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M.-A. Tahraoui, E. Duchêne and H. Kheddouci

.A. Tahraoui, Labeled packing of graphs, Australas. J. Combin. 57 (2013) 109-126. [5] N. Sauer and J. Spencer, Edge disjoint placement of graphs, J. Combin. Theory Ser. B 25 (1978) 295-302. doi: 10.1016/0095-8956(78)90005-9 [6] M.A. Tahraoui, E. Duchêne and H. Kheddouci, Labeled 2-packings of trees, Discrete Math. 338 (2015) 816-824. doi: 10.1016/j.disc.2014.12.01 [7] M. Woźniak, Embedding graphs of small size, Discrete Appl. Math. 51 (1994) 233-241. doi: 10.1016/0166-218X(94)90112-0 [8] M. Woźniak, Packing of

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S. Arumugam, N. Kamatchi and G.R. Vijayakumar

References [1] S. Arumugam, D. Fronček and N. Kamatchi, Distance magic graphs-A survey, J. Indones. Math. Soc., Special Edition (2011) 11-26. [2] S. Beena, On ∑ and ∑′ labelled graphs, Discrete Math. 309 (2009) 1783-1787. doi:10.1016/j.disc.2008.02.038 [3] G. Chartrand and L. Lesniak, Graphs & Digraphs, 4th Edition (Chapman and Hall, CRC, 2005). [4] D. Grinstead and P.J. Slater, Fractional domination and fractional packings in graphs, Congr. Numer. 71 (1990) 153-172. [5] T

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Ismail Sahul Hamid and Mayamma Joseph

Applications, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunalveli, India, 1996, pp. 1-28. ⇒179 [4] S. Arumugam, I. Sahul Hamid, Simple graphoidal covers in graphs, Journal of Combin. Math. Combin. Comput., 64 (2008) 79-95. ⇒179 [5] S. Arumugam, I. Sahul Hamid, Label graphoidal covering number of a graph, Proc. Group Discussion on Labeling of Discrete Structures and Applications, Mary Matha Arts College, Mananthawady, Eds. B. D. Acharya, S. Arumugam and A.Rosa, Narosa Publishing House, 2007, pp. 77-82. ⇒180, 185, 187 [6] S. Arumugam

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Samit Biswas, Amit Kumar Das and Bhabatosh Chanda

: Bangla and devnagari (hindi). Document Analysis and Recognition, 1997., Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on, 2, 1011-1015. [7] Degenhardt, J., Recht, P., (2008). On a relation between the cycle packing number and the cyclomatic number of a graph. : manuscript. [8] Dhar, D. B., Chanda, B., (2006). Extraction and recognition of geographical features from paper maps. International Journal of Document Analysis and Recognition (IJDAR), 8(4), 232-245. [9] Epshtein, B., Ofek, E., Wexler, Y., (2010). Detecting

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Olga Filipova and Oksana Nikiforova

, vol. 24, no. 3, 1994, pp. 440–454. [15] K. Freivalds, and P. Kikusts, “Optimum Layout Adjustment Supporting Ordering Constraints in Graph-Like Diagram Drawing”. Proc. of the Latvian Academy of Sciences , 2001, pp. 43–51. [16] K. Freivalds, U. Dogrusoz, and P. Kikusts, “Disconnected Graph Layout and the Polyomino Packing Approach,” Proc. of Graph Drawing 2001, Lecture Notes in Computer Science , vol. 2265, 2002, pp. 378–391. [17] G. D. Battista, P. Eades, R. Tamassia, and

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H. Klus and H. Kuhn

. Tabakforsch. 7 (1973) 142-147. 47. Ishizu, Y., K. Ohta, T. Okada: The effect of maisture on the growth of cigarette smoke particles; Beitr. Tabakforsch. lnt. 10 (1980) 161-168. 48. International Organization for Standardization: ISO 3308, 1st edition, 1977. 49. Jenkins, R. W., Jr., M. K. Chavis, R. H. Newman, F. A. Morrell: The quantitative recovery of smoke from radioactively labeled cigarettes; lnt. J. of Applied Radiation and Isotopes 22 (1971) 691-697. 50. Jenkins, R. W., Jr., R. T. Bass, R. H. Newman, M. K

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Marta Wardas-Lasoń and Aldona Garbacz-Klempka

( Czop et al., 2010 ), including studies of copper and lead contamination ( Motyka et al., 2012 ). (A — trench A; GWH — the Great Weigh House; C R W — rooms) Inset — photographs of samples taken from various sites as labelled. Fig. 2 Sites of collection of earth and deposit samples (waste water sediments) in an area where a lead slab known as the 'loaf' was found as well as in other Great Weigh House rooms ( Szejbal-Dereń and Garbacz-Klempka, 2010 ). Locations of the sampling points are indicated: 1–29, RCu, RPb; Photographs: a) A-trench cross

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Brian Christopher Jones and Austin Sarat

:// . There are signs that, even after the recent Presidential election in the United States, Senate approval of Supreme Court nominations could still be a major constitutional issue. Before the election, some Republicans discussed the possibility that, should Hilary Clinton become President, the Senate would refuse to confirm any of her Supreme Court nominees. David A. Graham, What Happens If Republicans Refuse to Replace Justice Scalia? , The Atlantic (Nov. 1, 2016),

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F.A. Najar, G.B. Vakil and B. Want

view of the title compound with atomic labeling is shown in Fig. 1 . Fig. 1 ORTEP view of a molecule showing the atomlabeling scheme. Table 1 Crystallographic and experimental data. Crystal description white block Crystal size 0.5 mm 3 × 0.3 mm 3 × 0.2 mm 3 Empirical formula H 2 Li 2 O 5 S Formula weight 127.96 g Radiation, wavelength MoKα, 0.71073 Å Unit cell dimensions a = 5.4512(8) Å, b = 4.8726(6) Å, c = 8.1724(10) Å, α = 90°, β = 107.291° (3), = 90° Crystal system monoclinic

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“My children are Norwegian but i am a foreigner”

Experiences of African immigrant parents within Norwegian welfare society

Berit Overå Johannesen and Lily Appoh

Research and follows the norms for informed consent and confidentiality. Even though we did not specifically focus on issues of parenting in the questions we asked, ‘parent’ stood out as the most consistent position for the adults in terms of social interaction. Three themes emerged which we have labelled: parenting as a social arena, autonomous parenting, and intergenerational relations. Parenting as a social arena One fundamental challenge noted by the adult family members with regard to settling down in Norway was to establish contact with Norwegians and