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Maarten Vanhoof, Fernando Reis, Thomas Ploetz and Zbigniew Smoreda

of Internal Migration from Mobile Phone Call Records: Evidence from Rwanda.” Information Technology for Development 18(2): 107–125. Doi: . Bojic, I., E. Massaro, A. Belyi, S. Sobolevsky, and C. Ratti. 2015. “Choosing the Right Home Location Definition Method for the given Dataset.” In Social Informatics – 7th International Conference, SocInfo 2015, Beijing, China, December 9–12, 2015, Proceedings , edited by Tie-Yan Liu, Christie Napa Scollon, and Wenwu Zhu, 9471: 194–208. Bejing: Springer. Doi: http

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Miguel Pic

categories. Some of the criteria and / or categories are briefly described below for better understanding. The first criterion ‘location’ referred to whether the team played as a home (H) or a visitor (Y) team. The second criterion ‘final result’ reflected the result at the end of the match that could be either victory (W), defeat (L) or tie (D). The ‘scoreboard evolution’ criterion was the largest one and included 13 categories. Through this criterion the evolution of the scoreboard was assessed, from 0 goals of difference between the teams (ti) to ± 6 goals. The positive

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Geoscience Records

an Interdisciplinary Journal of Earth Sciences

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Central European Forestry Journal

The Journal of National Forest Centre – Forest Research Institute Zvolen

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Marek Kouba and Václav Tomášek

. Withey JC, Bloxton TD & Marzluff JM 2001: Effects of tagging and location error in wildlife radiotelemetry studies, 43–70. In: Millspaugh JJ & Marzluff JM (eds), Radio tracking and animal populations. Academic Press, San Diego. Worton BJ 1989: Kernel methods for estimating the utilization distribution in home-range studies. Ecology 70: 164–168. Zabel CJ, McKelvey K & Ward JP 1995: Influence of primary prey on home-range size and habitat-use patterns of northern spotted owls ( Strix occidentalis caurina ). Canadian Journal of Zoology-Revue Canadienne De

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Practicing Home in the Foreign

The multiple homing practices of artisan journeymen on the tramp

Dorte Jagetic Andersen and René Ejbye Pedersen

References Al-Ali, N & Koser, K 2002, New approaches to migration? Transnational communities and the transformation of home , Routledge, London. Anderson, B 1991, Imagined communities , Verso, London. Andersen, DJ, Kramsch, OT & Sandberg, M 2015, ‘Inverting the telescope on borders that matter: conversations in Café Europa’, Journal of Contemporary European Studies , vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 459-476. Bachelard, G 1994, [1958], The poetics of space , Beacon Press, Boston MA. Bhabha, H 1994, The location of culture , Routledge, London

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Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis, Catuscia Palamidessi and Marco Stronati

. Partridge. On the anonymity of home/work location pairs. In Proc. of PerCom . IEEE, 2009. [17] S.-S. Ho and S. Ruan. Differential privacy for location pattern mining. In Proc. of SPRINGL , pages 17–24. ACM, 2011. [18] B. Hoh and M. Gruteser. Protecting location privacy through path confusion. In Proc. of SecureComm , pages 194–205. IEEE, 2005. [19] H. Kido, Y. Yanagisawa, and T. Satoh. Protection of location privacy using dummies for location-based services. In Proc. of ICDE Workshops , page 1248, 2005. [20] J. Krumm. A survey of computational

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Carlos Humberto Almeida, António Paulo Ferreira and Anna Volossovitch

-scoring patterns in European top level soccer teams. In: Science and football III. Eds: Reilly T, Bangsbo J, Hughes M. London: E. & F. N. Spon, 246-250; 1997 Gómez MA, Gómez-Lopez M, Lago C, Sampaio J. Effects of game location and final outcome on game-related statistics in each zone of the pitch in professional football. Eur J Sport Sci, 2012; 12(5): 393-398 Gómez MA, Jiménez S, Navarro R, Lago-Penas C, Sampaio J. Effects of coaches’ timeouts on basketball teams’ offensive and defensive performances according to momentary differences in score and game period. Eur J Sport

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Bruno Mendes, Filipe Manuel Clemente and Nuno Maurício

premier league; under-19; under-17; and under-15 teams). The locations were classified as home and away. Network analysis The software Social Network Visualizer (SocNetV, version 1.9) was used to compute the network measures ( Kalamaras, 2014 ). The 156 adjacency matrices were individually imported and visualized as digraphs. The general measures of total links and network density and the centralities of outdegree, indegree and betweenness were executed in the software. Total Links For a weighted digraph G with n vertices, the total links index, L D W

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Carlos Lago-Peñas

-168 Bradley PS, Di Mascio M, Peart D, Olsen P, Sheldon B. High-intensity profiles of elite soccer players at different performance levels. J Strength Cond Res , 2010; 24: 2343-2351 Brown T, Van Raalte J, Brewer B, Winter CR, Conrnelius A, Andersen M. World Cup soccer home advantage. J Sport Behav, 2002; 25: 134-144 Carling C. Analysis of physical activity profiles when running with the ball in a professional soccer team. J Sports Sci , 2010; 28: 319-326 Carling C, Bloomfield J, Nelsen L, Reilly T. The role of motion