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Guillermo Barturen, Antonio Rueda, Maarten Hamberg, Angel Alganza, Ricardo Lebron, Michalis Kotsyfakis, Bu-Jun Shi, Danijela Koppers-Lalic and Michael Hackenberg

from plants. Annu Rev Plant Biol 2013, 64:137–59. [5] Tuck AC, Tollervey D: RNA in pieces. Trends Genet 2011, 27:422–32. [6] Hall AE, Turnbull C, Dalmay T: Y RNAs: recent developments. Biomol Concepts 2013, 4:103–110. [7] Neilsen CT, Goodall GJ, Bracken CP: IsomiRs--the overlooked repertoire in the dynamic microRNAome. Trends Genet 2012, 28:544–9. [8] Cloonan N, Wani S, Xu Q, Gu J, Lea K, Heater S, Barbacioru C, Steptoe AL, Martin HC, Nourbakhsh E, Krishnan K, Gardiner B, Wang X, Nones K, Steen JA, Matigian NA, Wood DL, Kassahn KS, Waddell N, Shepherd J, Lee C

Open access

Kevan M.A. Gartland and Jill S. Gartland

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