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Maciej Kołodziejski

References 1. Azzara, Ch. (2005). Understnding Music Through Improvisation, [In:] The Development and Practical Application of Music Learning Theory, Ed. M. Runfola and C. Crump Taggart, GIA Publications, Inc. Chicago. 2. Barton, S., Getz, L., & Kubovy, M. (2017). Systematic Variation in Rhythm Production as Tempo Changes. „Music Perception”, 34(3), 303-312. 3. Bonna, B. & Trzos, P. A., & Kołodziejski, M., Musical-educational research of the adaptation of E. E. Gordon's theory of music learning in Poland, [in

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Nattawut Sastravaha, Yutthana Khanasuk and Worasun Taweewuthisub

two or more Kirschner wires (K-wires) plus splints for 3 weeks. Then, the K-wires and finger splints were removed and the patients were instructed how to use a mobile frame improvised from a standard disposable syringe barrel. The frames were constructed from 20 mL polypropylene syringe barrels. The barrels were cut in a transverse fashion at the dorsal part and at the wedge volar part at the level of the PIPJ that preserves a 5-mm hinge on the radial and ulnar sides. The hinges allow some flexion motion of the finger. In case of a larger size or swollen finger

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Krzysztof Knittel

Uniwersytecie Warszawskim [Improvisation is Everyday Life. An Interview with Krzysztof Knittel Conducted as Part of the Journalism Study Programme at the University of Warsaw]. Lipps, T. (1904). Weiteres zur “Einfühlung”, Archiv fur die gesamte Psychologie. No. 4, pp. 645-520. Tatarkiewicz, W. (2011). Historia filozofii [History of Philosophy], vol. 3. Warsaw.

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Tadeusz Niezgoda, Grzegorz Sławiński, Roman Gieleta and Marek Świerczewski

_Rosomak_w_ogniu__Alert24_ujawnia_prawdziwe.html [7] APE-55 Procedures for Evaluating the Protection Levels of Logistic and Light Armoured Vehicle Occupants for Grenade and Blast Mine Threats Level, NATO/PFP Unclassified, Vol. 2. [8] AEP-55, Procedures for Evaluating the Protection Levels of Logistic and Light Armoured Vehicles for KE and Artillery Threats, NATO/PFP Unclassified, Vol. 1. [9] DGLEPM T&E Engineering Std - Improvised Explosive Device Protection Systems, Unclassified, 2010. [10] Klasztorny M., Świerczewski M

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Julien Laroche and Ilan Kaddouch

expressive gesture and being human. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Gratier, M., & Magnier, J. (2012). Sense and synchrony: Infant communication and musical improvisation. Intermédialités: Histoire et Théorie des Arts, des Lettres et des Techniques, 19, 45-64. Hane, A. A., Feldstein, S., & Dernetz, V. H. (2003). The relation between coordinated interpersonal timing and maternal sensitivity with four-month-old infants. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 32 (5), 525-539. Heidegger, M. (1927). Etre et temps. Trad. François

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Grzegorz Sławiński and Tadeusz Niezgoda

Grenade and Blast Mine Threats Level, NATO/PFP Unclassified, 2005. [7] Nilakantan, A. Tabiei : Computational Assessment of occupant Injury Caused by Mine Blasts underneath Infantry Vehicles, Int. J. Vehicle Structures & Systems, 1 (1-3), pp. 50-5 [8] Ramasamy A., Masouros S.D., Newell N., Hill A.M., Proud W.G., Brown K.A., Bull A.M.J., Clasper J.C., In-vehicle extremity injuries from improvised explosive devices: current and future foci, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B (2011) 366, 160-170.

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Krstić Slobodan, Trbojević-Stanković Jasna, Žunić Snežana, Jovanović Nataša and Stojimirović Biljana


Experimental models have strongly contributed to the comprehension of the processes of peritoneal damage that take place during peritoneal dialysis treatment in human patients. A variety of peritoneal dialysis models have been developed, mostly using rats and rabbits.

In this study we present the successful development of a custom-made improvised peritoneal catheter for an experimental non-uremic rabbit model of peritoneal dialysis.

A detailed description of the surgical technique of peritoneal catheter implantation, care and removal is provided.

This innovative approach to constructing a peritoneal catheter in rabbit animal model of peritoneal dialysis is easy, reproducible and inexpensive. The surgical technique applied provided adequate tissue samples for both light and electron microscopy.

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Inside War

Understanding the Evolution of Organised Violence in the Global Era

Fabio Armao

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Dana Kollárová


The paper familiarizes the reader with the output of the project titled Support Therapies for Children with Learning Disorders which we implemented at an elementary school. It describes the individual therapy types which were used and which can, to certain extent, help the pupils with special educational needs. The paper focuses on our experiences with the use of creative drama elements and drama therapy with 5th - 9th grade pupils. It presents the acquired qualitative data which show the reader the specifics of the educational process and public presentation of pupils with learning and behaviour disorders.