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Heba Darwish, Zeinab Abdel-Megied and Adel El Geiheini

References [1] Afzal, A., Ahmad, S., Rasheed, A., Mohsin, M., Ahmad, F., Nawab, Y. (2015). Characterization and statistical modelling of thermal resistance of cotton/polyester blended double layer interlock knitted fabrics. Thermal Science, (00), 201-201. [2] Afzal, A., Hussain, T., Mohsin, M., Rasheed, A., Ahmad, S. (2014). Statistical models for predicting the thermal resistance of polyester/cotton blended interlock knitted fabrics. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 85, 40-46. [3] Altas, S., Ozgen, B. (2013). Investigation of Fabric

Open access

Gaoming Jiang, Zhiwen Lu, Honglian Cong, Aijun Zhang, Zhijia Dong and Dandan Jia

, Chen S., et al. (2014). Three dimensional simulation of weft knitted fabric based on surface model.18(3), 52-57. [5] Peirce F.T. (1947). Geometrical principles applicable to the design of functional fabrics [J]. Textile Research Journal, 17(3), 123-147. [6] Chamberlain, J. (1949). Hosiery Yarn and Fabrics, II, 106-108. [7] Leaf G.A.V. (1960). Models of the plain-knitted loop. Journal of the Textile Institute Transactions, 51(2), 49-58. [8] Munden D.L. (1959). The geometry and dimensional properties of

Open access

Hafiz Faisal Siddique, Adnan Ahmed Mazari, Antonin Havelka, Tariq Mansoor, Azam Ali and Musaddaq Azeem

References [1] Flaud, P., Bassez, P. and Counord, J.L. (2010). Comparative in vitro study of three inter-face pressure sensors used to evaluate medical compression hosiery. Dermatologic Surgery, 12, 1930–1940. [2] Harpa, R., Piroi, C. and Radu. C.D. (2010). A new approach for testing medical stockings. Textile Research Journal, 80, 683–695. [3] Smith, M.W.L. and Dalbey, J.C. (2011). Gradient compression hosiery knitted using corespun yarns. U.S. patent 7895863-B2. [4] Wang, Y., Zhang, P. and Zhang, Y. (2014). Experimental investigation the

Open access

Qing Chen, Pibo Ma, Haiwen Mao, Xuhong Miao and Gaoming Jiang

length.TEXT RES J,2013;83(1): 56-65. [19] Ucar, N., Karakas, H., Sen, S. Physical and comfort properties of the hosiery knitproduct containing intermingled nylon elastomeric yarn, FIBER POLYM, 2007; 8(5): 558-563. [20] Lee, CG. Changes of pulling-out length and shrinkage ratio in polyester/spandexpower net warp knitted fabrics. FIBER POLYM, 2006; 7(1): 51-56 [21] Mani, S., Anbumani, N. Dynamic Elastic Behavior of Cotton and Cotton/Spandex Knitted Fabrics, J ENG FIBER FABR, 2014; 9(1): 93-100. [22