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New Trends in Geoproducts Development: Železné Hory National Geopark Case Study

References Chylińska, D., & Kołodziejczyk, K. (2018). Geotourism in an urban space? Open Geosciences , 10(1), 297–310. DOI: 10.1515/geo-2018-0023. Dowling, R. K. (2013). Global Geotourism – An Emerging Form of Sustainable Tourism. Czech Journal of Tourism , 2(2), 59–79. DOI: 10.2478/cjot-2013-0004. FACET. (2018). Geotourism. A Principal Driver of Western Australia Tourism . 15 p. [online]. [cit. 20. 11. 2018]. Retrieved from

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Urban Wastewater Management in Focus of Heavy Metal Contamination

T. (2013): Innovative Green Technology and Products Meeting Geo- Environmental Challenges. Procedia Engineering 53: 104-115. p. [10] Hseu Z.Y., Chen Z.S., Tsai C.C., Tsui C.C., Cheng S.F., Liu C.L., Lin H.T. (2002): Digestion methods for total heavy metals in sediments and soils. Water Air and Soil Pollution 141: 189-205 p. [11] Kerényi A. (1998): Általános környezetvédelem - Globális gondok, lehetséges megoldások (General safe of environment - Global problems, possible solutions). Szeged: Mozaik Oktatási Stúdió. 103-116 p

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Foreign Trade of the Republic of Belarus in the International Business Environment

energy- and material-intensive products; focus of industrial production on the purchase of external resources; and the lack of a wide range of export products (including innovative ones). External factors include: deteriorating external environment and greater international competition in major foreign markets in recent years; devaluation of the currencies of major trading partners, leading to a decrease in the value of exports; danger of reducing the representation of national producers in traditional markets; increase in leadership struggles for technological

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What Drives Price Dispersion in the European E-commerce Industry?

the other hand, the level of price dispersion is fairly stable in the EU15. Recently, the European Commission (EC) has undertaken several legal initiatives, such as geo-blocking directive or vertical restraints inquiry to foster competition on digital single market. EC hopes that with increased volume of cross-border trade, further reduction of price dispersion will be achieved, even though there is still lack of understanding of all the factors and implications behind it. Importantly, lowering the costs of arbitrage between markets subject to third degree price

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German Cities in the World City Network
Some Observations

Blotevogel 2002 ). As Germany does not have the equivalent of a (capital) primate city like Paris in France or London in the United Kingdom, it does not have what could be described as a ‘truly’ global city, and thus its geo-economic reach in the world economy is spread between several domestic cities rather than being channelled through one or two geo-economic powerhouses (including all the agglomeration economies that follow in the material and immaterial spheres of capital and labour). The complexities of the German urban system, therefore, and their place in the ever

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Destination Branding: A Review of the City Branding Literature

and Public Diplomacy, 6 (1): 1 - 10. Anholt, S. (2010). Places - Identity, Image and Reputation, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, NY. Ambler, T. (1992). Need-to-Know-Marketing, Century Business, London. Ambler, T. and Styles, C. (1996). Brand development versus new product development: towards a process model of extension decisions, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Vol. 14 No. 7, pp. 10-19. American Marketing Association (AMA) (2016). Definition of Marketing. Retrieved July 2016 from https

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Anthropogenic impact on the environment (case study)

, the Himalayas; 3, the Bay of Bengal. Figure 7 The contaminated Buriganga, the only river in Hazaribagh [ Varene, Darblay 2012 ]. In Hazaribagh, on the area of nearly 10 ha, there are more than 200 primitive tanneries. Every year, they produce millions pieces of leather, which are used to make products delivered to the European market. Every day, raw (toxic) liquid industrial waste from the workshops is poured directly into the sewage system and then to the Buriganga river, which resembles a gutter ( Fig. 7 ). As for the contaminated

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Economic resilience. The Case Study of Pomorskie Region

regional features which apparently strengthen the region's resilience. 2 Macroeconomic Constraints of Regional Development in Poland The crisis triggered by the 'dot-com bubble' in the years 2000–2002 caused a larger decrease in the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of the relatively weak Polish economy than in other EU countries. The current crisis (first wave) has had a smaller impact on the Polish economy ( Fig. 1 ). GDP per capita was constantly increasing at the beginning of the 21st century, on average by approximately 2.3%. During the period 2004

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Regional diversification of cultural sector potential in Poland

, circus) and literature (see Flew, Cunningham, 2010 ; ESPON, 2011 ). The difference between the concepts lies also in the criterion of identification. The cultural sector is made up of traditional fields of art, the result of which has an artistic value, and creative activities include those that use culture as an added value in the production of extra-cultural products such as architecture, advertising or design (see Stryjakiewicz and others, 2014 ; Towse, 2011). Cultural activities produce cultural products and services. The purpose of a cultural product is to

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Founding-Era Socialism: The Original Meaning of the Constitution’s Postal Clause

note 1, at p. xv (“The mightiest implement of human democracy is postal service. Good postal facilities prompt and encourage the spirit and service of that world democracy which makes for the freedom and happiness of mankind.”). However, the “public service” rationale for the post office—as way to facilitate democracy and empower citizens—is primarily a product of the nineteenth century, not of the eighteenth. As explained below, the initial goals of the postal system were to strengthen the federal government, and those in control of the federal government. B

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