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Rudolf Petráš, Michal Bošeľa, Julian Mecko, Julius Oszlányi and Ionel Popa

curve and its application to timber yield studies. Journal of Forestry, 37, 819-820. Sharma M., Parton J. 2007. Height-diameter equations for boreal tree species in Ontario using a mixed - effects modelling approach. Forest Ecology and Management, 249 (3), 187-198. Sloboda B., Gaffrey D., Matsumura N. 1993. Regionale und lokale Systeme von Höhenkurven für gleichaltrige Waldbestände. Allgemeine Forst- und Jagdzeitung, 164 (12), 225-228. Šmelko Š., Pánek F., Zanvit B. 1987. Matematická formulácia systému jednotných

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Ladislav Kulla, Michal Bošeľa, Vlastimil Murgaš, Joerg Roessiger and Vladimír Šebeň

, 45:1577-1586. Buongiorno, J., Michie, B. R., 1980: A matrix model of uneven-aged forest management. Forest Science, 26: 609-625. Bylin, C. V., 1982: Estimating dbh from stump diameter for 15 southern species. Res. Note SO-286. New Orleans, LA: US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Forest Experiment Station 3, 286 p. Chhetri, D. B. K., Fowler, G. W., 1996: Estimating diameter at breast height and basal diameter of trees from stump measurements in Nepal’s lower temperate broad-leaved forests. Forest

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S. O. Oyamakin and A. U. Chukwu

. Fries. Royal College of Forestry, Stockholm, Sweden. Pp. 128-135. Model of forest growth. J. Ecol. 60: 849-873. [4] Curtis, R.O. (1967). Height-diameter and height-diameter-age equations for second-growth Douglas-fir. For. Sci. 13: 365-375. [5] Draper, N.R. and H. Smith, 1981. Applied Regression Analysis. John Wiley and Sons, New York [6] Fekedulegn, D. 1996. Theoretical nonlinear mathematical models in forest growth and yield modeling. Thesis, Dept. of Crop Science, Horticulture and Forestry, University College Dublin

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Michal Bošeľa, Bohdan Konôpka, Vladimír Šebeň, Jozef Vladovič and Brian Tobin

:673-690. Oliver, C. D., Larson, B. C., 1996: Forest stand dynamics. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., USA, 520 p. Opio, C., Jacob, N., Coopersmith, D., 2000: Height to diameter ratio as a competition index for young conifer plantations in northern British Columbia, Canada. Forest Ecology and Management 137:245-252. Päätalo, M.-L., Peltola, H., Kellomäki, S., 1999: Modelling the risk of snow damage to forests under short-term snow loading. Forest Ecology and Management 116:51-70. Peltola, H., 2006: Mechanical stability of trees under static

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Marek B. Zaremba, Frédérik Doyon and Jean-François Senécal

, 18, 1363-1368, 1988. [12] Peng C., Zhang L., Huang S., Zhou X., Parton J., Woods M., Developing ecoregion-based heightdiameter models for jack pine and black spruce in Ontario , Forest Research Report No. 159, 2001, Ontario Forest Research Institute, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. [13] Kalliovirta J., Tokola T., Functions for estimating stem diameter and tree age using tree height, crown width and existing stand database information , Silva Fennica, 39, 2, 227-248, 2005. [14] Schroeder P., Brown S., Mo J., Birdsay R

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Y. H. Weng, J. Kershaw, K. Tosh, G. Adams and M. S. Fullarton

. (1989): SAS/STAT user’s guide, version 6, fourth Edition, volume 2, Cary, NC. 846p. SHARMA, M. and S. Y. ZHANG (2004): Height-diameter models using stand characteristics for Pinus banksiana and Picea mariana. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 19: 442-451. SIMPSON, D. and K. TOSH (1997): The New Brunswick Tree Improvement Council is 20 years old. The Forestry Chronicle 73: 572-577. VAN NIEJENHUIS, A. and W. H. PARKER (1996): Adaptive variation of jack pine from north central Ontario determined by short-term common

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Sonja Vospernik

core models for major target variables, including diameter increment, height increment, crown ratio and mortality. Because management decisions often require precise and accurate predictions, existing individual tree growth models have been evaluated in many studies ( Sterba et al., 2001 ; Pretzsch, 2002 ; Kindermann and Hasenauer, 2007 ; Schmidt and Hansen, 2007 ). Model evaluation provides end-users with information on the accuracy of the model. It gives insight into errors and deficiencies, and helps in improving the models. Model evaluation examines whether

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Tomáš Klouček, Igor Štefančík, Rudolf Petráš, Julian Mecko and Martin Slávik

:16-18. Petráš, R., Mecko, J., 2005: Ein Einheitshöhenmodell für Pappelklone. Allgemeine Forst- und Jagdzeitung, 176:57-60. Petráš, R., Bošeľa, M., Mecko, J., Oszlányi, J., Popa, I., 2014: Height-diameter models for mixed-species forests consisting of spruce, fir, and beech. Folia Forestalia Polonica, series A, 56:93-104. Pretzsch, H., 1992: Zur Analyse der räumlichen Bestandesstruktur und der Wuchskonstelation von Einzelbäumen. Forst und Holz, 47:408-418. Pretzsch, H., 2009: Forest Dynamics, Growth and Yield. Berlin Heidelberg

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T. Z. Ye and K. J. S. Jayawickrama

eucalypt breeding in Australia - optimum selection age to minimise the total cost of kraft pulp production. New For. 25: 201-210. GWAZE, D. P. and F. E. BRIDGWATER (2002): Determing the optimum selection age for diameter and height in loblolly pine. For. Genet. 9: 159-165. GWAZE, D. P., F. E. BRIDGWATER, T. BYRAM, J. A. WOOLLIAMS and C. G. WILLIAMS (2000): Predicting age-age genetic correlations in tree breeding programs: a case study of Pinus taeda L. Theor. Appl. Genet. 100: 199-206. GWAZE, D. P., J. A. WODLIAMS and P. J

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Ando Lilleleht

, M., Kolström, T. 1998. A spatial yield model for optimizing the thinning regime of mixed stands of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies. - Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 13, 31-42. Pukkala, T., Vettenranta, J., Kolström, T., Miina, J. 1994.Productivity of mixed stands of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies. - Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 9, 143-153. Söderberg, U. 1986. Functions for forecasting of timber yields. Increment and form height for individual trees of native species in Sweden. Swedish University of