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Evaluation of recent Earth’s global gravity field models with terrestrial gravity data

D., Popescu A., 2003: GOCE: ESA’s first Earth Explorer Core Mission, in G. B. Beutler, M. R. Drinkwater, R. Rummel, and R. von Steiger (eds.), Earth Gravity Field from Space – from Sensors to Earth Sciences, Space Sciences Series of ISSI, 18 , 419–433. Förste C., Bruinsma S., Abrykosov O., Flechtner F., Dahle C., Neumayer K.-H., Barthelmes F., König R., Marty J.-C., Lemoine J.-M., Biancale R., 2013: EIGEN-6C3stat – The newest high resolution global combined gravity field model based on the 4th release of the GOCE Direct Approach, presented at IAG Scientific

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The quasigeoid modelling in New Zealand using the boundary element method

References Amos M. J., Featherstone W. E., 2009: Unification of New Zealand's local vertical datums: iterative gravimetric quasigeoid computations. J. Geod., 83 , 1, 57-68. Andersen O. B., Knudsen P., 2009: DNSC08 mean sea surface and mean dynamic topography models. J. Geophys. Res., 114, C1100. Andersen O. B., Knudsen P., Berry P., 2009: The DNSC08GRA global marine gravity field from double retracked satellite altimetry. J. Geod., 84 , 191-199. Aoyama Y

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An analysis of methods for gravity determination and their utilization for the calculation of geopotential numbers in the Slovak national levelling network

References Abelovič J., Mičuda J., Mitáš J., Weigel J., 1990: Measurements in the geodetic networks. Alfa, Bratislava, (in Slovak). Bublavý J., Droščák B., 2015: First steps to the new realization of the height system in the Slovak Republic and the status of the quasigeoids. Geodetic control and geodynamics, Kočovce, October 6–7, 2015, (in Slovak). Bucha B., Janák J., 2014: A MATLAB-based graphical user interface program for computing functionals of the geopotential up to ultra-high degrees and orders: Efficient computation at irregular surfaces

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A mathematical model of the bathymetry-generated external gravitational field

-170, doi: 10.1007/s00190-003-0318-5. Heiskanen W. H., Moritz H., 1967: Physical Geodesy. WH Freeman and Co., San Francisco. Hobson E. W., 1931: The theory of spherical and ellipsoidal harmonics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Kaban M. K., Schwintzer P., Tikhotsky S. A., 1999: Global isostatic gravity model of the Earth. Geophys. J. Int., 136 , 519-536. Kaban M. K., Schwintzer P., 2001: Oceanic upper mantle structure from experimental scaling of Vs. and density

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Global maps of the step-wise topography corrected and crustal components stripped geoids using the CRUST 2.0 model

-7807. Dérerová J., Zeyen H., Bielik M., Salman K., 2006: Application of integrated geophysical modeling for determination of the continental lithospheric thermal structure in the eastern Carpathians. Tectonics , 25, 3, doi: TC3009 10.1029/2005TC001883. Hager B. H., 1983: Global isostatic geoid anomalies for plate and boundary layer models of the lithosphere. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. , 63, 97-109. Heiskanen W. H., Moritz H., 1967: Physical geodesy. San Francisco, WH Freeman and Co. Hinze W. J., 2003

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Development of an Integrated Digital Elevation Model for Safe Takeoff and Landing of the Aircraft

handbook, Warsaw, Polish Scientific Publishers PWN Ciećko A., Oszczak B., Oszczak S., (2006), Efficient and Cost-Effective Generation of Precise Digital Terrain Model (DTM) with the Use of GPS and GSM/GPRS Technology, ION NTM 2006, Monterey, California, USA, 18-20 January 2006, pp. 490-496 Ciećko A., Oszczak B., Oszczak S., (2006), Drive-by DTM - GPS and GSM Power Cost- Effective Terrain Modeling - GPS Word, Vol. 17, No. 4, April 2006, pp. 44-49 Erol B., (2012), Spectral evaluation of Earth geopotential models and an

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From Tensor to Vector of Gravitation

-6. Bouman J., Koop R., Tscherning C. C. and Visser P. (2004) Calibration of GOCE SGG data using high-low STT, terrestrial gravity data and global gravity field models, Journal of Geodesy, 78, 124-137. Bouman J., Fiorot S., Fuchs M., Gruber T., Schrama E., Tscherning C., Veicherts M., Visser P. (2011) GOCE gravitational gradients along the orbit, Journal of Geodesy, 85, 791-805. de Min E. (1994) On the numerical evaluation of Stokes’s integral, International Geoid Service Bulletin, 3, 41-46. ESA (1999) Gravity Field and

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The Effect of Polar Gaps on the Solutions of Gradiometric Boundary Value Problems

.H Freeman and company, San Fransisco and London. Hwang C. (1991) Orthogonal functions over the oceans and applications to the determination of orbit error, geoid and sea surface topography from satellite altimetry , PhD dissertation, 229 pp. Hwang C. (1993) Fast algorithm for the formulation of normal equations in a least-squares spherical harmonic analysis by FFT, Manuscripta Geodaetica.   62 :46-52. Koop R. (1993) Global gravity field modeling using satellite gravity gradiometry. Publ

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Simplification of Geopotential Perturbing Force Acting on A Satellite

.M., Williamson R.G., Pavlis E.C., Rapp R.H. and Olson T.R. (1998) The Development of the Joint NASA GSFC and NIMA Geopotential Model EGM96 , NASA/TP-1998-206861. Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt Parrot D. (1989) Short arc orbit improvement for GPS satellites , MSc thesis, Department of Surveying Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Canada. Reigber C., Schwintzer P. and Luhr H. (1999) The CHAMP geopotential mission, Boll. Geof. Teor. Appl. Vol. 40, 285-289. Reigber Ch., Jochmann H

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Sensitivity of Lageos Orbits to Global Gravity Field Models

., Baur O., Kusche J. (2011) The combined satellite-only global gravity field model GOCO02S. Presented at the 2011 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union , Vienna, Austria, April 4-8, 2011 Herring, T. A., P. M. Mathews, and B. A. Buffett (2002) Modeling of nutation-precession: Very long baseline interferometry results, J. Geophys. Res. , 107(B4), 2069, doi:10.1029/2001JB000165 ICGEM (2011) International Centre for Global Earth Models GFZ Helmholtz Centre Potsdam http

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