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Gheorghe Samoilescu, Dumitru Iorgulescu, Robert Mitrea and Laura D. Cizer

:// [5] Integrated navigation system- [6] Integrated navigation system - www.raytheon-anschuetzcom/productssolutions/integrated-bridge-system/synapsis-ins-ibs/ [7] Samoilă C Instalatii navale-Elemente de calcul numeri şi proiectare, 2017 [8] Lundberg Eric Karlsson. P-Enhanced auto pilot for marine applications with adaptive speed control, Department of Electrical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2017 [9] Frisk, D, A

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Arkadiusz Tomczak

References Tomczak A.: Analytical model of position uncertainty of ship's plan geometry in integrated navigation system; 7 th International Navigational Symposium "Trans-Nav", Gdynia 2007. Tomczak A.: Effect of the Visualization of Position Uncertainty of Ship's Plan Geometry on the Safety of Navigation in Integrated Navigation Systems , XII Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowo-Techniczna Inżynierii Ruchu Morskiego, Świnoujście 2007. Gucma S. Navigation risk assessment as

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Pjotrs Trifonovs-Bogdanovs and Anvar Zabirov

: Wiley, 2013, pp. 54-103. [4] P. D. Groves, “Introduction”, “Kalmas Filter-Based Estimation”, GNSS: User Equipment Processing and Errors”, in Principles of GNSS, Inertial, and Multisensor Integrated Navigation Systems. Artech House, 2013. pp. 1-20, 81-35, 349-386. [5] K. R. Britting, Inertial Navigation Systems Analysis, 3rd ed. New York, USA: Wiley, 2002, pp. 5-67, 72-120. [6] P. V. Bromberg, Theory of Inertial Navigation Systems. Moscow: Nauka, 1979. [7] SSJ-100 Maintenance Manuals. Sukhoi, Alenia

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Maciej Słowik, Daniel Ołdziej and Zdzisław Gosiewski

REFERENCES 1. Ambroziak, L., Gosiewski, Z. (2015), Two stage switching control for autonomous formation flight of unmanned aerial vehicles, Aerospace Science and Technology , 46, 221-226. 2. Crespo G., Glez-de-Rivera G., Garrido J., Ponticelli R. (2014): “Setup of a communication and control systems of a quadrotor type Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”, Proceedings of Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Circuits (DCIS) , Madrid, Spain, 1-6. 3. Erdos D., Erdos A., Watkins S.E. (2013), An experimental UAV system for search and rescue

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Andrzej Pazur, Sławomir Michalak and Andrzej Szelmanowski

Diagnostic Tools for Electronic Integrated Communication Systems in Air Transportation Systems

The paper has been intended to present research/testing tools used in the Air Force Institute of Technology to build integrated communication systems and test operation thereof, as far as both devices that compose the system and the applied software are concerned. Particular attention has been paid to the so-called integration station (built under the Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24 modernisation project), intended to activate communication systems integrated on the basis of digital data buses (MIL-1553B). Also, the mobile servicing and control set ZDZSŁ-1 to service and diagnose these systems has been discussed in details. Such equipment has allowed AFIT to gain the-state-of-the-art capabilities presented by western companies in the field of integrating new communication devices/systems, the already accomplished modernisation of the W-3PL helicopter ("Głuszec"/"Capercaillie") and a project of such a system for the TS-11F "Iskra" ("Spark") being perfect examples. Some selected tasks performed with this testing station engaged have been discussed. Also, problems arising while activating and testing the developed software to integrate communication devices/systems (including digitally controlled radio stations of the RF-5800H and XM-6013P types, and communication control panels of the PSŁ-1 type have been given consideration in the scope of the software functionality and reliability. Presented are also additional monitoring and measuring systems used to test this software, just to mention acoustic generators as well as special and navigation signals testers.

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Piotr Borkowski

algorithm of navigational data integration. Maintenance Problems No. 68, 2008 (181-188) 5. IMO: Carriage requirements for shipborne navigational systems and equipment , SOLAS, London 2005 6. Hofmann-Wellenhof B., Lichtenegger H., Collins J.: Global Positioning System. Springer, Wien 2001 7. Jannin P., Grova C., Gibaud B.: Medical applications of NDT data fusion. Applications of NDT data fusion, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston 2001 (227-267) 8. Kaczorek T.: Linear control systems. John Wiley and

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Boris Vassilev and Boriana Vassileva

References [1] EGNOS Data Collection Network (EDCN) Newsletter of EUROCONTROL: EGNOS performances for January - February 2012, newsletter/newsletter_2012_1.html. [2] Oliveira J., Tiberius C., Quality Control in SBAS: Protection Levels and Reliability Levels, The Journal of Navigation, 2009, No. 62, pp. 509-522. [3] Radio Technical Committee for Aeronautics, Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Airborne Equipment Using Global Positioning System/Wide Area Augmentation

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Krzysztof Pleskacz and Janusz Uriasz

ergonomic criteria for bridge equipment and layout, IMO, London 2000. [8] MSC: Circ.1061, Guidance for the operational use of integrated bridge system (IBS), IMO, London 2003. [9] MSC: Circ.1091, Issues to be considered when introducing new technology on board ship, IMO, London 2003. [10] MSC: Research into interaction with automated systems, MSC 82\15\2: IMO, London 2006. [11] NAV: Report to the Maritime Safety Committee. NAV/54/2514, August 2008, IMO, London 2008.

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S. Kluska-Nawarecka, K. Regulski, M. Krzyżak, G. Leśniak and M. Gurda


This paper presents assumptions for a system of automatic cataloging and semantic text documents searching. As an example, a document repository for metals processing technology was used. The system by using ontological model provides the user with a new approach to the exploration of database resources - easier and more intuitive information search. In the current document storage systems, searching is often based only on keywords and descriptions created manually by the system administrator. The use of text mining methods, especially latent semantic indexing, allows automatic clustering of documents with respect to their content. The result of this clustering is integrated with the ontological model, making navigation through documents resources intuitive and does not require the manual creation of directories. Such an approach seems to be particularly useful in a situation where we are dealing with large repositories of unstructured documents from such sources as the Internet. This situation is very typical for cases of searching information and knowledge in the area of metallurgy, for example with regard to innovation and non-traditional suppliers of materials and equipment.

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Agnieszka Lazarowska

operations, HFW2002, Houston, TX, p.1-6. 4. Cockcroft A.N., Lameijer J.N.F.: a guide to collision avoidance rules. Elsevier, Amsterdam-Tokyo, 2004. 5. Lisowski J.: Computational intelligence methods in the safe ship control process . Polish Maritime Research. No. 1,Vol. 8, 2001, p. 18-24. 6. IEC 61162-1 International Standard : Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems - Digital interfaces - Part 1: Single talker and multiple listeners. 7. Documents for Operators and Engineers