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Georgiana Daniela Badicu and Violeta State

Bibliography George Caraiani., International shipments Logistics, Publisher Pro Universitaria, Bucharest 2007; Fedorco L'ubomir, Jakub Hospodka, Airline pricing strategies in the European airline market, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic, 2013; Rosário Macário, José Viegas, Vasco Reis, Impact of low cost operation in the development of Airports and Local Economies, Portugal, 2008; Andrija Vidović, Igor Štimac Damir Vince, Development of business models of low-cost airlines, the International Journal for Traffic and Transport

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Laura Diaconu Maxim

References [1] Air Guide Online, Low-Cost Airlines , 2008,, accessed on May, 2009. [2] Air Transport Association, 2005 Economic Report , 2005,, accessed on March, 2008. [3] Airline Official Guide, OAG Review of 2007: More than 29.5 Million Flights Worldwide , 2007,, accessed on March, 2008. [4] Calder, S., No

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Cristina Stoenescu and Camelia Monica Gheorghe

References Amadeus. Retrieved from . Barrett, S. (2004). The sustainability of the Ryanair model, International Journal of Transport Management 2, 89–98. De Wit J., Zuidberg J. (2012). The growth limits of the low cost carrier model, Journal of Air Transport Management , 21, 17–23. De Wit, Zuiberg. (2016). Route churn: an analysis of low-cost carrier route continuity in Europe, Journal of Transport Geography, 50, 57–67. Diaconu L. (2012). The evolution of the European low-cost airlines’ business models

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Changsong Yang and Qi Wang


Large errors of low-cost MEMS inertial measurement unit (MIMU) lead to huge navigation errors, even wrong navigation information. An integrated navigation system for unmanned vessel is proposed. It consists of a low-cost MIMU and Doppler velocity sonar (DVS). This paper presents an integrated navigation method, to improve the performance of navigation system. The integrated navigation system is tested using simulation and semi-physical simulation experiments, whose results show that attitude, velocity and position accuracy has improved awfully, giving exactly accurate navigation results. By means of the combination of low-cost MIMU and DVS, the proposed system is able to overcome fast drift problems of the low cost IMU.

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Marco Ginanneschi and Pietro Piu

References Acar, A. Z., and Karabulak, S., 2015. Competition between Full Service Network Carriers and Low-cost Carriers in Turkish Airline Market. Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences, 207 , 642-651. ACI Europe, 2014. Competition in the European Aviation sector. Analysis Paper . . Alderighi, M., Cento, A., Nijkamp, P., and Rietveld, P., 2005. Network competition - The coexistence of hub-and-spoke and point-to-point systems. Journal of Air Transport Management, 11 (5

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Roberto Sabatini, Leopoldo Rodríguez, Anish Kaharkar, Celia Bartel, Tesheen Shaid and David Zammit-Mangion

, 73(5), pp. 259-267. [4] Chen Z., Birchfield S. T., Qualitative vision-based path following, IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 2009, Vol. 25, issue 3, pp. 749-754. [5] Cohen C. E., Attitude Determination Using GPS, PhD Thesis, Stanford University, 1992. [6] Cohen C., et al., Flight Tests of Attitude Determination Using GPS Compared Against an Inertial Navigation Unit, Navigation (ION Journal), 1994, Vol. 41. [7] Gebre-Egziabher D., Hayward R., Powell. J, A Low-Cost GPS/Inertial Attitude Heading Reference System

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Jesús Manuel de Sancha Navarro, Luis Palma Martos and María Dolores Oliver-Alfonso

. España e Hispanoamérica . Madrid: Instituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales. Colomer, J., 2016. Analisis de situacion de las artes escenicas en Espana . Madrid, Spain: Academia de las Artes Escenicas de Espana. García Agustín, J., 2015. El sistema empresarial ‘low cost’: Hacia un modelo de gestión . Navarra, Spain: Editorial Aranzadi. Herrero Prieto, L. C., 2010. La contribución de la cultura y las artes al desarrollo económico regional. Investigaciones Regionales, 18 , 221-226. Junta de Andalucía, 2016. Contribución de la Cultura al

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Roberto Sabatini, Celia Bartel, Anish Kaharkar, Tesheen Shaid, Leopoldo Rodriguez, David Zammit-Mangion and Huamin Jia

-372. [10] Godha S., Performance Evaluation of Low Cost MEMS-Based IMU Integrated with GPS for Land Vehicle Navigation Application, UCGE Report, 2006, No. 20239, University of Calgary, Department of Geomatics Engineering, Alberta, Canada. [11] ICAO - Annex 10 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Aeronautical Telecommunications, Volume 1: Radio Navigation Aids., ed. 6, July 2006. [12] Matsumoto Y., Sakai K., Inaba, M., Inoue H., View-based approach to robot navigation, Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE/RSJ Conference on Intelligent

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Artur Kierzkowski

Problems of Identification of Operation Processes for Low Cost Carriers

Article discusses chosen aspects of low cost carriers airships' operation. Proper planning of net connection is one of the most important factor of their functioning as well as the creation of the ideal maintenance schedules. Reasonable service system, dedicated to maintain high aircrafts' airworthiness, seems, however, to be feasible to create. Important factors influencing the process of airships' operation are highlighted: port slot, sectorial capacity, base maintenance, line maintenance. Moreover, further directions of research are also described in the final part of the article.

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Daniel das Virgens Chagas, Gustavo Leporace, Jomilto Praxedes, Igor Carvalho, Sérgio Pinto and Luiz Alberto Batista

), 355-362, doi:10.1136/bjsm.2005.018598. 16. Robertson D.G.E., Caldwell G.E., Hamill J., Kamen G., Whittlesey S.N., Research Methods in Biomechanics. Human Kinetics, Champaign 2004. 17. Weyand P.G., Smith B.R., Puyau M.R., Butte N.F., The massspecific energy cost of human walking is set by stature. J Exp Biol, 2010, 213 (23), 3972z-3979, doi: 10.1242/ jeb.048199. 18. Pulido-Valdeolivas I., Gómez-Andrés D., Martín-Gonzalo J.A., López-López J., Gómez-Barrena E., Sánchez- Hernández J.J. et al., Gait parameters in a