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Henryk Madura, Mariusz Kastek, Tomasz Sosnowski and Tomasz Orżanowski

References Madura, H., Kołodziejczyk, M., (2005). Influence of sun radiation on results of non-contact temperature measurements in far infrared range. Opto-Electronics Review , 13, 253-257. Bielecki, Z., Chrzanowski, K., Matyszkiel, R., Piąkowski, T., Szulim, M. (1999). Infrared pyrometer for tem-perature measurement of objects of both wavelength- and time-dependent emissivity. Optica Applicata , 29, 284-292,. H. Madura, T. Piątkowski, E. Powiada: "Multispectral precise pyrometer

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S. Sakipova, A. Jakovics and S. Gendelis

., & Shandarova, E. (2008). Vozobnovlyayemaya energetika v detsentralizovannom elektrosnabzhenii [Renewable energy in decentralized power supply] . Moscow: Energoatomizdat 4. Goran Wall, M. (2014). Life cycle exergy analysis of solar energy systems. J Fundam Renewable Energy Appl. , 05 (01). doi:10.4172/2090-4541.1000146. 5. Alpicair. (2015). AlpicAir gaiss-gaiss siltumsūkņi, zemes ūdens siltumsūkņi un saules kolektori [AlpicAir air-to-air heat pumps, ground water heat pumps and solar collectors] . Available at 6. Tipy solnechnykh

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D. Hilse, J. Kapała, K. Sztymelski, N. Zeltins and J. Ekmanis


Research on the photovoltaic module efficiency in the south of Poland was conducted in 2009 in Stryszawa and afterwards in 2012 in Zabrze and Stryszawa. The research involved taking measurements of electric energy produced by systems of various power and technical solutions. The efficiency of PV modules was compared to the intensity of solar radiation in the locations under consideration and, thus, the efficiency of converting solar energy into electricity was determined. The research results facilitated designing and mounting of forty PV microsystems in Zabrze in 2014 (power from 2000 Wp to 3000 Wp). To the satisfaction of their users, they operate without failure.

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Matúš Bilčík, Monika Božiková, Ana Petrović, Martin Malínek, Vladimír Cviklovič, Martin Olejár and Veronika Ardonová

References BOLEMAN, T. – FIALA, J. 2009. Renewable Energy Sources. Trnava: Tlačové štúdio Váry, 72 pp. ISBN 978-80-89422-07-4 (In Slovak: Obnoviteľne zdroje energie). DÍAZ-DORADO, E. – CIDRÁ S, J. – CARRILLO, C. 2017. Discretized model for partially shaded PV arrays composed of PV panels with overlapping bypass diodes. In Solar Energy, vol. 157, no. 3, pp. 103–115. CHENNI, R. – MATAGANE, E. – KHENNANE, M. 2011. Study of solar radiation in view of photovoltaic systems optimization. In Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 367

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I. Pelece, M. Vanags and L. Migla

References Šipkovs, P. (2009). Zinātne - racionālai energoresursu izmantošanai. Latv. J. Phys. Tec. Sci., 46 (5) 3-15. Kancevica, L., Navickas, J., Ziemelis, E., & Ziemelis, I. (2006). Increase of the Efficiency of Solar Collectors. In: Biometrics and Information Technologies in Agriculture: Research and Development Conf., (89-92). Kaunas: Lithuanian University of Agriculture. Pelēce, I. (2010). Modelling of new constructions of solar collectors. In: Applied Informatics and

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Dace Cirule, Edgars Kuka and Andis Antons

-modified wood: EPR and DRIFT spectroscopic studies. Wood Science and Technology. 42, 5–20. DOI: 10.1007/s00226-007-0147-4. 6. Deka, M. & Petric, M. (2008). Photo-degradation of water borne acrylic coated modified and non-modified wood during artificial light exposure. Bioresources. 3(2), 346–362. 7. Derbyshire, H. & Miller, E.-R. (1981). The photodegradation of wood during solar irradiation. Part 1: Effects on the structural integrity of thin wood strips. Holz als Roh-and Werkstoff. 39, 341–350. DOI: 10.1007/BF02608404. 8. Esteves, B.M. & Pereira, H.M. (2009

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K. Vairamani, K. Venkatesh and N. Mathivanan

with tracking collector. European Journal of Scientific Research , 40 (1), 144-155. Digi International Inc. (2008). ZNet2.5/XBee-PRO OEM RF Modules . Sukhatme, S. P. (2008). Solar Energy: Principles of Thermal Collection and Storage , 2 nd edition. Tata Mc-Graw-Hill Publishing Company, 99-166.

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Krzysztof Błażejczyk, Takeshi Morita, Tomoko Ueno-Towatari, Anna Błażejczyk and Joanna Wieczorek

References Arendt J., 2006. Melatonin and human rhythms. Chronobiology International 23(1-2): 21-37. Blażejczyk K., Morita T., Kanikowska D., Tokura H., Wiktorowicz K., Ueno T., Bakowska M., 2005, Regional differences in diurnal and seasonal cycles of lighting conditions and melatonin secretion. DWD, Annalen der Meteorologie 41, 1, 17th International Congress of Biometeorology ICB 2005: 301-304. Burgess H.J., Fogg L.F., 2008. Individual differences in the amount and timing of salivary melatonin secretion. PLoS

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Alla Pakina and Anastasia Karnaushenko

Economics), 27-36. (in Russian) Energy consumption per capita and energy intensity for selected countries, 1990-2012. (2014). International Energy Agency. Retrieved from Federal state statistics service (Rosstat). (2015). Retrieved from Pakina, A. (2014). Green Economy’s Prospects in Russia: Case of Baikal Area. Journal of Sustainable

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Liudmila Stelmakh and Tatiana Gorbunova

References Balch W.M., Holligan P.M., Ackleson S.G., Voss K .J., 1991: Biological and optical properties of mesoscale coccolithophore blooms in the Gulf of Maine. - Limnology and Oceanography, 36: 629-643. Feng Y., Roleda M.Y., Armstrong E., Boyd P.W., Hurd C.L., 2017: Environmental controls on the growth, photosynthetic and calcification rates of a Southern Hemisphere strain of the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi. - Limnology and Oceanography, 62: 519-540. Finenko Z.Z., Churilova T.Y.A., Sosik H.M., Basturk O