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Nikolay D. Madzharov and Valentin S. Nemkov

R eferences [1] X. Lu, P. Wang, D. Niyato, D. Kim and Z. Han, “Wireless Charging Technologies: Fundamentals, Standards, and Network Applications”, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials , arXiv:1509.00940v2, 14 November 2015. [2] R. Pudur, “Wireless Power Transmission: A survey”, Recent Advances and Innovations Engineering (ICRAIE), ISBN 978 1 4799 4041 7, 2014. [3] S. Shawon, Design and Optimization of Efficient Wireless Power Transfer Links for Implantable Biotelemetry Systems , Monograph, University of Western Ontario, Canada, 2013

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Akshya Swain, Dhafer Almakhles, Michael J. Neath and Alireza Nasiri

References [1] G.J. BALAS, A.K. PACKARD, M.G. SAFONOV and R.Y. CHIANG: Next generation of tools for robust control. In Proc. of the American Control Conf., 6 (2004), 5612-5615. [2] J. DOYLE and G. STEIN: Multivariable feedback design: Concepts for a classical/ modern synthesis. IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, 26(1), (1981), 4-16. [3] A. W. GREEN and J. T. BOYS: 10 kHz inductively coupled power transfer-concept and control. In Fifth Int. Conf. on Power Electronics and Variable-Speed Drives, (1994), 694

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Nikolay D. Madzharov and Anton T. Tonchev

Vehicles TU Gabrovo, PCIM 2013 Nurnberg, Germany. [7] KRAEV, G.-HINOV, N.-OKOLIYSKI, L. : Analysis and Design of Serial ZVS Resonant Inverter, Annual Journal of Electronics, V5,B1,TU Sofia, Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technologies, (2011), 169-172. [8] BANKOV, N.-VUCHEV, AL.-TERZIYSKI, G. : Operating modes of a series-parallel resonant DC/DC converter, Annual Journal of Electronics, Sofia 3 No. 2 (2009,), 129-132. [9] Innovative fast inductive chargingsolution for electric vehicle - Smart infrastructures and

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Alexander Krainyukov, Igor Lyaksa and Rodions Saltanovs

References 1. Budhia, M., J. Boys, T., G., Covic, A. and Chang-Yu, H. (2013) Development of a single-sided flux magnetic coupler for electric vehicle IPT charging systems. IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron. , vol. 60, no. 1, pp. 318–328. 2. Covic, G. and Boys, J. (2013) Modern Trends in Inductive Power Transfer for Transportation Applications. IEEE journal of emerging and selected topics in power electronics , vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 38–48. 3. Grajski, K. A., Tseng, R. and Wheatley, C. (2012) Qualcomm Incorporated. Loosely-Coupled Wireless Power Transfer

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Hoa Doan Thanh and Johnson I. Agbinya

. Agbinya, “A Magneto-Inductive Link Budget for Wireless Power Transfer and Inductive Communication Systems,” Progress in Electromagnetics Research C , vol. 37, pp. 15-28, 2013.

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R. Miskiewicz and A. Moradewicz

References A. J. Moradewicz and M. P. Kaźmierkowski, "Contactless energy transfer system with FPGA - controled resonant converter', IEEE Trans. on Indust. Electronics 57 (9), 3181-3190 (2010). A. J. Moradewicz and M. P. Kaźmierkowski, "High efficiency contactless energy transfer system with power electronic resonant converter', Bull. Pol. Ac.: Tech. 57 (4), 375-381 (2009). G.A J. Elliott, S. Raabe, G. A. Covic, and J. T. Boys, "Multiphase pickups for large lateral tolerance

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A. Moradewicz and M. Kazmierkowski

References Ch. Apneseth, D. Dzung, S. Kjesbu, G. Scheible, and W. Zimmermann, "Introduction wireless proximity switches", ABB Review 4, 42-49 (2002). A. Esser and H. Ch. Skudelny, "A new approach to power supply for robots", IEEE Trans. on Ind. Applications 27 (5), 872-875 (1991). J. Hirai, T. W. Kim, and A. Kawamura, "Study on intelligent battery charging using inductive transmission of power and information", IEEE Trans. on Power Electronics 15, 2, 335-344 (2000

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Prabhat Chandra Ghosh, Pradip Kumar Sadhu, Ankita Ghosh and Nitai Pal

References [1] Hui S.Y.R., Zhong W., Lee C.K., A critical review of recent progress in mid-range wireless power transfer, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol. 29, no. 9, pp. 4500-4511 (2014). [2] Zhong W., Lee C.K, Hui S.Y.R, General analysis on the use of tesla's resonators in domino forms for wireless power transfer, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol. 60, no. 1, pp. 261270 (2013). [3] Huang Z., Wong S.C., Tse C.K., Design methodology of a series-series inductive power transfer system for

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Aryanti Kusuma Putri, Rüdiger Appunn and Kay Hameyer

contactless power supply for magnetically levitated elevator systems integrated into the guide rail. Applied Mechanics and Materials 416(417): 333-338 (2013). [4] Ranta M., Hinkkanen M., Belahcen A., Luomi J., Inclusion of hysteresis and eddy current losses in non-linear time-domain inductance model. Proc. 37th Annual Conference on IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON), Melbourne, Australia, pp. 1897-1902 (2011). [5] Stielau O.H., Covic G.A., Design of loosely coupled inductive power transfer systems. Proc. International Conference on

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G. Blakiewicz, J. Jakusz, W. Jendernalik and S. Szczepański

R eferences [1] O. Lazaro, G.A. Rincon-Mora, “180-nm CMOS wideband capacitor-free inductively coupled power receiver and charger”, IEEE J. Solid-State Circ. , 48 (11), 2839–2849 (2011). [2] Ch. Hao, Y. Jia, X. Liu, R.-F. Xue, H.J. Lim, P.B. Khannur, K.L. Chan, A.A. Lee, K. Kang, L.S. Lim, C. He, P. Singh, P. Woo-Tae, J. Minkyu, “An inductively powered implantable blood flow sensor microsystem for vascular grafts”, IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. , 58 (2), 2466–2475 (2011). [3] Ch.-J. Chen, T.-H. Chu, Ch.-L. Lin, Z.-Ch. Jou, “A study of loosely