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Maarten Vanhoof, Fernando Reis, Thomas Ploetz and Zbigniew Smoreda

of Internal Migration from Mobile Phone Call Records: Evidence from Rwanda.” Information Technology for Development 18(2): 107–125. Doi: . Bojic, I., E. Massaro, A. Belyi, S. Sobolevsky, and C. Ratti. 2015. “Choosing the Right Home Location Definition Method for the given Dataset.” In Social Informatics – 7th International Conference, SocInfo 2015, Beijing, China, December 9–12, 2015, Proceedings , edited by Tie-Yan Liu, Christie Napa Scollon, and Wenwu Zhu, 9471: 194–208. Bejing: Springer. Doi: http

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Atanas Ouzounov

:// 6. Dan Ellis’s Home Page, Sound Examples for Projects. Columbia University, August 2017. 7. Dietterich, T. Approximate Statistical Tests for Comparing Supervised Classification Learning Algorithms. - Neural Computation, Vol. 10, 1998, No 7, pp. 1895-1923. 8. ETSI, Speech Processing, Transmission and Quality Aspects (STQ); Distributed Speech Recognition; Advanced Front-End Feature Extraction Algorithm; Compression Algorithms. ETSI ES 202 050 V1.1.5 (2007-01). Annex A.3. Stage 2 - VAD Logic. 2007, pp

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Jaromir Przybylo

[7] Y. Keselman, S. Dickinson, Bridging the representation gap between models and exemplars, In Proceedings, IEEE Workshop on Models versus Exemplars in Computer Vision. Citeseer, 2001 [8] T. Kryjak, Shadow removal for greyscale video sequences, In Seminarium: Przetwarzanie i analiza sygnałów w systemach wizji i sterowania - Slok., 2012 [9] T. Kryjak, M. Komorkiewicz, M. Gorgon, Implementation of a background generation algorithm with moving object detection and shadow suppressing in spartan 6 series fpga devices (in polish

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Bartłomiej Stasiak, Jędrzej Mońko and Adam Niewiadomski

on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx 2012), York, UK, pp. 1–4. Collins, N. (2005). A comparison of sound onset detection algorithms with emphasis on psychoacoustically motivated detection functions, Proceedings of the AES 118th International Convention, Barcelona, Spain , pp. 28–31. Daudet, L., Richard, G. and Leveau, P. (2004). Methodology and tools for the evaluation of automatic onset detection algorithms in music, 5th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, ISMIR 2004, Barcelona, Spain , pp. 72–75. Davy, M. and Godsill, S

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Ilze Andersone, Aleksis Liekna and Agris Ņikitenko

References [1] S. Thrun, Probabilistic robotics. The MIT Press, 2005 [2] cited: 16.08.2012. [3] H. Durrant-Whyte, T. Bailey, Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM): Part I The Essential Algorithms, Robotics and Automation Magazine, 2006 [4] S. Thrun. Robotic mapping: A survey. Exploring artificial intelligence in the new millennium , 2003 [5] J.-G. Kang, S.-Y. An, S. Kim, S.-Y. Oh, Sonar-Based Simultaneous

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Maximilián Strémy and Andrea Peterková

IASTED international Conference on Biomedical Engineering, pp. 156-160. 7. KANGAS, M., KONTTILA, A., LINDGREN, P., WINBLAD, P., AND JAMSA, T. 2008. Comparison of low-complexity fall detection algorithms for body attached accelerometers. Gait & Posture, 28(2), pp. 285-291. 8. DOUGHTY, K., LEWIS, R., McINTOSH, A. 2000. The design of a practical and reliable fall detector for community and institutional telecare. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, Vol. 6, pp. 150-154. 9. NOURY, N., BARRALON, P., VIRONE, G., BOISSY, P

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Zenon Chaczko, Shahrzad Aslanzadeh and Jonathan Kuleff

References D. R. Barr, G. K. Poock, and F. R. Richards, Experimentation Manual Part 1: Experimentation Methodology. Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School, 1978. C. Charras and T. Lecroq, "Exact string matching algorithms," 1997, retrieved 13/02/12 from C. A. C. Coello, D. C. Rivera, and N. C. Cortes, "Use of an artificial immune system for job scheduling," in Artificial Immune System , J. Timmis, P. Bently, and E. Hart, Eds

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Natalia Wawrzyniak and Andrzej Stateczny

features, Computer Vision Pattern Recognition, vol. 1, p. I-511-I-518, 2001. 20. Wen, X., Shao, L., Fang, W. & Xue, Y.: Efficient feature selection and classification for vehicle detection, IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol., vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 508–517, 2015. 21. Wen, X., Shao, L., Xue, Y., & Fang, W.: A rapid learning algorithm for vehicle classification, Inf. Sci. (Ny)., vol. 295, pp. 395–406, 2015. 22. Feineigle, P.A., Morris, D.D., Snyder, F.D.: Ship Recognition Using Optical Imagery for Harbor Surveillance, Proceedings of Association for

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Muhammad Abulaish and Sajid Y. Bhat

Web Quality , ACM, 2011, 27-34. [13] Fire M., Katz G., Elovici Y., Strangers intrusion detection-detecting spammers and fake proles in social networks based on topology anomalies, Human Journal , 1, 1, 2012, 26–39. [14] Frank E., Hall M., Holmes G., Kirkby R., Pfahringer B., Witten I., Trigg L. Weka, O. Maimon and L. Rokach (Eds.), Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook , Springer, 2005, 1305-1314. [15] Freund Y., Schapire R. E., Experiments with a new boosting algorithm, in Proceedings of the 13 th International Conference on Machine

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Eduardo Pinheiro, Octavian Postolache and Pedro Girão

measurements with ankle pulse width velocity and ballistocardiography. In Proc. of the 4 th Eur. Conf. of the IFMBE, Antwerp, 22, 1636-1641. [26] Inan, O., Etemadi, M., Wiard, R., Giovangrandi, L., Kovacs, G. (2008). Evaluating the foot electromyogram signal as a noise reference for a bathroom scale ballistocardiogram recorder. In Proc. of the 21 st IEEE Int. Symp. on Computer-Based Medical Systems, Jyväskylä, Finland, 70-74. [27] Jin, J., Wang, X., Li, S., Wu, Y. (2009). A novel heart rate detection algorithm in ballistocardiogram based