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Dawid Taler, Sławomir Grądziel and Jan Taler

References Neal S.B.H.: The development of the thin-film naphthalene mass-transfer analogue technique for the direct measurement of heat transfer coefficients. Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 18 (1975), 559-567. White F.M.: Heat and Mass Transfer. Addison-Wesley, Reading 1991, 651-653. Mizushina T.: The Electrochemical Method in Transport Phenomena. Advances in Heat Transfer 7 , Academic Press, New York 1971, 87-161. Lucas D.M., Davis W.A., Gay B

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Mirela Popescu, Tibor Bedo and Bela Varga

aluminum alloy A356 solidification cast in cylindrical permanent molds, Revista Matéria, v. 13, n. 2, pp. 294 – 303, 2008 [4] Konopka Z., Łągiewka M., Zyska A.: Evaluation of the heat transfer coefficient at the metal-mould interface during flow, Archives of Foundry Engineering, Volume 7, Issue 4/2007, 101-104 [5] Ulkarni S.N. K., Adhakrishna D.K. R: Effect of casting/mould interfacial heat transfer during solidification of aluminium alloys cast in CO 2 -sand mould, Materials Science-Poland, 29(2), 2011, pp. 135-142 [6] Jabbari M., Fardi Ilkhchy A

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Adam Łapiński, Dariusz Butrymowicz and Mirosława Kołodziejczyk

heterogeneous cooling of agricultural products inside bins. Part II: thermal study, Journal of Food Engineering , 39, 239-245, 5. ANSYS FLUENT 14.5 Theory Guide, 2012. 6. Anzelius A. (1926), On heating of bodies by flowing media, Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik , 6(4), 291–294 (in German). 7. ASHRAE Handbook – Refrigeration (2010), chapter 19, page 19.1-19.31. 8. Becker B. R., Fricke B. A. (2004), Heat transfer coefficients for forced-air cooling and freezing of selected foods, International Journal of Refrigeration , 27, 540

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Dariusz Mikielewicz and Blanka Jakubowska

(2004), 2, 111-119. [14] Mastrullo R., Mauro A. W., Rosato A., Vanoli G.P.: Carbon dioxide heat transfer coefficients and pressure drops during flow boiling: Assessment of predictive methods. Int. J. Refrig. 33(2010), 6, 1068-1085. [15] Mastrullo R., Mauro A.W., Rosato A., Vanoli G.P.: Carbon dioxide local heat transfer coefficients during flow boiling in a horizontal circular smooth tube. Int. J. Heat Mass Tran. 52(2009), 4184-4194. [16] Shah M.M.: Chart correlation for saturated boiling heat transfer: Equations and further

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Marcin Karaś, Daniel Zając and Roman Ulbrich

References [1] Bieniasz B.: Convective mass/heat transfer for the sheet rotors of the rotary regenerator. Publishing house of Rzeszow University of Technology, Rzeszow 2005 (in Polish). [2] Burnside B.M., Miller K.M., McNeil D.A., Bruce T.: Flow velocities in an experimental kettle reboiler determined by particle image velocimetry. Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 48(2004), 1000-1016. [3] Chilton T.H., Colburn A.P.: Mass transfer (absorption) coefficients prediction from data on the heat transfer and fluid friction

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Václav Kočí, Jan Kočí, Tomáš Korecký, Jiří Maděra and Robert Č Černý

coefficients between hydronic radiant heated wall and room. Energy and Buildings, 82, 211-221. [7] Cholewa, T., Rosiński, M., Spik, Z., Dudzińska, M.R., Siuta-Olcha, A. (2013). Energy and Buildings, 66, 599-606. [8] Nsofor, E.C., Adebiyi, G.A. (2001). Measurements of the gas-particle convective heat transfer coefficient in a packed bed for high-temperature energy storage. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 24, 1-9. [9] Hong-Shun, L., Ren-Zhang, Q., Wen-Di, H., Kai-Jun, B. (1993). An investigation on instantaneous local

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A. Gołdasz and Z. Malinowski

REFERENCES [1] H.Y. Li i M.N. Ozisik, Journal of Heat Transfer, Transactions of the ASME 114 , 1060-1063 (1992). [2] C.E. Siewert, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 52 (2), 157-160 (1994). [3] K. Kazuhiko i in., Bulletin of the JSME Series B. 39 (4), 808-814 (1996). [4] H.M. Park i D.H. Yoo, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 44 , 2949-2956 (2001). [5] O.M. Alifanov, Inverse heat transfer problems, 1994 Springer-Verlag. [6] R. Fletcher, Practical methods of optimization, 1987 John

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Karol Majewski and Sławomir Grądziel

pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient of internally ribbed tubes. J. Power Technol. , 93 (5), 340-346. Modliński N.J., 2014. Computational modelling of a tangentially fired boiler with deposit formation phenomena. Chem. Process Eng. , 35, 361-358. DOI: 10.2478/cpe-2014-0027. Nowak-Woźny D., Moroń W., Urbanek B., Rybak W., 2013. Mineral matter transformation in oxy-fuel coal combustion. Chem. Process Eng. , 34, 393-401. DOI: 10.2478/cpe-2013-0032. Ocłoń P., Nowak M., Łopata S., 2014. Simplified numerical study of evaporation processes inside

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Dawid Taler

: Int. Commun. Heat Mass Transfer 12(1985), 3-22. [5] Prandtl L.: Eine Beziehung zwischen Wärmeaustausch und Strömungswiderstandder Flüssigkeit . Z. Physik, 11(1910), 1072-1078. [6] Petukhov B.S., Genin A.G., Kovalev S.A.: Heat Transfer in Nuclear PowerPlants . Atomizdat, Moscow 1974 (in Russian). [7] Prandtl L.: Führer durch die Strömungslehre . Vieweg und Sohn, Braunschweig 1944. [8] Lyon R.N.: Liquid metal heat transfer coefficients . Chem. Engr. Progr. 47(1951), 2, 75-79. [9

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Amir Arya, Saeed Shahmiry, Vahid Nikkhah and Mohamad Mohsen Sarafraz

and S.M. Peyghambarzadeh. Influence of thermodynamic models on the prediction of pool boiling heat transfer coefficient of dilute binary mixtures. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 39(8):1303-1310, 2012. doi: 10.1016/j.icheatmasstransfer.2012.06.020. [27] M.H. Al-Rashed, G. Dzido, M. Korpys, J. Smołka, and J. Wójcik. Investigation on the cpu nanofluid cooling. Microelectronics Reliability, 63:159-165, 2016. doi: 10.1016/j.microrel.2016.06.016. [28] S.J. Kline and F.A. McClintock. Describing uncertainties in