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Andris Paeglitis, Ainars Paeglitis and Raitis Lacis

., Xuefei S. 2010. Analysis of highway vehicle load in China based on WIM data, in Proc. of 34th IABSE Symposium , Venice, Italy, P.1-8.

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Zhuo Wang, Bo Zhang and Tao Wang

analysis platform jacket waves, China Offshore Platform, 2010, 4:32-35. 14. Jin, H.Y. Linear wave theory of floating platform based on the analysis of force and motion, 2012, 07:108-115. 15. Liu, H.X. & Duan, W.Y. & Chen, X.B. Wave loading on concentric porous cylinders with varying porosity, Journal of Marine Science and Application, 2013, 12, No 4:400-405.

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Emrah Zerdali and Murat Barut

of an Improved Open-Loop Speed Estimate for Induction Motor Drives. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 23(4), pp. 2127-2135. Herman, I. and Vaclavek, P. (2012). Load torque and moment of inertia observability analysis for alternating current drive sensorless control. In: 38th Annual Conference on IEEE Industrial Electronics Society IECON 2012, Montreal, Canada, pp. 1864-1869. Holtz, J. (2005). Sensorless Control of Induction Machines - With or Without Signal Injection? IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 53(1), pp. 7

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Jacek Szafran and Kazimierz Rykaluk

REFERENCES 1. Albermani F., Kitipornchai S., Chan R.W.K.: Failure analysis of transmission towers, Engineering Failure Analysis, 16 (2009) 1922-1928. 2. Albermani F., Mahedran M., Kitipornchai S.: Upgrading of transmission towers using diaphragm bracing system, Engineering Structures, 26 (2004) 735-744. 3. EN ISO 6892-1: Metallic materials – Tensile testing – Part 1: Method of test at the room temperature . Brussels, European Committee for Standardization 2009. 4. Galambos T.V.: Guide to stability design criteria for metal structures

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Xiping Liu, Dong Chen, Liang Yi, Chao Zhang and Min Wang

References [1] Tsurumoto K., Kikuchi S., A new magnetic gear using permanent magnet. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 23(5): 3622-3624 (1987). [2] Atallah K., Howe D., A novel high-performance magnetic gear. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 37(4): 2844-2846 (2001). [3] Atallah K., Calverley S.D., Howe D., Design, analysis and realization of a high-performance magnetic gear. IEE Proc. Electr. Power Appl. 151(2): 135-143 (2004). [4] Jian L., Chau K.T., Gong Y. et al., Comparison of coaxial magnetic gears with different topologies. IEEE Transactions

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P. Iwicki

, Academic Press, Orlando, 1986. 14. C. Szymczak, Sensitivity analysis of critical loads of flexural-torsional buckling of thin-walled I-beam, Arch. Civil Eng. 45, 3, 491-503, 1999. 15. P. Iwicki, Sensitivity analysis of critical loads of I-columns, Arch. Civil Eng., 53, 4, 591-606, 2007. 16. PN-90/B-03200 Steel structures. Design rules (Polish standard). 17. C. Szymczak, Torsional buckling of thin-walled beams of bisymmetric open cross-section [in Polish], Engineering Transactions, 26, 2, 323-330, 1978

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Răzvan Anițaș and Do Lucaciu

. The mechanism for efficacy of eccentric loading in Achilles tendon injury; an in vivo study in humans. Rheumatology. 2008;47(10):1493-1497. 5. Waggett DA, Ralphs JR, Kwan APL et al. Characterization of collagens and proteoglycans at the insertion of the human achilles tendon. Matrix Biology. 1998;16(8):457-470. 6. Lee SJ, SIleo MJ, Kremenic IJ et al. Cyclic loading of 3 Achilles Tendon Repairs Simulating Early Postoperative Forces. Am J Sports Med. 2009;37(4):786-790. 7. Azevedo LB, Lambert MI, Vaughn CL et al

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V.N. Skopinsky, N.A. Berkov and A.B. Smetankin

-encroaching nozzles in torispherical heads: experimental verification of finite element predictions. - J. Strain Analysis, vol.37, No.4, pp.313-326. Iliushin A.A. (1948): Plastisity. - Мoscow: GITTL. Li H. and Mackenzie D. (2005): Characterising gross plastic deformation in design by analysis. - Int. J. Pressure Vessels and Piping, vol.82, No.10, pp.777-786. Mackenzie D. and Li H. (2006): A plastic load criterion for inelastic design by analysis. - Trans. ASME, J. Pressure Vessel Technology, vol.128, No.1, pp.39

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Volodymyr Sakharov, Oleksandr Lytvyn and Vasyl Pidlutskyi

) Moscow, 2004 (in Russian) 4. Perelmyter A.V. Design models of structures and the possibility of their analysis , VPP “Kompas”, Kyiv 2001 (in Russian) 5. Sakharov, V.O, Application of spectral super elements in the tasks of the dynamics of the system “foundation - foundation - building” : Bulletin of Pridneprovsk State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 1 , PDABA - Dnepr 2015, 37-46 (in Ukrainian) 6. Boyko, I., Sakharov, O., Sakharov, V. (2013): Behavior of the multistory building under seismic loads with the account of the

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S. Upnere, N. Jekabsons and R. Joffe

Analysis of the RT-70 Radio Telescope Main Reflector, In: Proc. of IVth Int. Conf. Antenna Theory and Techniques, 2004, 651-654. [5] Vogiatzis, K., et al. Estimating the Effect of Wind Loading on Extremely Large Telescope Performance Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, In: Proc. of SPIE, 5497, 2004, 311-320. [6] Upnere, S., et al. Development of Mechanical Models of RT-16 and RT-32 Radio Telescopes. Space Research Review, 1 (2012), 112-125. [7] Upnere, S., et al. Characterization of Wind Loading of the Large Radio Telescope