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Zeolite as Material for Hydrogen Storage in Transport Applications / CEOLĪTA KĀ ŪDEŅRAŽA UZGLABĀŠANAS VIDES IZPĒTE

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Equipment Exploitation in Power to Gas Installation

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Storage of Hydrogen in Activated Carbons and Carbon Nanotubes

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Alternative Energetics DC Microgrid With Hydrogen Energy Storage System

right?,” in 2007 IEEE Power Eng. Soc. Gen. Meet. PES , Tampa, FL, pp. 1–5, 2007. [17] A. Kwasinski, “Micro-grids architectures, stability and protections,” 2012. [18] S. Rolland and G. Glania, “Hybrid Mini-Grids for Rural Electrification: Lessons Learned”, CA: Renewable Energy House, Brussels, 2011, 72 p. [19] A. Senfelds, M. Vorobjovs, D. Meike and O. Bormanis, “Power Smoothing Approach within Industrial DC Microgrid with Supercapacitor Storage for Robotic Manufacturing Application,” in 2015 IEEE Int. Conf

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Micro-grid for on-site wind-and-hydrogen powered generation

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New DC/DC Converter for Electrolyser Interfacing with Stand-Alone Renewable Energy System

References [1] Andrijanovitš, A.; Egorov, M.; Lehtla, M.; Vinnikov, D. "New Method for Stabilization of Wind Power Generation Using an Energy Storage Technology". Journal on Agronomy Research, vol. 8, (S1), pp. 12-24, May 2010. [2] Cavallaro, C.; Chimento, F.; Musumeci, S.; Sapuppo, C.; Santonocito, C. "Electrolyser in H2 Self-Producing Systems Connected to DC Link with Dedicated Phase Shift Converter", International Conference on Clean Electrical Power, ICCEP ‘2007, pp. 632-638, 21-23 May 2007. [3

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Hydrogen fuel in transportation

REFEENCES Bołoz, Ł., Midor, K. (2018). Process innovations in mining industry and effects of their implementation presented on example of longwall milling heads. Acta Montanistica Slovaca, 3. Energetika v ČR, Čísla a statistiky. (2019). [online] Skupina ČEZ. Energy in the Czech Republic, Numbers and Statistics. Available at: [Accessed 14 May 2019]. Gandia, L., Arzamedi, M., Dieguez, G., Pedro M. Renewable Hydrogen Technologies – Production, Purification, Storage, Applications and Safety – 16.1.1 H2-Internal Combustion Engine

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Gravimetric and Spectroscopic Studies of Reversible Hydrogen Sorption on Nanoporous Clinoptilolite

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Modeling of heat and mass transfer in LaNi5 matrix during hydrogen absorption-desorption cycle

., Fourmigue, J.F, De Rango, P., Fruchart, D. & Charbouner, J., Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer during the absorption of hydrogen in a magnesium hydride. Energy conversion and management (2006), Vol 47, 3632-3643. 8. 9. Jenni, A., Contribution a letude des transfer de chaleur et de masse dans inreacteur metal - hydrogen(1997). 10. Askri, F., ben Salam, M., Jenni, A. & ben Nasrallah, S., Optimization of hydrogen storage in metal hydride tanks, International journal of hydrogen Energy 34(899), (2009

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Environmental analysis of present and future fuels in 2D simple model marine gas tubines

evaluation of fuel storage, performance, safety, environmental impacts and cost. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 14(2), pp.89-107. Gharehghani, A., Mirsalim, S.M and S.A. Jazayeri, 2012. Numerical and experimental investigation of combustion and knock in a dual fuel gas/diesel compression ignition engine. Journal of Combustion, 2012(2012), pp.1-18. Hussain, S., Kumar, S. and Reddy, V., 2012. CFD analysis of combustion and emissions to study the effect of compression ratio anbiogas substitution in a diesel engine with experimental

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