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Dagmara Galas, Jan Kalembkiewicz and Elżbieta Sitarz-Palczak

.1016/j.fuel.2006.05.016. Lambolez L., Vasseur P., Ferard J.F., Gisbert T. (1994) The environmental risks of industrial waste disposal: an experimental approach including acute and chronic toxicity studies. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 28, 3: 317-328, doi:10.1006/eesa.1994.1056. Mizerna K., Król A. (2015) The influence of selected factors on the leaching of heavy metals from smelter wast. Ecological Engineering 43: 1-6, doi: 10.12912/23920629/58898. Rosolak M., Gworek B. (2006) State and assessment of waste management in Poland (Stan i ocena

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Wanda Wilczyńska-Michalik, Renata Gasek, Marek Michalik, Janusz Dańko and Tadeusz Plaskota

6. References Baba, A., & Kaya, A. (2004). Leaching characteristics of fly ash from thermal power plants of Soma and Tunçbilek, Turkey. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 91 , 171-181. DOI: 10.1023/B:EMAS.0000009234.42446.d3. Bartoňová, L., Čech, B., Ruppenthalová, L., Majvelderová, V., Juchelková, D., & Klika, Z. (2012). Effect of unburned carbon content in fly ash on the retention of 12 elements out of coal-combustion flue gas. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 24, 1624-1629. DOI: 10.1016/S1001-0742(11)60981-9. Bogush, A. A

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Md. Aktar, Dwaipayan Sengupta, Swarnali Purkait and Ashim Chowdhury

soybean. Pest Chem   5 : 189-196. Gustafson DI (1989) Groundwater-ubiquity source: A simple method for assessing pesticide leachability. Environ Toxicol Chem   8 : 339-357. Hafner M (1990) Mobility of maize herbicide in the soil and their appearance in the ground water. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten and Planzenschut   12 : 427-435. Helling CS (1976) Dinitroaniline Herbicides in Soils. J Environ Qual   5 : 1-15. Kogan M, Rojas S, Gómez P, Suárez F, Muñoz JF

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K. Gargul, P. Jarosz and S. Małecki

oxygen furnace dust and zinc removal by acid leaching, Minerals Engineering 17, 285-291 (2004). [5] K. Gargul, B. Boryczko, Removal of zinc from dusts and sludges from basic oxygen furnaces in the process of ammoniacal leaching, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 15, 179-187 (2015). [6] V.I. Rodionova, On the Dissolution of Zinc in Alkalis, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington 1965. [7] A. Stefanova, J. Aromaa, Alkaline leaching of iron and steelmaking dust, Aalto University 2012

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Saeed Soltani-Mohammadi and Mehdi Amini

.K., Salazar M., Tylor S.W., 2002 - Preliminary investigation of effluent drainage from mining heap leach facilities. Vadose Zone Journal, Vol. 1, pp. 186-196. Karimi Nasab et al. 2007 - KarimiNasab S., Hojat A., MollaeiFard M.R., 2007 - Technical Factors for Selecting Optimum Heap Leach Pad Sites. Engineering & Mining Journal, Vol. 208, pp. 54-59. Lee et al. 2008- Lee A.H.I.,Chen W.C.,Chang C.J., 2008 - A fuzzy AHP and BSC approach for evaluating performance of IT department in the manufacturing industry in Taiwan. Expert Systems with

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Alicja Uliasz-Bocheńczyk, Aleksandra Pawluk and Michał Pyzalski

LITERATURA Berra i in. 2011 – Berra, M., De Casa, G., Dell’Orso, M., Galeotti, L., Mangialardi, T., Paolini, E.A. i Piga, L. 2011. Reuse of Woody Biomass Fly Ash in Cement-Based Materials: Leaching Tests [In:] H. Insam and B.A. Knapp (eds.). Recycling of Biomass Ashes . Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, s. 133–146. Emitor 2014 Emisja Zanieczyszczeń Środowiska w Elektrowniach i Elektrociepłowniach Zawodowych. Agencja Rynku Energii, Warszawa. EU 2013 − Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document for the. Large Combustion Plants . Joint

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Jozef Oravec and Adriana Estokova

-reduction technologies for cement and concrete production: A technical review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 2012, 16 (8), 6220-6238. [4] AHMADI B., SHEKARCHI M. Use of natural zeolite as a supplementary cementitious material. Cement and Concrete Composite. 2010, 32 (2), 134-141. [5] CHEN C.-J., et al. The total body burden of chromium associated with skin disease and smoking among cement workers. Science of the Total Environment. 2008, 391 (1), 76-81. [6] EUR 17869 EN. Development of a leaching method for the determination of the environmental

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Faisal Rehman, Syed Waqas Ahmad, M. Shahzad Zafar, Sajjad Ahmad and Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq

. (2006) Desulfurization of mezino coal using combination of ‘fl otation’and‘leaching with potassium hydroxide/methanol. Fuel 85(7), 1117. DOI: 10.1016/j.fuel.2005.10.011 10.1016/j.fuel.2005.10.011. 7. Demirbaş, A. (2002) Demineralization and desulfurization of coals via column froth fl otation and different methods. Energy Convers Manage 43(7), 885. DOI: 10.1016/S0196-8904(01)00088-7 10.1016/S0196-8904(01)00088-7. 8. Celik, M. & Yildirim, I. (2000) A new physical process for desulfurization of low-rank coals. Fuel 79(13), 1665. DOI: 10

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Juris Burlakovs, Raimonds Kasparinskis and Maris Klavins

.J., Hills, C.D., Jones, H.M., MacLeod, C.L., Tyrer, M. Review of scientific literature on the use of stabilisation / solidification for the treatment of contaminated soils, solid wastes and sludges. In: Environmental Agency, Science Report SC980003/SR2 . Environmental Agency, UK, 2004. 5. Cocke, D.L., Mollah, M.Y.A. The chemistry and leaching mechanisms of hazardous substances in cementitious solidification/stabilization systems. In: Spence, R.D. (Ed.), Chemistry of Microestructure Solidified Waste Forms. Lewis Publishers , U.S.A., 1993, pp. 187

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S. Ananda Kumar, P. Ilango and Grover Harsh Dinesh

Sensor Networks. - In: Proc. of 9th International Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC’2004), 2004, Vol. 1, IEEE, 2004, pp. 238-243. 4. Fan, X., Y. Song. Improvement on LEACH Protocol of Wireless Sensor Network. - In: Proc. of International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (Sensor Comm’2007), IEEE, 2007, pp. 260-264. 5. Islam, J., M. Islam, N. Islam. A-s LEACH: An Advanced Solar Aware Leach Protocol for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks. - In: Proc. of 6th International Conference on