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Magdalena Głogowska and Jolanta Pawlak

References SADOWSKI M. (ed.), 2012, Elaboration and implementation of Strategic Adaptation Plan for sectors and areas sensitive to climate change. Adaptation of sensitive sectors and areas of Poland to climate change till 2070, Warsaw [in Polish]. The Announcement of the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland of 11 March 2013 on the publication of the consolidated text of the Act on Local Government (Journal of Laws 2013, pos. 594) The Announcement of the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland of

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V. Foff, F. Weiser, E. Foffová and Dušan Gömöry

climate change on growth of local white spruce populations in Quebec, Canada. Forest Ecology and Management 205: 169-182. CIESLAR, A. (1914): Studien über die Lärche. Centralblatt für das gesamte Forstwesen 40: 171-184 FINLAY, K.W. and G. N. WILKINSON (1963): The analysis of adaptation in a plant breeding program. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 14: 742-754. GIERTYCH, M. (1979): Summary of results on European larch (Larix decidua Mill.) height growth in the IUFRO 1944 provenance experiment. Silvae Genetica 28

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Erik Thorstensen, Ellen-Marie Forsberg, Anders Underthun, Pavel Danihelka and Jakub Řeháček

-739. DOI: 10.1007/s11948-011-9268-0. [18] Glaas, E., Jonsson, A., Hjerpe, M. & Andersson-Sköld, Y. (2010). Managing climate change vulnerabilities: formal institutions and knowledge use as determinants of adaptive capacity at the local level in Sweden. Local Environment , 15 (6), 525-539. DOI: 10.1080/13549839.2010.487525. [19] Hudečková, H. & Lošťák, M. (2008). LEADER in the Czech Republic and farming sector. Agricultural Economics (Zemědělská ekonomika) , 54 (12), 555-565. [20] IPCC. (2014). Climate change 2014: impacts, adaptation, and

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Dragomir El Mezeni and Lazar Saranovac

Display”, Proc. 27th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques , ACM Press, 47–54, 2000 [doi: 10.1145/344779.344810]. [10] P. Ledda, L. P. Santos and A. Chalmers, “A Local Model of Eye Adaptation for High Dynamic Range Mages”, Proc. 3rd international conference on computer Graphics , virtual reality, visualization and interaction, Africa, pp. 151–160, 2004 [doi: 10.1145/1029949.1029978]. [11] A. Benoit, D. Alleyesson, J. Herault, P. Le and Callet, “Spatio-Temporal Tone Mapping Operator Based on Retina Model”, International Workshop

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Terrance Z. Ye and K. J. S. Jayawickrama

regression model for seedling growth variation. Silvae Genet. 27: 96-101. GRIFFIN, A. R. and K. K. CHING (1977): Geographic variation in Douglas-fir from the coastal ranges of California. I. Seed, seedling growth and hardiness characteristics. Silvae Genet. 26: 149-157. HEREFORD, J. (2009): A quantitative survey of local adaptation and fitness trade-offs. Am. Nat. 173: 579-588. HERMANN, R. K. and D. P. LAVENDER (1968): Early growth of Douglas-fir from various altitudes and aspects in southern Oregon. Silvae Genet. 17: 143

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Muh Aris Marfai

References Bagli S. & Soille P., 2003. Morphological Automatic Extraction of Pan-European Coastline from Landsat ETM+images . International symposium on GIS and Computer Cartography for Coastal Management, October, Genova. Bird E.C.F. & Ongkosongo O.S.R., 1980. Environmental changes on The Coast of Indonesia . The United Nations University, United Nations University Press. Hardoyo S.R., Marfai M.A., Ni’mah N.M., Mukti R.Y., Zahro Q. & Halim A., 2012. Communities Adaptation strategies Due to Coastal

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Dana Percec and Andreea Şerban


In Romania, Shakespeare played an important role in the construction of Romania’s cultural identity and in the reshaping of political awareness during the communist dictatorship. In recent years, the Bard’s work has been translated into a contemporary, accessible Romanian language, with theatrical or musical adaptations targeted at a public whose tastes are shaped by popular culture. The authors discuss, from this perspective, two recent adaptations: The Taming of the Shrew (2005), acclimatized to contemporary Romanian realities (names, locations and folk music), and Romeo and Juliet (2009) that relocates the tragedy in the musical genre. The choice of two musical genres popular with the most widely spread segments of the public - the conservative, but less educated middle-aged group of non-theatre-goers and the youth - indicates an attempt, still new for the Romanian cultural market, to accommodate Shakespeare to the interests of two different communities of consumers, so far absent from this country’s high culture circuit.

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Yasser Fouad Selim

W orks C ited Aboubakr, Randa. “ ‘Yamna’ by Abdul-Rahman al-Abnudi.” Jadaliyya . 20 April 2017. < > “About.” Arabian Shakespeare Festival. 22 June 2017. < > Barthes, Roland. Image-Music-Text . London: Fontana, 1977. Bortolotti, Gary R. and Linda Hutcheon. “On the Origin of Adaptations: Rethinking Fidelity Discourse and ‘Success’—Biologically.” New Literary History 38 (2007): 443-458. Bradley, A