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Izolda Gorgol

–17. [8] P. Erdős, A. Hajnal and L. Pósa, Strong embeddings of graphs into colored graphs , in: Infinite and Finite Sets, R. Rado A. Hajnal and V. Sós, (Eds.) 10 (North-Holland, 1975) 585–595. [9] I. Gorgol, A note on a triangle-free-complete graph induced Ramsey number , Discrete Math. 235 (2001) 159–163. doi:10.1016/S0012-365X(00)00269-7 [10] I. Gorgol and T. Luczak, On induced Ramsey numbers , Discrete Math. 251 (2002) 87–96. doi:10.1016/S0012-365X(01)00328-4 [11] F. Harary, J. Nešetřil and V. Rödl, Generalized Ramsey theory for graphs

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Wayne Goddard and Honghai Xu

complete graphs without tricolored triangles, J. Graph Theory 46 (2004) 211-216. doi: 10.1002/jgt.20001 [12] A. Kisielewicz and M. Szyku la, Rainbow induced subgraphs in proper vertex colorings, Fund. Inform. 111 (2011) 437-451. [13] R. Ramamurthi and D.B.West, Maximum face-constrained coloring of plane graphs, Discrete Math. 274 (2004) 233-240. doi: 10.1016/j.disc.2003.09.001 [14] V. Voloshin, On the upper chromatic number of a hypergraph, Australas. J. Combin.11 (1995) 25-45.

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Zoltán Kern and Ionel Popa

Hemisphere IntCal13 ( Reimer et al ., 2013 ) dataset. Calibrated ages are reported with two standard deviations (2σ). The so-called wiggle-matching technique ( Bronk Ramsey et al .,2001 ) was employed in the calibration of radiocarbon results obtained from dendrochronologically cross-dated tree-ring sequences using the D_Sequence function of the OxCal v.4.2 ( Bronk Ramsey, 2009 ) program. This means that, thanks to precise a priori knowledge provided by the dendrochronological synchronization, i.e . the exact number of tree-rings between the blocks subjected to

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Sheng Hao

pathways [ 13 ]. Under stimulation of vascular pathology stimulating factors, growth factors, inflammatory mediators, ultrasmall particles, calcium ions and drugs, organisms produce highly expressed and highly active protein NOX and excessive ROS formation of oxidative stress [ 14 ]. High levels of ROS can lead to a number of pathological changes, such as protein and DNA damage, cell senescence and apoptosis, and induce cardiovascular disease, inflammation, diabetes, kidney disease and activation of oncogene [ 15 ]. ROS produced by NOX1 can also promote the growth and

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Bilal A. Chat, Shariefudddin Pirzada and Antal Iványi

References [1] S. M. de Almeida, C. P. de Mello, A. Morgana, Classification problem for split graphs, J. Brazilian Comp. Soc., 18, (2) (2012) 95-101. ⇒266 [2] M. D. Barrus, Hereditary unigraphs and Erdős-Gallai equalities, Discrete Math., 313, (21) (2013) 2469-2481. ⇒263 [3] D. Bauer, S. L. Hakimi, E. Schmeichel, Recognising of tough graphs is NP-hard, Discrete Appl. Math., 28 (1995) 191-195. ⇒266 [4] C. Benzaken, P. L. Hammer, D. De Werra, Split graphs of Dilworth number 2, Discrete Math., 55

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M. Raj Ahuja

, M. T., A. MUKHERJEE and W. R. CROWLEY (1979): Chromosome counts in cultivated junipers. Bot. Gaz. 140: 364-370. HAMRICK, R., M. J.W. GODT and S. L. SHERMAN-BROYLES (1992): Factors influencing levels of genetic diversity in woody plant species. New Forests 5: 95-124. HIDA, M. (1957): The comparative study of Taxodiaceae from the standpoint of development of cone scales. Bot. Mag. Tokyo 70: 45-51. HIRAYOSHI, I. and Y. NAKAMURA (1943): Chromosome number of Sequoia sempervirens. Bot. Zool. 2: 73

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H. Shabeer and Wahida Banu

, J. C., Achler, O., Trivedi, M. M. (2004). Design of an Instrumented Vehicle Test Bed for Developing a Human Centered Driver Support System. In Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, June 14-17 (pp. 483-488). Parma, Italy: IEEE. Harbluk, J. L., Noy, Y. I., Eizeman, M. (2002). The impact of cognitive distraction on driver visual behaviour and vehicle control. Canada: Road Safety Directorate and Motor Vehicle Regulation. Strayer, D. L., Drews, F. A. and Johnston, W. A. (2003). Cell phone-induced

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Roman K. Nepop and Anna R. Agatova

that for trees (both dead and living ones) located near the scarps and talus fans, wood penetrating injures could be caused by earthquake induced rock falls as it was during the 2003 Chuya earthquake. Developing local tree ring chronology gives the opportunity to date such events. The suggested approach implies analysis of wood penetrating injuries in the individual tree ring series for identification and dating of earthquake triggered paleorock-falls. As well as the number of such anomalies, the simultaneity of injuries sustained by several trees growing on

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Sławomir Superson, Piotr Gębica, Adam Michczyński, Piotr Kołaczek and Kazimierz Szczepanek

technique (LSC method) and using alpha/beta spectrometers: Quantulus 1220 and ICELS ( Pawlyta et al ., 1998 ; Tudyka and Pazdur, 2010 ; Tudyka et al ., 2015 ). Calibration of radiocarbon dates was carried out using the computer calibration program OxCal 4.2 ( Bronk Ramsey et al ., 2010 ) based on the calibration curve IntCal13 ( Reimer et al ., 2013 ). The palynological analysis was used for the verification of the age of the sediments determined by radiocarbon dating. Therefore, this analysis was performed for 6 samples taken from 6 depositional sequences of the

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Lucía Atanet Alía, Dietmar Lüttschwager and Dietrich Ewald

-387. CARUSOA, I., L. LEPORE, N. DE TOMMASI, F. DAL PIAZ, L. FRUSCIANTE, R. AVERSANO, R. GARRAMONE and D. CARPUTO (2011): Secondary Metabolite Profile in Induced Tetraploids of Wild Solanum commersonii Dun. Chemistry and Biodiversity 8: 2226-2237. CEULEMANS, R. (1990): Genetic variation in functional and structural productivity determinants in oplar. Thesis Publishers, Amsterdam, 101 pp. SBN 90-5170-044-X. CEULEMANS, R. and I. IMPENS (1980): Leaf gas exchange characteristics of seven poplar clones under laboratory conditions. Can J Forest Res