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Austerity and Irish local government expenditure since the Great Recession

References Afonso, W. B. (2014). Local government capital spending during and after recessions: A cause for concern? International Journal of Public Administration, 37 (8), 494–505. Ahrend, R., Curto-Grau, M., & Vammalle, C. (2013). Passing the buck? Central and sub-national governments in times of fiscal stress. OECD Regional Development Working Papers 2013/05. Paris: OECD Publishing. Anderson, B., & Minneman, E. (2014). The abuse and misuse of the term ‘austerity’. Implications for OECD countries. Journal on Budgeting, 14 (1), 109

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Local Political Business Cycles and Administration Spending in Polish Local Governments

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The Activities of Local Governments in the Revitalization of Public Space in Bulgaria and Poland

Naukowego Nieruchomości (Journal of the Polish Real Estate Scientific Society), Vol. 20, No. 3, pp. 247-259. ZHENG, S., KAHN, M. E., 2013, Does Government Investment in Local Public Goods Spur Gentrification? Evidence from Beijing, Real Estate Economics, Spring 2013, Vol. 41, Iss. 1, pp. 1-28. ZIOBROWSKI Z., Rewitalizacja miast polskich - podsumowanie projektu (Polish Urban Revitalization - Project Summary), I Kongres Rewitalizacji Miast Polskich, Kraków, 2010, (dostęp 15

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Baby steps: The expanding financial base of local government in Ireland

-authority-system-30994823.html [15 May 2015]. National Economic and Social Council. (1985). Financing of local government in Ireland . Dublin: The Stationery Office. O’Connor, T. (2009) Financing local government – The rating system. Department of Government Working Paper Series, 30 , 1–17. OECD. (2011). Fiscal decentralisation: Sub-central government’s share in general government revenues and expenditures (2011). doi: 10.1787/gov_glance-2013-graph54-en. Retrieved from [15 July 2015]. OECD. (2015). Expenditures structure by level

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Partial Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Spending Policy

and Decreases in Inter-governmental Grants: Some Empirical Findings. National Tax Journal, 4 (49), 501–512. Gramlich, E.M. (1969). State and Local Governments and Their Budget Constraint. International Economic Review, 10 (2, June), 163–182. Heinesen, E. (2004). Determinants of Local Public School Expenditure: A Dynamic Panel Data Model. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 34 , 429–453. Retrieved from: . Herbst, M., Herczyński, J., Levitas, A. (2009). Finansowanie oświaty w Polsce – diagnoza

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Local Governments and Local Waste Management in the Czech Republic: Producers or Providers?

Journal of Public Administration and Policy 7(2), 151 – 171. Soukopová, Jana, František Ochrana, Daniel Klimovský and Beáta Mikušová Meričková. 2016. “Factors Influencing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Municipal Waste Management Expenditure.” Lex Localis – Journal of Local Self-Government 14(3), 361 – 380. Soukopová, Jana and Gabriela Vaceková. 2015. “Competition and Municipal Waste Management Expenditure: Evidence from the Czech Republic, Olomouc Region.” Scientific Papers of the University of Pardubice, Series D 22(35), 128 – 138. Stevens

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Municipal amalgamations and their effects: a literature review

significant reductions in administrative expenditures after compulsory mergers, presumably due to the choice of ‘optimal partners’ with whom to amalgamate. In contrast, voluntary mergers had no effect on expenditures, a result the authors attribute to the choice of ‘suboptimal partners’ in voluntary amalgamations. Roesel (2017) investigated the effects of a merger of 22 county-sized local governments into 10 in Saxony, Germany, applying a synthetic control method to panel data (1998-2013). The author found no reduction in total expenditures or expenditures for

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The determinants of local public spending on culture

, expected by citizens. The idea of preference matching was used as an important assumption in many studies related to local government spending policy. One of the most used empirical strategies of local spending analysis is a demand system framework. The root of this framework is the median voter model ( Downs 1957 ). The ‘median voter’ of local unit decides on the local government’s expenditure ( Bergstrom and Goodman 1973 ; Borcherding and Deacon 1972 ). The median voter model is the theme of many theoretical and empirical studies, which presents that the assumptions

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Tourism in Poland following EU entry

Województwa Śląskiego, available from: pdf, DoA: 18 December 2012. Departament Turystyki, 2010: Wydatki jednostek samorządu terytorialnego w 2010 roku na turystykę (Expenditures of local governments on tourism in 2010 - in Polish), available from:, DoA: 18 December 2012. Gospodarczo-społeczne efekty członkostwa Polski w Unii Europejskiej, z uwzględnieniem wpływu

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An Assessment of the Implementation of Performance Budgeting in Poland with Reference to the Experiences of Other Countries

Implementation Success of State Performance- Based Budgeting , Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management, Vol. 17 (4) Lubińska T., (ed. 2009), Nowe zarządzanie publiczne - skuteczność i efektywność. Budżet zadaniowy w Polsce (New public management - results and effectiveness. The performance budget in Poland) , Difin, Warszawa Lubińska T. (ed. 2011), Kierunki modernizacji zarządzania w jednostkach samorządu terytorialnego (Directions in the modernisation of management of local self-government entites) , Difin, Warszawa

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