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Christopher Armstrong, Diarmuid Kavanagh, Sara Lal and Peter Rossiter

References Lal SKL & Craig A. 2005, 'Reproducibility of the spectral components of the electroencephalogram during driver fatigue', International Journal of Psychophysiology, vol 55(2), pp137-43. Ting P et al. 2008, ‘Driver fatigue and highway driving: a simulator study’, Physiology and behaviour, vol 94, pp 448-453. Li X. and Zhang W. 2004, ‘The Design and Implementation of Home Network System Using OSGi Compliant Middleware’, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, vol. 50, no

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Agata Skorupińska, Sylwia Bojarska-Hurnik and Katarzyna Tyl

] Piotrowicz E., Buchner T., Piotrowski W., Piotrowicz R., Influence of home-based telemonitored Nordic walking training on autonomic nervous system balance in heart failure patients. Arch. Med. Sci., 2015, 11 (6), 1205-1212. 10.5114/aoms.2015.56346 [25

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Carmen Păunescu, Daniela Staicu and Oana Pop

-entrepreneurship rural communities. Challenging the discovery/creation divide. Journal of Enterprising Communities-People and Places of Global Economy, 10(4), 447-476. Goraj, S., & Gwiazdzinska-Goraj, M. (2016). Development of entrepreneurship in rural areas of North-Eastern Poland. Economic Science for Rural Development: Rural Development and Entrepreneurship Bioeconomy Home Economics, 41, 61-68. Hukampal, S.S., & Bhowmick, B. (2016). Innovation network for entrepreneurship development in rural Indian context: Exploratory factor analysis. International

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Ervin Toçi, Dorina Çanaku, Arjan Bregu, Eduard Kakarriqi, Enver Roshi and Genc Burazeri

., Fontanella, J. A., Poetzl, K. M., Kirk, T., Masse, J., & Faraone, S. V. (2006). Is cigarette smoking a gateway to alcohol and illicit drug use disorders? A study of youths with and without attention defcit hyperactivity disorder. Biological Psychiatry , 59 (3), 258–264. Bloomfield, K., Gmel, G., Neve, R., & Mustonen, H. (2001). Investigating gender convergence in alcohol consumption in Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland: A repeated survey analysis. Substance Abuse , 22 , 39–54. Bozicevic, I., Gilmore, A., & Oreskovic, S. (2004). The tobacco epidemic

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Bernadette Jaworsky, Peggy Levitt, Wendy Cadge, Jessica Hejtmanek and Sara Curran

Boston Globe. July 30. Brettell, CB 2005, ‘The spatial, social, and political incorporation of Asian Indian immigrants in Dallas, Texas’, Urban Anthropology, vol. 34, no. 2/3, pp. 247. Brettell, CB 2006, ‘Introduction: global spaces/local places: transnationalism, Diaspora, and the meaning of home’, Identities, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 327-334. Cabell, MG 2007, Mexican immigrant integration in the US Southeast: institutional approaches to immigrant integration in Owensboro, Kentucky, The Center

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Eva Janská and Josef Bernard

.1007/s13524-012-0177-x HEMPSTEAD, K. (2007): Mobility of the foreign-born population in the United States 1995–2000: the role of gateway states. International Migration review, 41(2): 466–479. CHAMPION, A. G. (2005): The counterurbanisation cascade in England and Wales since 1991: the evidence of a new migration dataset. Revue Belge de Geographie, 1–2: 85–101. JANSKÁ, E., ČERMÁK, Z., WRIGHT, R. (2014): New Immigrant Destinations in a New Country of Immigration: Settlement Patterns of Non-natives in the Czech Republic. Population, Space and Place. 20

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Ioannis Karakikes, Wladimir Hofmann, Lambros Mitropoulos and Mihails Savrasovs

: Theresa M. Roeder, Peter I. Frazier, Robert Szechtman, Enlu Zhou (Eds.): Simulating complex service systems. WSC’16 - Winter Simulation Conference: Crystal Gateway Marriott , Arlington, VA, December 11-14, 2016. [Piscataway, NJ], [Piscataway, NJ]: IEEE, pp. 1388–1403. 6. Fakhimi, M., Mustafee, N., Stergioulas, L., Eldabi, T. (2013) A Review of Literature in Modeling Approaches for Sustainable Development. In: R. Pasupathy, S.-H. Kim, A. Tolk, R. Hill, and M. E. Kuhl (Ed.): Proceedings of the 2013 Winter Simulation Conference : IEEE, pp. 282–290. 7

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Penny Vera-Sanso

. Washington: National Academic Press. Accessed 27 September 2015. Bloom, D.E., Hu, P., Arokiasamy, P, Risbud, A., Sekher, T.V., Mohanty, S.K., Kale, V., O’Brien, J., Chien, S., & Lee, J. (2014). Longitudinal Aging Study in India: Pilot Biomarker Data Documentation. USC Davis Centre for Global Aging Research. Accessed 28 September 2015. Census Office of India (undated) Population Enumeration Data (Final Population) Ministry of

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Ankit Mishra and Linda Kauškale

:// European Commission. (2016). European Semester Thematic Factsheet: Banking Sector and Housing.Retrieved from European External Action Service. (2017). Delegation of the European Union to India and Bhutan, The Sustainable Housing Leadership Consortium launches #greenhomes campaign for 20 % of India’s new homes to become green by 2022 Retrieved from https

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Manuel Aguirre

References Aguirre, Manuel. 1990. The closed space: Horror literature and western symbolism. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Aguirre, Manuel. 2007. The thresholds of the tale: Liminality and the structure of fairytales. Madrid: The Gateway Press. Aguirre, Manuel. 2013a. Gothic fiction and folk-narrative structure: The case of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Gothic Studies 15(2). 1-18. Aguirre, Manuel. 2013b. A grammar of Gothic: Report on a research project on the forms of the Gothic genre. Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture