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Tomasz Zając, Agnieszka Synowiec, Andrzej Oleksy, Jan Macuda, Agnieszka Klimek-Kopyra and Franciszek Borowiec

. Morphological and anatomical modification in winter barley culm after late plant growth regulator treatment. Eur. J. Agronomy, 11, 45-51. Sinha S.K., Bhargava S.C., and Goel A., 1982. Energy as the basis of harvest index. J. Agric. Science, 99, 237-238. Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Poland, 2015. StatSoft Inc. STATISTICA (data analysis software system), version 10. 2011; Summers M.D., Jenkins B.M., Hyde P.R., Williams J.F., Mutters R.G., Scardacci S.C., and

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Allar Padari, Risto Mitt, Linnar Pärn and Peeter Muiste

References Aastaraamat Mets 2008. (Yearbook Forest 2008). 2009. Keskkonnaministeerium. Metsakaitse- ja uuenduskeskus. Tartu, 213 pp. (In Estonian and in English). Börjesson, P., Gustavsson, L., Christersson, L., Linder, S. 1997. Future production and utilisation of biomass in Sweden: Potentials and CO 2 mitigation. Biomass and Bioenergy Vol. 13. No. 6, pp. 399-412. Communication from the Commission to the European Council and the European Parliament - an energy policy for Europe

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Piotr Dziurdzia, Mariusz Mysiura and Adam Gołda

References Joseph, A. D. (2005). Energy Harvesting Projects. Published by the IEEE CS and IEEE ComSoc. 1536-1268/05. Mateu, L., Codrea, C., Lucas, N., Pollak, M., Spies, P. (2006). Energy Harvesting for Wireless Communication Systems Using Thermogenerators. At Dziurdzia, P. (2009). Modeling of Energy Harvesting Processes in Thermoelectric Modules. In Proceedings of the XXXIII-rd International Conference of

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M.R. Islam, R. Zaman, M.A. Alam, M.A.A. Khan and J. Hossain

REFERENCES Ahmed, F., Islam, M.N., Rahman, M.T., Jahan, M.A. & Khan, M.S.A. (2010). Leaf area index, radiation interception, dry matter production and grain yield of hybrid maize as influenced by plant spacing. Bangladesh Agron.J. , 13(1&2):51-58 Ali, M.Y. (2006). Rice-maize systems in Bangladesh. Invited oral presentation in the workshop on Assessing the Potential of Rice-Maize Systems in Asia . IRRICIMMYT Alliance Program for Intensive Production Systems in Asia, held 4-8 December, 2006, IRRI, Los Baños, Philippines. Andrade, H.F., Otegui

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Anna Strzelecka and Piotr Skworcow

: An economic analysis,” 1992. [14] K. Mori and A. Christodoulou, “Review of sustainability indices and indicators: Towards a new City Sustainability Index (CSI),” Environmental Impact Assessment Review, vol. 32, pp. 94-106, Jan. 2012. [15] D. Butler and F. A. Memon, Water demand management. International Water Assn, 2006. [16] G. Britain, Future water: the Government’s water strategy for England. Stationery Office, 2008, vol. 7319. [17] “Energy consumption in the United Kingdom,” 2012

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Nikolay Panayotov

germination response to temperature of carrot seeds from different umbels and time of harvest of the seed crop. Seed Sci. Technol. 7: 169-178. ISTA, 2003. International Rules for Seed Testing. International Seed Testing Association. Bassersdorf, Switzerland. Matthews S., Khajeh-Hosseini M., 2006. Mean germination time as an indicator of emergence performance in soil of seed lots of maize ( Zea mays ). Seed Sci. Technol. 34: 339-347. Muhammad A., Anjum M.A., 2001. Effect of root size, plant spacing and umbel order on the

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Javier Matías, Verónica Cruz, Antonio García and Diana González

References ABOU-EL-ENIN, O. H. – FADE, J. G. – MACKILL, D. J. 1999. Differences in chemical composition and fibre digestion of rice straw with, and without, anhydrous ammonia from 53 rice varieties. In Animal Feed Science and Technology, vol. 79, pp. 129–136. ABRAHAM, A. – MATHEW, A. K. – SINDHU, R. – PANDEY, A. – BINOD, P. 2016. Potential of rice straw for bio-refining: An overview. In Bioresource Technology, vol. 215, pp. 29–36. AMANULLAH, J. – INAMULLAH, Z. 2016. Dry matter partitioning and harvest index differ in rice genotypes with variable

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Aleh Rodzkin, Semjon Kundas, Yauheniya Charnenak, Boris Khroustalev and Wendelin Wichtmann

Production in Energy Forests. Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Agriculture 3. Uppsala University, 2012. [14] Schweier J., Becker G. Harvesting of short rotation coppice - harvesting trials with a cut and storage system in Germany. Silva Fennica 2012:46(2):287-299. [15] Shuai W., Chen N., Li B., Zhou C., Gao J. Life cycle assessment of common reed (Phragmites australis (Cav) Trin. ex Steud) cellulosic bioethanol in Jiangsu Province, China. Biomass and Bioenergy 2016:92:40-47. doi: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2016.06.002 [16] Unpinit T

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J. Abolins and J. Gravitis

References Richardson, K., Dahl-Jensen, D., Elmeskov, J., Hagem, C., Henningsen, J., Korst-gård, J., Buus Kristensen, N., Morthorst, P., Olesen, J., Wier, M., Nielsen, M., & Karlsson, K. (2011). Denmark's Road Map for Fossil Fuel Independence. Solutions, 2 (4), Stupak, I., Lattimore, B., Titus, B. D., & Smith, C.T. (2011). Criteria and indicators for sustainable forest fuel production and harvesting: a review of

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Shiva Osouli, Karim Haddad Irani Nejad, Farhoud Ziaie and Mohammad Moghaddam

Treatment of Arthropod Pests”. IAEA-TECDOC 1082. International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria, 175 pp. Meyer M.K.P. 1987. African Tetranychidae (Acari: Prostigmata). Entomology Memoir, Department of Agriculture and Water Supply, Republic of South Africa, 175 pp. Migeon A., Dorkeld F. 2012. Spider Mites Web. Tetranychidae. [Accessed: October 5, 2012]. Osouli Sh., Ziaiea F., Haddad Irrani Nejad K., Moghaddam M. 2011. Irradiation of cut flowers as an alternative quarantine treatment to methyl bromide. Res. J. Chem