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The Analysis of Structure and Physicochemical Properties of Yarns Used for Manufacturing Hernia Meshes

References [1] Stephenson B.M. Complications of open groin hernia repairs. Surgical Clinics of North America 2003; 83: 1255 – 78 [2] Gohel J., Naik N., Parmar H., Solanki B. A comparative study of inguinal hernia repair by Shouldice method vs other methods. International Archives of Integrated Medicine 2016; 3:13-17 [3] Wolf M.T., Dearth Ch.L., Ranallo Ch.A., LoPresti S.T., Carey L.E., Daly B.N., Badylak S.F. Macrophage polarization in response to ECM coated polypropylene mesh. Biomaterials 2014; 35: 6838 – 6849 [4] Olędzka E., Sobczak M

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Early and Late Outcome after Suprasonic Excision of Infected Mesh Implants after Hernioplasty

References 1. Berrevoet F. Prevention of incisional hernias after open abdomen treatment. Frontiers in Surgery 2018;5:11. 2. Szczerba S, Dumanian G. Definitive surgical treatment of infected or exposed ventral hernia mesh. Annals of Surgery 2003;3:437-441. 3. Stoppa R. Wrapping the visceral sac into a bilateral mesh prosthesis in groin hernia repair. Hernia 2003;7:2-12. 4. Jezupors A, Mihelsons M. The analysis of infection after polypropylene mesh repair of abdominal wall hernia. World J Surgery

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Simultaneous Abdominoplasty and Umbilical Hernia Repair via Laparoscopy: a Preliminary Report

REFERENCES 1. Earle DB, McLellan JA. Repair of umbilical and epigastric hernias. Surg Clin North Am 2013;93:1057-89. 2. Strosberg DS, Pittman M, Mikami D. Umbilical hernias: the cost of waiting. Surg Endosc 2017;31(2):901-906. 3. Al-Qattan MM. Abdominoplasty in multiparous women with severe musculoaponeurotic laxity. Br J Plast Surg 1997;50:450-5. 4. McKnight CL, Fowler JL, Cobb WS, et al. Concomitant sublay mesh repair of umbilical hernia and abdominoplasty. Concomitant sublay mesh repair of umbilical hernia and abdominoplasty. Can J

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Laparoscopic Versus Conventional Open Surgery for the Treatment of Bilateral Inguinal Hernias

database analysis. Formosan Journal of Surgery . 2017;50:89-96. 10. Patel KH, Gohel JB, Patel BJ. Managing bilateral inguinal hernia laparoscopically: is it gold standard? Int Surg J . 2017;4:296-299. 11. Pisanu A, Podda M, Saba A, et al. Meta-analysis and review of prospective randomized trials comparing laparoscopic and Lichtenstein techniques in recurrent inguinal hernia repair. Hernia . 2015;19:355-66. 12. Gong K, Zhang N, Lu Y, et al. Comparison of the open tension-free mesh-plug, transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP), and totally extraperitoneal

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Recurrent Incisional Hernia Associated with Interferon Treatment for Virus C Hepatitis: Case Report

development of Incisional and inguinal hernia disease? Hernia. 2006;10:472-477. 8. Rosch R, Binnebösel M, Junge K, et al. Analysis of c-myc, PAI-1 and uPAR in patients with incisional hernias Hernia. 2008;12:285-288 9. Slater N, Van Goor H, Bleichrodt R. Large and complex ventral hernia repair using “Components separation technique” without mesh results in a high recurrence rate. J. amjsurg. 2015;209:170-179. 10. De Vries Reilingh TS, Van Goor H, Charbon JA, et al. Repair of Giant Midline Abdominal Wall Hernias: “Components Separation Technique” versus

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The Oscar Ramirez Procedure, a Solution for Treating Incisional Hernias with Big Abdominal Wall Defect

References 1. De Vries Reilingh TS, van Goor H, Rosman C, et al. Components separation technique for the repair of large abdominal wall hernias. J Am Coll Surg. 2003;196:32-37. 2. Ramirez OM, Ruas E, Lee Dellon A. ”Components separation” method for closure of abdominal wall defects: An anatomic and clinical study. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1990;86:519-526. 3. De Vries Reilingh TS, van Goor H, Charbon JA, et al. Repair of large abdominal hernias: Prosthetic bridging versus components separation. A prospective

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Prevention of patch infection after abdominal external hernia repair

patch infection, superficial infection should be timely and actively treated, and adequate debridement drainage of local effusion combined with antibiotics is usually necessary [ 7 ]. Acknowledgments None. Conflict of interest : The author states no conflicts of interest. References [1] Liu F.D., Li J.Y., Yao S., Zhang Y., A retrospective analysis of surgical treatment of mesh infection after repair of ventral hernia or defect, Genet. Mol. Res., 2015, 14(4), 14387-14395. 10.4238/2015.November.18.2 Liu F.D. Li J.Y. Yao S

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Intestinal fistulas occurred after the eventration’s cure with alloplastic procedures

associated with prosthetic repair of incisional hernias. Arch Surg. 133, 378-382 5. Morris-Stiff, G.J. &, Hughes, L.E. (1998). The outcomes of nonabsorbable mesh placed within the abdominal cavity: literature review and clinical experience. J Am Coll Surg. 186, 352-367 6. Martinez, J.L., Luque-de Leon, E. & Ballinas- Oseguera, G. et al. (2012). Factors Predictive of Recurrence and Mortality after Surgical Repair of Enterocutaneous Fistula. J Gastrointest Surg. 16(1), 156-163; discussion 163-164 7. Soler, M., Verhaeghe, P

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Polypropylene meshes and other alloplastic implants for soft tissue and cartilage nasal reconstructive surgery – a literature review

E.M., Rasslan S. - Mesh cancer: long-term mesh infection leading to squamous-cell carcinoma of the abdominal wall. Hernia., 2014 Dec;18(6):897-901. 5. Graham B.S., Thiringer J.K., Barrett T.L. - Nasal tip ulceration from infection and extrusion of a nasal alloplastic implant. J Am Acad Dermatol., 2001 Feb;44(2 Suppl):362-4. 6. Welsh K.I., Burgos H., Batchelor J.R. - The immune response to allogeneic rat platelets; Ag-B antigens in matrix form lacking Ia. Eur J Immunol., 1977;7(5):267-72. 7. Romo T. 3rd, Sclafani A

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Comparative Cellular Local Response in Abdominal Defect Plastic Surgery with Bovine Pericardium and Bovine Fascia Preserved in Formaldehyde in Experimental Rabbits

absence of left diaphragm. Journal of ankara medical school, 25(2), 99-102. 35. Bali, C., Papakostas, J., Georgiou, G., Kouvelos, G., Avgos, S., Arnaoutoglou, E., Papadopoulos, G. & Matsagkas, M. (2015). A comparative study of sutured versus bovine pericardium mesh abdominal closure after open abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Hernia. 19(2), 267-271. DOI: 10.1007/s10029-014-1262-4 36. Hafeez, Y. M., Zuki, A. B., Loqman, M. Y., Yusof, N., Asnah, H. & Noordin, M. M. (2004). Glycerol preserved bovine pericardium for abdominal wall

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