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Igor Djurović

References [1] LJ. Stankovi´c, I. Djurovi´c, S. Stankovi´c, M. Simeunovi´c and M. Dakovi´c, “Instantaneous Frequency Time-Frequency Anal- ysis: Enhanced Concepts and Performance of Estimation Algo- rithms”, Digital Signal Processing, vol. 35, Dec 2014, pp. 1-13. [2] B. Boashash, “Estimating and Interpreting the Instantaneous Frequency of a Signal. I. Fundamentals”, Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 80, no. 4 pp. 520-538, Apr 1992. [3] I. Djurovi´c and LJ. Stankovi´c, “An Algorithm for the Wigner Distribution based

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G. Ravi Shankar Reddy and Rameshwar Rao

.2498-2507 [17] F.Kozin and F.Nakajima,”The Order Determination problem for Linear Time-Varying AR Models,” IEEE Trans.Automat.contr., Vol 25, no2, 1980, pp.250-257 [18] K.B. Eom, “Analysis of Acoustic Signatures from Moving Vehicles Using Time-Varying Autoregressive Models,” Multisignal Systems and Signal Processing, Vol 10, pp 357-378, 1999. [19] Roshin Kadanna Pally "Implemeentation of instantaneous frequency estimation based on time-varying AR Modeling,"M.S.Thesis,Virginia Tech,April 2009. [20

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Adriena Ondrášková and Sebastian Ševčík

References Abbas K., 2005: A New Recursive Approach for Phase Unwrapping. Int. Journ. Appl. Sci. Eng., 3, 2, 135-143. Bingham C., Godfrey M. D., Tukey J. W., 1967: Modern Techniques of Power Spectrum Estimation. IEEE Trans. Audio and Electroacoustic, AU-15, 2, 56-66. Boashash B., 1992: Estimating and Interpreting The Instantaneous Frequency of a Signal - Part 1: Fundamentals, Proc. IEEE, 80, 4, 520-538. Part 2: Algorithms and Applications, Proc. IEEE, 80, 4, 540-568. Childers D. G., Pao M. T

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Adriena Ondrášková and Sebastián Ševčík

References Childers D. G., Pao M. T., 1972: Complex Demodulation for Transient Wavelet Detection and Extraction. IEEE Trans., AU-20, 295-308. Draganova R., Popivanov D., 1999: Assessment of EEG Frequency Dynamics Using Complex Demodulation. Physiol. Res., 48, 157-165. Gasquet H., Wootton J., 1997: Variable-frequency complex demodulation technique for extracting amplitude and phase information. Rev. Sci. Instrum., 68, 1111-1115. Hao Y.-L., Ueda Y., Ishii N., 1992: Improved procedure of complex

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Radosław Zimroz, Jacek Urbanek, Tomasz Barszcz, Walter Bartelmus, Fabien Millioz and Nadine Martin

information from a vibration signal for improved synchronous averaging. Proceedings of Acoustics . Adelaide. Australia. Boashash, B. (1992). Estimating and Interpreting The Instantaneous Frequency of a Signal-Part 1: Fundamentals. Proceedings of the IEEE, 80(4), 520-538. Boashash, B. (1992). Estimating and Interpreting the Instantaneous Frequency of a Signal-Part 2: Algorithms and Applications. Proceedings of the IEEE , 80(4), 540-568. Borkowski, D. (2005). On-line instantaneous frequency

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Jacek Urbanek, Tomasz Barszcz, Nader Sawalhi and Robert Randall

, F., El Badaoui, M., Randall, R.B., Danie‵re, J., Guillet, F. (2005). Use of the acceleration signal of a gearbox in order to perform angular resampling (with limited speed fluctuation). Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing , 19, 766-785. Borkowski, D. (2005). On-line instantaneous frequency estimation and voltage/current coherent resampling metod. Metrology and Measurement Systems , 12(1), 59 - 75. Sedlacek, M., Krumpholc, M. (2005). Digital measurement of phase difference - a comparative study of DSP

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M. Majewski and L.B. Magalas

.G. Piersol, Analysis and Measurement Procedures, Wiley-Interscience, 1986. [11] M. Feldman, Hilbert transform, envelope, instantaneous phase, and frequency, in Encyclopedia of Structural Health Monitoring, ed. by Christian Boller, Fu-Kuo Chang, Yozo Fujino, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2009. [12] M. Feldman, Time-varying vibration decomposition and analysis based on the Hilbert transform, Journal of Sound and Vibration 295 , 518-530 (2006). [13] K.-H. Robrock, Mechanical Relaxation of Interstitials in Irradiated Metals, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg

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Krzysztof Czarnecki and Wojciech Leśniak

estimation”, J. of Marine Science and Application, vol. 9, no.4, pp.445–450, 2010. 4. C. Chi, Z. Li, Q. Li, “Fast broadband beamforming using nonuniform Fast Fourier Transform for underwater real-time 3-d acoustical imaging”, IEEE J. Ocean. Eng., vol.41, no.2, pp.249–246, 2016. 5. K. Czarnecki, “The instantaneous frequency rate spectrogram”, Mech. Syst. Signal Process., vol. 66–67, pp.361–373, 2016. 6. K. Czarnecki, W. Leśniak, “The synchrosqueezing method in the bearing estimation of stationary signals for a passive sonar system with a towed array

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Adam Rutkowski

. (2004). Small passive direction finding and IFM device., XV International Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications, MIKON-2004 , Poland, Warszawa, 3, 944-947. Smólski, B. (1980). Analysis and the synthesis of the microwave circuits of the instantaneous frequency measurement. Supplement to the Bulletin of the Military University of Technology , 7(335), Poland, Warsaw. (in Polish) Tsui, J. B.-Y. (1986). Microwave Receivers with Electronic Warfare Applications . John Willey & Sons, Inc., USA.

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Allam Mousa and Rashid Saleem

vibrations, Proceedings of the IEE 84 No. 9 (September 1996), 1281-1294. COHEN, L.: Time-frequency distributions-a review, Proc. IEEE 77 No. 7 (1989), 941-981. COHEN, L.: Time-Frequency Analysis, Prentice Hall PTR, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1995. HUSSAIN, Z. M.—BOASHASH, B.: Adaptive instantaneous frequency estimation of multi-component FM signals using quadratic time-frequency distributions, IEEE Trans. Signal Process. 50 No. 8 (2002), 1866-1876. FLANDRIN, P