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Dita Trčková

. Metaphor in discourse. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. SILVERSTONE, R., 2007. Media and morality: On the rise of the mediapolis. Cambridge: Polity Press. SMITH, T.C., 2006. Deadly diseases and epidemics: Ebola. Philadelphia: Chelsea House. SONTAG, S., 1978. Illness as metaphor. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. SONTAG, S., 1989. AIDS and its metaphors. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. TRČKOVÁ, D., 2014. Representations of natural catastrophes in newspaper discourse. Brno

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Widening or Closing the Knowledge Gap?

The Role of TV and Newspapers in Changing the Distribution of Political Knowledge

Anders Todal Jenssen

the Information Environment’, American Journal of Political Science 50(2):266-282. Karlsen, R. (2009) Election Campaigns and New Media Technology. A Closer Look at Campaigning in Norway . PhD Dissertation, Faculty of Social Science, University of Oslo. Kleinnijenhuis, J. (1991) ‘Newspaper Complexity and the Knowledge Gap’, European Journal of Communication 6(4):499-522 Kwak, N. (1999) ‘Revisiting the Knowledge Gap Hypothesis. Education, Motivation and Media Use’, Communication Research 26(4):385-413. McCann

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Education in the News and in the Mind

PISA, News Media and Public Opinion in Norway, Sweden and Finland

Audun Fladmoe

Presidential Approval’, Journal of Politics 68(4): 960-976. Altheide, D.L., & Snow, R.P. (1979) Media Logic . London: Sage. Arnesen, A.-L., & Lundahl, L. (2006) ‘Still Social and Democratic? Inclusive Education Policies in the Nordic Welfare States’, Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research 50(3):285-300. Barabas, J., & Jerit, J. (2009) ‘Estimating the Causal Effects of Media Coverage on Policy-Specifi c Knowledge’, American Journal of Political Science 53(1): 73-89. Brekken, T., & Aalberg, T. (2010

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Josefin Månsson

normalization of marijuana use: An analysis of Canadian newspaper reporting, 1997–2007. Critical Public Health, 24 (1), 47–61. Hill, J. B., Oliver, W. M., & Marion, N. E. (2012). Presidential politics and the problem of drugs in America: Assessing the relationship between the president, media, and public opinion. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 23 (1), 90–107. Howarth, D. (2000). Discourse. Buckingham: Open University Press. Howarth, D., Norval A. J., & Stavrakakis, Y. (Eds.) (2000). Discourse theory and political analysis. Manchester: Manchester

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Zahid Shahab Ahmed

Hoodbhoy (2006 , 12), could not achieve its desired objectives. Similarly, PEF, which has been working on peace education projects in madaris , has come under attack for its report on the status of religious freedom in Pakistan. In a newspaper article, Ansar Abbasi (2016) , who is a known Islamist and investigative journalist, wrote against PEF for working on the American agenda to liberalise Pakistan’s school curriculum and defame Pakistan. 3.5 So-called Seculars While successive governments have yielded to the demands of Islamists, it is important to

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Vilém Řehák

Barack Obama’s Africa Policy. Suggestions for Him and African Leaders Abdul Karim Bangura 1 26 Lanham University Press of America Freedom House. 2016. Freedom of the Press 2016 , Country Report on Kenya . Accessed February 24, 2018. . Freedom House 2016 Freedom of the Press 2016, Country Report on Kenya. Accessed February 24, 2018 GeoPoll. 2015. Data on Newspaper , Magazine Readership in Kenya . Accessed February 24, 2018.

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Robert G. Natelson

appropriate to inquire whether a state constitution was properly adopted. The same question is commonly asked even of our venerated American Constitution. See Michael Farris, Defying Conventional Wisdom: The Constitution Was Not the Product of a Runaway Convention , 40 Harvard. J. L. Pub. Pol. 61, 63-64 (2017) (summarizing the controversy). In a republic where the people are said to be the font of political power, it is best to ensure that any state constitution is truly the product of popular will. II The Law of Majorities A The Default Rule and Variations From

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Samir Hajj

College had become the most prestigious school for Arab students in Palestine during his administration. College Tasks The role of the Arab College can be summed up in two functions, as mentioned in the speech of its director Ahmad Samih Khalidī on July 15, 1933: Preparing and training qualified teachers to take the responsibility of teaching in the higher classes of the primary schools in the towns and villages after they complete their secondary education; provide an excellent and limited group of intelligent young Arabs with liberal education entitling them

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Tariq Modood

cultural identities have been dismissed or held in contempt—such as the identities of African-Americans in the USA or Francophone Quebecers in Canada— is also an example ( Taylor 1994 ). Interestingly, in his more recent work, Taylor relates his approach to diversity to a Rawlsian idea, that of ‘an overlapping consensus’ ( Rawls 1987 ; Taylor 2009 ). At this stage Rawls had moved away from the Veil of Ignorance methodology of his most famous work ( Rawls 1971 ) as described earlier. For Rawls, this referred to the body of laws and policies that those with different

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Right Kinds of Mixing?

Promoting Cohesion in a Copenhagen Neighbourhood

Kristina Grünenberg and Anna Mikaela v. Freiesleben

minorities in exposed housing areas, and since then, the focus of urban politics in Denmark has increasingly been directed towards issues of ethnicity ( Fallov 2006 : 131). This development was pushed even further when the 2001-elected Liberal-Conservative government closed the Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs and placed parts of urban politics under the Ministry for Refugees, Immigrants and Integration. Urban policies as well as other policy areas have been placed in different Ministries depending on the government in power. In 2011, urban politics were moved to