Ojeniyi S.O. 2015. Combined application of urea and sawdust ash in okra production: Effects on yield and nutrients availability. Nigerian Journal of Soil Science 25: 146–154. Adeboye O.C., Oputa C.O. 1996. Effects of galex on growth and fruit nutrient composition of okra ( Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench). Ife

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Joanna Kołodziejczyk, Jaroslav Pršek, Panagiotis Ch. Voudouris and Vasilios Melfos

. 2004: Chemical composition and crystalochemistry of sulphosalts from sulphide mineralization in Western Carpathians. Unpublished PhD thesis , Comenius University , Bratislava, Slovakia, 1–135 (in Slovak). Pršek J. 2008: Chemical composition and crystalochemistry of Bi sulphosalts from the hydrothermal mineralizations of Western Carpatians basement. State Geological Survey of Slovak Republic press , 1–108 (in Slovak). Pršek J. & Chovan M. 2001: Hydrothermal Carbonate and Sulphide Mineralization in the Late Paleozoic Phyllites (Bacúch, Low Tatras Mts

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Łukasz Uzarowicz and Zbigniew Zagórski

Soil Analysis. Mineralogical, Organic and Inorganic Methods. Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg: pp. 993. Rodriguez-Navarro C., Jimenez-Lopez C., Rodriguez-Navarro A., Gonzalez-Muńoz M.T., Rodriguez-Gallego M., 2007. Bacterially mediated mineralization of vaterite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 71(5): 1197–1213. Rowlands D.L.G., Webster R.K., 1971. Precipitation of vaterite in lake water. Nature Physical Science, 229: 158–158. Setina J., Gabrene A., Juhnevica I., 2013. Effect of pozzolanic additives on structure and chemical durability of

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Jan Parafiniuk, Rafał Siuda and Andrzej Borkowski

Sudetes (SW Poland) and its arsenate sorption capacity. Geological Quarterly, 50, 475-486. Parafiniuk, J., Dobrzycki, Ł. and Woźniak, K. 2010. Slavikite - Revision of chemical composition and crystal structure. American Mineralogist, 95, 11-18. Piestrzyński, A. and Salamon, W. 1977. New data on polymetallic mineralization of quartz veins in pyrite deposit from Wieściszowice (Lower Silesia). Kwartalnik Geologiczny , 21, 27-35. Pollard, A.M., Thomas, R.G. and Williams, P.A. 1992. The stabilities of antlerite and Cu 3 SO 4

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Bogusław Marcinkowski and Elżbieta Mycielska-Dowgiałło

till at the NE border of the Holy Cross Mts.]. [In:] E. Smolska & D. Giriat (Eds): Rekonstrukcja dynamiki procesów geomorfologicznych - formy, rzeźby i osady [ Reconstruction of morphological processes dynamics - landforms and deposits ]. University of Warsaw, Warszawa, 43-53. Barczuk, A. & Mycielska-Dowgiałło, E., 2001. Znaczenie składu mineralnego dla rozpoznania obecności procesów eolicznych [Interpretation of aeolian processes in the light of sedimentary mineral composition]. [In:] E. Mycielska-Dowgiałło & J. Rutkowski (Eds): Eolizacja osadów

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Magdalena Kokowska-Pawłowska and Jacek Nowak

-164. Święch, F. and Kwiecińska, B. 2003. Heavy metal concentrations in bituminous coal from the “Janina” coal mine, Libiąż, USCB, Poland. Mineralogia Polonica, 34 , 69-76. Triplehorn, D. and Bohor, B. 1986. Volcanic ash layers in coal: origin, distribution, composition and significance. American Chemical Society Symposium Series, 201 , 90-98. Ward, C.R. 2002. Analysis and significance of mineral matter in coal seams. International Journal of Coal Geology, 50 , 135-168. Wilson, A.A., Sergeant, G.A., Young, B.R. and

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Jaroslav Prşek, Emil Makovicy, Martin Chovan and Alexander Smirnov

-10. HURNÝ J., KRIŠTÍN J., 1978: Chemical composition of bismuth minerals from some deposits of the northern part of the Spissko-Gemerske Rudohorie Mountains (eastern Slovakia). In: Int. Mineral. Assoc., XIth General Meet., Novosibirsk), Abstr. Vol., 142. KINGSTON P.W., 1968: Studies of mineral sulphosalts. XXI. Nuffieldite, a new species. Canadian Mineralogist 9, 439-452. KOHATSU I., WUENSCH B.J., 1973: The crystal structure of nuffieldite Pb 2 Cu(Pb, Bi)Bi 2 S 7 . Zeitschrift für Kristallographie 138, 343