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Pierluigi Brandolini, Francesco Faccini, Guido Paliaga and Pietro Piana

References Ballardini D., 1994. In burgo Rapalli. Documenti e monumenti di un borgo medievale (In Rapallo village. Documents and monuments of a medieval city). Ecig, Genova. Bathrellos G.D., 2007. An Overview in Urban Geology and Urban Geomorphology. Proceedings of the 11 th International Congress , Athens, May, 2007. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 40: 1354–1364. Brandolini P., 1994. Le trasformazioni della piana costiera di Rapallo (Liguria Orientale) dal 1700 ad oggi: rapporti fra condizioni morfologiche ed interventi dell

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Piotr Migoń, Kyung-Sik Woo and Marek Kasprzak

References Badman T., 2010. World Heritage and geomorphology. In: P. Migoń (ed.), Geomorphological Landscapes of the World . Springer, Dordrecht – Heidelberg – London – New york: 357–368. Cui z., Chen Y., Yang X., 2009. Granite landform characteristics, distribution and evolution pattern in Huangshan mt. Chinese Science Bulletin . 54(23): 4487–4499. DOI 10.1007/s11434-009-0309-x. Chen Y., Cui z., Yang J., 2009. Influence of climate and tec-tonic movements on granite landforms in China. Journal of Geographical Sciences 19: 587–599. DOI 10

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Emmanuel Reynard, Alessia Pica and Paola Coratza

References Adeli Z., Khorshiddoustb A., 2011. Application of geomorphology in urban planning: Case study in landfill site selection. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 19: 662–667, doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2011.05.183 Baud D., Reynard E., 2015. Géohistoire d’une trajectoire paysagère dans la plaine du Rhône valaisan. Analyse du secteur entre Riddes et Martigny (1840-1965) (Geohistory of landscape trajectory in the Rhone River plain. Analysis of the sector Riddes-Martigny (1840–1965)). Norois 237: 15–31. Bethemont J., Bravard J.P., 2016. Pour

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Mary J. Thornbush

cover in the bioprotection of lichen. Building and Environment 38, 1225-1234. Coates, D.R. (ed.) 1971. Environmental geomorphology. Binghamton: State University of New York Coates, D.R. (ed.) 1972. Environmental geomorphology and landscape conservation. Stroudsburg: Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross Coates, D.R. 1982. Environmental geomorphology perspectives. In: Applied geography: Selected perspectives. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 139-169. Coates, D.R. 1990. Perspectives of environmental geomorphology

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Alessia Pica, Gian Marco Luberti, Francesca Vergari, Paola Fredi and Maurizio Del Monte

Turin (NW Italy): architectonical survey and petrographical characterization of Via Roma. In: Global heritage stone: towards international recognition of building and ornamental stones . Geological Society, London, Special publication 2015: 201–218. BSG [British Society for Geomorphology], 2017. What is Geomorphology? On line: (accessed 19 July 2017). Brown A.G., Tooth S., Chiverrell R. C., Rose J., Thomas D. S., Wainwright J., Bullard J.E., Thorndycraft V.R., Aalto R., Downs P., 2013. The Anthropocene: is

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Melanie Keil and Franz Neubauer

of alluvial terraces with assessment of inheritance, soil development and wind ablation effects. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 209, 197-214. Burbank D.W. & Anderson R.S. 2001: Tectonic geomorphology. Oxford, 1-252. D'Agostino N., Cheloni D., Mantenuto S., Selvaggi G., Michelini A. & Zuliani D. 2005: Strain accumulation in the southern Alps (NE Italy) and deformation at the northeastern boundary of Adria observed by CGPS measurements. Geophys. Res. Lett. 32 (19): Art. No. L19306 Oct. 14, 2005

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Diána Nyári, István Knipl, György Sipos and Tímea Kiss

Eylandt, northern Australia. Geomorphology 5, 45-53. DOI: 10.1016/0169-555x(92)90023-h Sipos, Gy., Kiss, T., Nyári, D. 2006. OSL mérés lehetőségei. Homokmozgások vizsgálata Csengele területén. Environmental Science Symposium Abstracts, Budapest, 43-45. Stokes, S., Swinehart, J.B 1997. Middle- and late-Holocene dune reactivation in the Nebraska Sand Hills, USA. The Holocene 7 (3), 263-272. DOI: 10.1177/095968369700700302 Sümegi, P. 2001. A Kiskunság a középkorban - geológus szemmel In Horváth, F. (ed) A csengelei kunok

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Mateusz Strzelecki

, Germany ( Forbes D.L. & Taylor R.B., 1987. Coarse-grained beach sedimentation under paraglacial conditions, Canadian Atlantic Coast. In: D. Fitzgerald, P. Rosen (eds.), Glaciated Coasts . Academic Press, New York: 51-86. Forbes D.L. & Taylor R.B., 1994. Ice in the shore zone and the geomorphology of cold coasts. Progress in Physical Geography 18: 59-89. Forman S., Lubinski D., Ingolfsson O., Zeeberg J., Snyder J., Siegert M. & Matishov G

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Piotr Migoń and Andrew Goudie

stratigraphic problems; a case study from the Disi Sandstone (Early Ordovician) and the Kurnub Sandstone (Early Cretaceous) of Jordan. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Monatshefte 4: 205-222. Debossens G., 2000. Rock bridges of the Wadi Rum desert. In: The Natural Arch and Bridge Society website; http:// [access date: 01-07-2014] Goudie A., Migon P., Allison R.J., Rosser N., 2002. Sandstone geomorphology of the Al Quwayra area of south Jordan. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie N. F. 46: 365

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Gaetano Robustelli and Francesco Muto

., Mattei M., Porreca M., Robustelli G.& Russo Ermolli E. 2009: Geomorphology and tectonics of uplifted coasts: New chronostratigraphical constraints for the Quaternary evolution of Tyrrhenian North Calabria (southern Italy). Geomorphology 105, 334–354. Galli P. & Bosi V. 2003. Catastrophic 1638 earthquakes in Calabria (southern Italy): new insights from palaeoseismological investigation. J. Geophys. Res. 108 (B1), doi:10.1029/2001jb0017132004. Gazzi P. 1966: Late Cretaceous sandstones of Modena Apennine: relationships with the Monghidoro Flysch