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R. Kustosz, I. Altyntsev, M. Darlak, T. Wierzchoń, M. Tarnowski, M. Gawlikowski, M. Gonsior and M. Kościelniak-Ziemniak

REFERENCES [1] V.L. Roger, et al. Circulation. e2-294, 131 (2015). [2] C. Garrick, et al. Circulation. 125 , 1304 (2012). [3] J. K. Kirklin, et al, Sixth INTERMACS annual report: A 10,000 patient database; JHLT. 6, 133 (2014). [4] K. Borque, Implantable blood pump, U.S. Patent; US 2012/0046514, 2011. [5] J.C. Woodard, et al., Rotary pump with hydro-dynamically suspended impeller, U.S. Patent; US2003/6609883 B2, 2003. [6] J. A. La Rose, at all; Stabilizing drive for contactless rotary blood pump impeller; U.S. Patent; US

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Leszek Matuszewski

. L. Chan et al., “Design and characterization of MEMS micromotor supported on low friction liquid bearing,” Sensors Actuators, A Phys. , 2012. 55. X. Song and H. G. Wood, “Application of CFX to Implantable Rotary Blood Pumps Suspended by Magnetic Bearings,” in International ANSYS Conference , 2004. 56. D. A. Bompos and P. G. Nikolakopoulos, “CFD simulation of magnetorheological fluid journal bearings,” Simul. Model. Pract. Theory , 2011. 57. S. Jahanmir et al., “Design of a small centrifugal blood pump with magnetic bearings,” Artif. Organs

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Agnieszka Noszczyk-Nowak, Marcin Michałek, Adrian Janiszewski, Agnieszka Kurosad, Agnieszka Sławuta, Alicja Cepiel and Urszula Pasławska

by implanted continuous-flow left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) may lead to red blood cell lysis regardless of a patient’s baseline osmotic red cell fragility ( 8 ). This phenomenon is also observed in patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), with centrifugal pumps being superior to roller pumps in terms of haemolysis induction ( 1 , 16 ). Haemolysis is a significant complication in paediatric patients during cardiopulmonary bypass and is associated with the postoperative development of acute kidney injury ( 10 ). Electrical cardioversion, as a