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Sumanta Das, Malini Roy Choudhury, Subhasish Das and M. Nagarajan

. (2013). Soil Salinity Mapping and Monitoring in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions Using Remote Sensing Technology: A Review, Advances in Remote Sensing , Vol. 2 No. 4, 373–385. DOI: 10.4236/ars.2013.24040 Al-Mashreki, M. H., Akhir, J. B., Rahim, S. A., Desa, K. M. and Rahman, Z. A. (2010). Remote sensing and GIS application for assessment of land suitability potential for agriculture in the IBB Governorate, the Republic of Yemen. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 13, 1116–1128. Astaraei, Ali Reza1; Sanaeinejad, S. H, M. Mir Hosseini, Parisa, Ghaemi

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Martina Slámová, Bruno Jakubec, Juraj Hreško, Boris Beláček and Igor Gallay

References: ANTLE, J. M, STOORVOGEL, J. J., VALDIVIA, R. O. (2006): Multiple equilibria, soil conservation investments, and the resilience of agricultural systems. Environment and Development Economics, 11(4): 477–492. BEILIN, R., LINDBORG, R., STENSEKE, M., PEREIRA, H. M., LLAUSÀS, A., SLÄTMO E., CERQUEIRA, Y., NAVARRO, L., RODRIGUES, P., REICHELT, N., MUNRO, N., QUEIROZ, C. (2014): Analysing how drivers of agricultural land abandonment affect biodiversity and cultural landscapes using case studies from Scandinavia, Iberia and Oceania. Land Use

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Jin Huang, Wunian Yang, Li Peng and Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf

status using water-related vegetation indices at leaf and canopy levels. Journal of Arid Land, 4(3), 310-319. 15. Zhan, Z. M., Qin, Q. M., Ghulan, A. & Wang, D. D. 2007 NIR-red spectral space based new method for soil moisture monitoring. Science in China(Series D:Earth Sciences), 50(02), 283-289. 16. Qin, Q. M., You, L., Zhao, Y., Zhao, S. H. & Yao, Y. J. 2012 Soil line automatic identification algorithm based on two-dimensional feature space. Transactions of the CSAE, 28(3), 167-171. 17. Wu, Y., Su, Z. X. & Fang, J. Y

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Mircea Tănase


Characterised by the capability to rapidly penetrate the enemy disposition, at long distance, by air, using transport aircraft, by parachuting or landing, as well as by own combat capacity, airborne troops could successfully execute a wide range of specific missions, either independently or in cooperation with other units or large units in the land, air or naval forces, to meet the operational and strategic goals. Mention should be made that almost all belligerents in the Second World War successfully employed groups of well-trained fighters, parachuted behind the enemy disposition, to execute intelligence missions: information collection, “commando”-type diversionary actions, as well as supply of weapons for local partisans and resistance formations

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Amin Sharififar, Hadi Ghorbani and Haji Karimi

References BOIX, L.R. - ZINCK, J.A. 2008. Land-use planning in the Chaco Plain (Burruyacu, Argentina). Part 1: Evaluating land-use options to support cop diversification in an agricultural frontier area using physical land evaluation. In Environmental Management , vol. 42 , no. no. 2, pp. 1043-1063. DOI: 10.1007/s00267-008-9208-1. CEBALLOS-SILVA, A. - LOPEZ-BLANCO, J. 2003. Delineation of suitable areas for crops using a Multi-Critera Evaluation approach and land use/ cover mapping: a case study in Central Mexico. In

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Burghard Meyer, Lian Lundy, John Watt, Iskandar Abdullaev and Jose E. Capilla Roma

Technology, UK, 427–436. Chatfield, P., Lundy, L. 2016 (in press). Beyond legislation - Working together to protect the water environment. In: D’Arcy B.J. (ed) Wealth creation without pollution: Industry, Ecobusiness Parks & Industrial Estates. IWA publishing, London. Chen, X., Bai, J., Li, X., Luo, G., Li, J., Li, B.L. 2013. Changes in land use/land cover and ecosystem services in Central Asia during 1990–2009. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5 (1), 116–127. DOI: 10.1016/j.cosust.2012.12.005 Chirivella, V., Capilla, J.E., Perez

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Csilla Farkas, Sigrun H. Kværnø, Alexander Engebretsen, Robert Barneveld and Johannes Deelstra

:// Bergström, S., 1995. The HBV model. In: Singh, V.P. (Ed.): Computer Models of Watershed Hydrology. Water Resources Publications, Highlands Ranch, pp. 443-476. Bisantino, T., Bingner, R., Chouaib, W., Gentile, F., Trisorio Liuzzi, G., 2015. Estimation of runoff, peak discharge and sediment load at the event scale in a medium-size mediterranean watershed using the ANNAGNPS model. Land Degradation and Development, 26, 4, 340-355. Bodí, M.B., Cerdà, A., Mataix-Solera, J., Doerr, S.H., 2012. Water repellency in forest soils affected by fires and

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Barbara Maćkiewicz and Cecylia Karalus-Wiatr

References Bański J., 2005. Przestrzenny wymiar współczesnych procesów na wsi (Spatial dimension of contemporary processes in the countryside). Studia Obszarów Wiejskich 9, IGiPZ PAN, PTG, Warszawa. Bielecka E., Całka B., 2012. Analiza procesu wyłączeń gruntów z produkcji rolnej i leśnej na terenach wiejskich (Analysis of the process of exclusion of land from agricultural and woodland production in rural areas). Infrastruktura i Ekologia Terenów Wiejskich 2: 163-173. Borszowski P., 2011. Ustawa o podatkach i

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A. Darvishan, S. Sadeghi and L. Gholami

Sediment Yield. PhD Dissertation, G. B. P. University of Agriculture and Technology, India, 362 pp. SADEGHI S. H. R., TOFIGHI B., 2003: Capability of Time-Area Method in developing sediment graph (case study: Khanmirza River in Karoun Basin), Research Journal of Agriculture & Natural Resources Science (Khazar) , 1, 54-66 (in Persian). Subramanya K., 1999: Engineering hydrology, Tata McGraw-Hill , India, 391 pp. 13. WISCHMEIER W. H., SMITH D. D., 1978: Predicting Rainfall Erosion Losses - A

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Veiko Uri, Jürgen Aosaar, Mats Varik and Merit Kund

References Aastaraamat Mets 2008. (Yearbook Forest 2008). 2009. Centre of Forest Protection and Silviculture / Metsakaitse- ja metsauuenduskeskus. Tartu, OÜ Paar. 213 pp. (In Estonian and in English). Aosaar, J., Uri, V. 2008. Halli lepa, hübriidlepa ja arukase biomassi produktsioon endistel põllumaadel. (Biomass production of grey alder, hybrid alder and silver birch stands on abandoned agricultural land). - Forestry Studies / Metsanduslikud Uurimused, 48, 53-66. (In Estonian with English summary