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Edīte Kaufmane, Ilze Grāvīte and Laila Ikase

REFERENCES Anonymus (1870–1871). Katalog von C. W. Schoch. Riga. 32 S. Dēķena, Dz., Poukh, E. V. Kahu, K. Laugale, V. Alsiņa. I. (2017). Influence of rootstocks on plum productivity in different growing regions. Proc. Latvian Acad. Sci., Section B, 71 (3), 233–236. Dēķena, Dz., Alsiņa, I. (2017). Plūmju potcelmu izvērtējums [Evaluation of plum rootstocks]. Grām.: Zinātniski praktiskās konferences “Līdzsvarota Lauksaimniecība” raksti [Proceedings of the Applied Science Conference “Balanced Agriculture”]. Jelgava, 88–92 (in Latvian

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Darinka Gjorgieva, Tatjana Kadifkova-Panovska, Katerina Bačeva and Trajče Stafilov

levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs. Official Journal of the European Communities [displayed 13 May 2010]. Available et Reimann C, Koller F, Frengstad B, Kashulina G, Niskavaara H, Englmaier P. Comparison of the element composition in several plants species and their substrate from a 1 500 000-km 2 area in Northern Europe. Sci Total Environ 2001;279:87-112. Adamo P, Vingiani S, Castaldo Cobianchi R, Violante P. Trace element accumulation by

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Barbara Sensuła, Sławomir Wilczyński, Laurence Monin, Mohammed Allan, Anna Pazdur and Nathalie Fagel

( Wigley et al ., 1984 ; Briffa and Jones, 1992 ). r bt and EPS were calculated for two periods of time: (1) between 1940 and 2012 (2) common period of reduction from 1962 to 1989. Classification of pine populations. Pointer years Cluster analysis was used to analyse similarity in radial growing of each pine population in the period of time between 1940 and 2012 ( Fig. 5 ). The variables were site indexed chronologies. Fig. 3 Site tree-ring width chronologies (lines), site indexed chronologies (grey area), and negative exponential fit curves. In the

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Barbara Sensuła and Sławomir Wilczyński

stable isotope composition of cellulose extracted from the pine population growing in the most polluted site was complementary to dendrochronological studies. The isotopic composition of pine tree-rings was used to study the climatic changes in the industrialized area in the past to better understand future consequences of ecosystem changes ( Schweingruber, 1996 ; De Vries et al ., 2000 ; McCarroll and Loader, 2004 ; Pazdur et al ., 2007 , 2013 ; Sensuła et al ., 2011a , 2011b ; Sensuła and Pazdur, 2013a , 2013b ; Sensuła, 2015 ). Combined measurement of

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International Journal of Area Studies

A Journal of Vytautas Magnus University

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