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Juraj Parajka, Ralf Merz, Jon Olav Skøien and Alberto Viglione

., Lakshmi, V., Liang, X., McDonnell, J.J., Mendiondo, E.M., O'Connell, P.E., Oki, T., Pomeroy, J.W., Schertzer, D., Uhlenbrook, S., Zehe, E., 2003. IAHS Decade on Predictions in Ungauged Basins (PUB) 2003-2012: Shaping an exciting future for the hydrological sciences. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 48, 6, 857-880. Skøien, J.O., 2014. Rtop: Interpolation of data with variable spatial support. R package version 0.3-45, Skøien, J.O., Blöschl, G., 2007. Spatiotemporal topological kriging of runoff time

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Mateusz Moskalik, Piotr Grabowiecki, Jarosław Tęgowski and Monika Żulichowska

Kriging interpolation. Acta Geophysica 60 (1): 59-75. MERWADE V. 2009. Effect of spatial trends on interpolation of river bathymetry. Journal of Hydrol− ogy 371: 169-181. MOSKALIK M. and BIALIK R.J. 2011. Statistical analysis of topography of Isvika Bay, Murchison− fjorden, Svalbard. In : P. Rowiński (ed.) GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences, Experimental Methods in Hydraulic Research, 1st ed . Springer, Berlin Heidelberg: 225-233. MOSKALIK M., PASTUSIAK T. and TĘGOWSKI J. 2012. Multi beam bathymetry and slopes

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Philemon Lindagato, Yongjun Li, Gaoxue Yang, Fenghao Duan and Zuopeng Wang

fractal dimensions of the spatial distribution of mineral deposits meaningful? Natural Resources Research 17, 87−97. Ramos, P. & Abreu, N., 2010. Spatial analysis of sea outfall discharges using block kriging. Water Research Conference . Lisbon, Portugal 1, 1–16. Risdianto, D. & Kusnadi, D., 2010. The Application of a Probability Graph in Geothermal Exploration. Proceedings of World Geothermal Congress. Bali, Indonesia , 25–29. Rui, Z., Goldfarb, R.J., Qiu, Y., Zhou, T., Chen, R., Pirajno, F. & Yun, G., 2002. Paleozoic–Early Mesozoic gold deposits

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Hussein A. Abd-Elmotaal and Norbert Kühtreiber

References Abd-Elmotaal H., Kühtreiber N., 2003: Geoid Determination Using Adapted Reference Field, Seismic Moho Depths and Variable Density Contrast. Journal of Geodesy, 77 , 77-85. Al-Tahir R., 1996: Interpolation and Analysis in Hierarchical Surface Reconstruction. Department of Geodetic Science, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 435 . Bajracharya S., Sideris M. G., 2002: The Effect of Different Terrain Reductions on Gravity Interpolation and on Helmert Geoid Determination. Presented at EGS

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Barbara Namysłowska-Wilczyńska and Janusz Wynalek

by Kriging with External Drift , Processing of Terra Nostra, 8th Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geology (IAMG 2002), Berlin, 15–20 September 2002, 475–480. [11] N amysłowska -W ilczyńska B., P yra J., Rola precyzji ocen parametrów środowiskowych w edukacji ekologicznej , Polskie Towarzystwo Inżynierii Ekologicznej, Edukacja Ekologiczna. Podstawy Działań Naprawczych w Środowisku. Wydawnictwo Naukowe Lublin, Nałęczów 2004, 199–213. [12] N amysłowska -W ilczyńska B., R usak K., Geostatistics description of heavy

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Eliška Hasníková, Jiří Pavlásek and Marek Vach

. Journel, A.G., Rossi, M.E., 1988. When do we need a trend model? Study on statistics and environmental factors in health (SIMS). Stanford University, Stanford (California). Madsen, H., van Griensven, A., Hojbjerk, A.L., 2010. Model calibration and validation in model-based water management. In: Vanrolleghem, P.A. (Ed.): Modelling Aspects of Water Framework Directive Implementation. IWA Publishing, London. Raid, I., Kusnezowa, T., Seewig, J., 2013. Application of ordinary kriging for interpolation of micro-structured technical surfaces

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Bărcăcianu Florentina and Apostol Liviu


Temperature inversions are characterized by negative vertical thermal gradients (Donciu, 1953, Ţâştea, 1965, Bogdan, 1971, Neacşa, Frimescu, 1981). The most frequent manifestation is in the depression areas because in addition to radiative cooling and better possibility to store cold air invasion, it also takes place the accumulation and of air flow of cold air due to gravity. The area south of the Carpathians, shows depression features, gaining titles like: carpathianbalkanic bucket (Bălescu, 1962), carpathian-balkanic sink (Ion-Bordei, N. 1988). In this space the inversions occupy the entire area, proof being the values from low altitude stations similar to those from mountain peaks, while the middle part of the slope remains wormer.

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Lixia Ren, Hongwei Lu, Li He and Yimei Zhang

Bhattacharjee, S., Mitra, P. & Ghosh, S.K. (2014). Spatial interpolation to predict missing attributes in GIS using semantic Kriging, Ieee Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing , 52, 8, pp. 4771–4780. Bhattacharjee S. Mitra P. Ghosh S.K. 2014 Spatial interpolation to predict missing attributes in GIS using semantic Kriging Ieee Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 52 8 4771 4780 Burgess, T.M. & Webster, R. (1980). Optimal interpolation and arithmic mapping of soil properties: the semivariogram and punctual Kriging, Soil

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Ivana Mesić Kiš and Tomislav Malvić

in the Bjelovar Subdepression. Journal of Maps, 12(1), pp. 45–52. [8] Malvić, T., Đureković, M. (2003): Application of the methods: Inverse distance weighting, ordinary kriging and collocated cokriging in porosity evaluation, and comparison of results on the Beničanci and Stari Gradac fields in Croatia. Nafta, 54(9), pp. 331–340. [9] Balić, D., Velić, J., Malvić, T. (2008): Selection of the most appropriate interpolation method for sandstone reservoirs in the Kloštar oil and gas field. Geologica Croatica, 61(1), pp. 23–75. [10] Malvić, T

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Ali Keshavarzi and Fereydoon Sarmadian

. A., SUDDUTH K. A., KITCHEN N. R., INDORANTE S. J. 1994: Estimating depth to claypans using electromagnetic induction methods. Journal of Soil Water Conservation 49, 572-575. EMERY X., ORTIZ J. M. 2007: Weighted sample variograms as a tool to better assess the spatial variability of soil properties. Geoderma 140, 81-89. ERSAHIN S. 2003: Comparing Ordinary Kriging and Cokriging to Estimate Infiltration Rate. Soil Science 67, 1848-1855. FERREYRA R. A., APEZTEGUIA H. P., SERENO R