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International Space vs. International Environment: New Phenomena and New Challenges for Poland’s Foreign Policy

’s Geopolitical Position. In: Bieleń, S. ed. Poland in International Relations . Warsaw: Oficyna Wydawnicza ASPRA -JR, p. 20. Bieleń, S. & Skrzypek, A. (2012). Geopolitics in Polish-Russian Relations. Warsaw: Oficyna Wydawnicza Aspra. Castells, M. (2011). The Society of Network . Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. Cohen, S. B. (1963). Geography and Politics in a World Divided . New York: Tandom House. Dougherty, J. E. & Pfaltzgraff, R. L. Jr. (1997). Contending Theories of International relations. A Comprehensive Survey. 4th edition. New York

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Carbon dioxide emissions embodied in international trade in Central Europe between 1995 and 2008

, 5(2): 177–194. HOEKSTRA, A. Y., HUNG, P. Q. (2005): Globalisation of water resources: International virtual water flows in relation to crop trade. Global Environ. Change 15(1): 45–56. HIDALGO, C. A., KLINGER, B., BARABÁSI, A. L., HAUSMANN, R. (2007): The product space conditions the development of nations. Science, 317(5837): 482–487. HUBACEK, K., GILJUM, S. (2003): Applying physical input-output analysis to estimate land appropriation (ecological footprints) of international trade activities. Ecological Economics, 44(1): 137–151. JI, S

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Telecommunication traffic: global disparities and international flows

References Guldmann, J.-M., 2013: Spatial analysis of telecommunication flows. Available at: DoA: 20.09.2013. International Telecommunication Union, 2011: Yearbook of Statistics: Telecommunication/ICT Indicators, Chronological Time Series 2000-2009, Geneva: ITU, p. 302. Nagirnaya, А., 2013: Globalnye zakonomernosti rasprostraneniya informatsionno-kommunikatsionnyh tekhnologiy (Global patterns of information and communication technologies

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Basics of Optimization Strategy for Integrating Space Industry Technology Package Into Global Value Chains

. & Razi, G. (2007). The space economy at a glance: 2007. OECD Publishing. Kondratyev, V. B. (2014). Global value chain in today's economy. Network edition of Research Center analysts and Historical Perspective Foundation "Perspectives". Retrieved from Krapyvny, I. V., Omelyanenko, V. A., Vernydub, N. O. (2015). International innovation networks as new stage of innovation development, Economic Processes Management

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Space and population – competitiveness determinants of countries in the age of globalization


In the 21st century in a globalized world the level of competitiveness depends on numerous factors. This article concentrates deliberations on several of them, including space, population and international exchange. For ages, the international position of a country depended on its geographical size or access to sea. The country’s size was also determined by its internal demographic potential. As civilization progressed, there was a reorientation of factors which influence the development of individual countries and their regions. The contemporary world has seen an emergence of countries with small surface area and minor human potential, which yet are global development leaders. In the literature, they are often referred to as small states. Analysis of research shows that small countries are more involved, for instance, in providing support for the society. International exchange is also important for the development of individual countries. In this aspect, small countries turn the apparent threat related to a small market into an advantage. In the conclusion of the deliberation, the authors of the study point out that despite significant economic, social and cultural evolution, space and population are still important elements of development, although, they note, the role of such elements of spatial policy as natural resources is smaller than in the past.

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Geostationary Belt – State’s Territory or Province of Mankind?

parking crisis in space – and you should be worried about it , ““e Conversation” 2017, [access on: 20.01.2018]. Constitution of the International Telecommunication Union , Chapter VII, Art 44. Collection of the basic texts adopted by the Plenipotentiary Conference. Cook G.E., Perturbations of satellite orbits by tesseral harmonics in the earth’s gravitational potential , “Planetary and Space Science” 1963, No. 11(7), pp. 797-815. Declaration of first

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Interaction researching mental spaces of movable context, stakeholders, and project manager

:// on 30 May, 2016. IPMA Global Standards. (2015). Individual Competence Baseline for Project, Programme & Portfolio Management, Version 4.0. International Project Management Association, 1, 432 p. ISBN (pdf): 978-94-92338-01-3; ISBN (print): 978-94-92338-00-6. Kutsenko, M. (2011). Mental space formation and network knowledge creation in innovation programs development [Formirovanie mentalnogo prostranstva I sozdanie seteiy znaniiy v programmah innovatsionnogo razvitia]. Management of Development of Complex Systems, Issue 8, pp. 28

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A Monte Carlo Analysis for Collision Risk Assessment on Vega Launcher Payloads and LARES Satellite

LARES and GRACE gravity models. Space Science Reviews , 148(1-4):71–104, 2009a. I. Ciufolini, A. Paolozzi, G. Sindoni, E.C. Pavlis, and A. Gabrielli. Scientific aspects of LARES mission. In 60th International Astronautical Congress - IAC, Daejeon, Republic of Korea , number IAC-09.B4.2.9. IAF, 12-16 October 2009b. I. Ciufolini, A. Paolozzi, G. Sindoni, E.C. Pavlis, A. Gabrielli, S. Pirrotta, D. Barbagallo, and E. Mangraviti. Objective of LARES satellite. In XX congresso nazionale AIDAA, Milano, Italy . Associazione Italiana di Aeronautica e Astronautica

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The "Problem" of Aspects of Teaching and Learning / Teaching - Learning in European Union Law


The paper addresses an important problem and the frequency of teaching and learning/teaching-learning in higher education/university student, generated by the incapacity to himself selectively information conveyed through alternative sources.

The theoretical approach of the course in European Union law from the dual perspective of the studies about the EU (from the perspective of Community law/EU of the European economy as well as from the perspective of the European administration, international relations and historical and cultural studies or interdisciplinary) require students to knowledge/concept related institutions entrusted with the exercise of prerogative powers in a State, who they studied/problems in previous years in fact, it is precisely this times is done or shall not become unwieldy.

And last but not least not be overlooked aspects of individual differences that influence the process of learning: the way of thinking and the preferences of both factors (teachers/students) on lifelong learning, which influences the effectiveness of the approaches in the process of instruction (or multiple types of intelligence entitled, the use of information and others).

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Hotel location in Africa’s world class city: The case of Johannesburg, South Africa

.D., 2013: Propoor Tourism in a First World Setting: Case Study of Glasgow Govan. In: International Journal of Tourism Research, Vol. 15, pp. 443-457. Crankshaw, O., 2008: Race, Space and the Post-Fordist Spatial Order of Johannesburg. In: Urban Studies, Vol. 45, pp. 1692-1711. Dökmeci, V. and Balta, N., 1999: The Evolution and Distribution of Hotels in Istanbul. In: European Planning Studies, Vol. 7, pp. 99-109. Egan, D.J. and Nield, K., 2000: Towards a Theory of Intraurban Hotel Location. In: Urban Studies, Vol. 37, pp

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